D-Photo No 77 April-May 2017

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it’s that time of year again …

Well, an entire year seems to have flown by in a blink of an eye, and here we are again at the very beginning of the next chapter in our Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition — the 2017 edition! It’s always an overwhelming and thrilling time of the year, when we get to see the pure talent and skill from photographers from the depths and breadths of our nation come flooding into our inbox. The varied styles and techniques used to capture potentially award-winning shots are inspiring — and it’s great to see photographers thinking out of the box when it comes to a category. We expect to see a lot of creativity and talent this year, as usual. We’re excited to be able to confirm, and welcome…

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community perspective

We want to show off our readers’ work, so, each issue, we showcase what you’re working on and publish the communication we have with you. Make sure you keep us informed by emailing editor@dphoto.co.nz ZEALANDIA A HIT FOR BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY After reading our recent article about 10 great spots to capture stunning bird photography, D-Photo reader Bruce Campbell got in touch to send us his beautiful photo of a robin he encountered at Wellington’s Zealandia. “I took this [shot] of a robin at Zealandia on Sunday, December 4. It was a grey day with little sun, but [I] was pleased with how he looked. I took it on my Canon EOS 1100D [with the camera settings] 1/60s at f/5 and ISO 400. I have been to several of the places mentioned [in the…

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2017 sigma d-photo amateur photographer of the year competition open now

Got all your favourites from the images you shot during your summer holiday? Or maybe you’re keen to get out and start capturing fresh new images? Either way, now’s the time to collate all your favourite photographs and submit them to the largest amateur photography competition in New Zealand. It’s back! The 2017 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year is now open for entries. We’re very pleased to have CR Kennedy’s Sigma back on board as naming-rights sponsor, and we’re also excited to announce this year’s categories — Action, Aerial, Creative, Junior, Landscape, Macro, Monochrome, Nature, People, Travel, and the new category Video. The new Video category is sponsored by SAE Institute New Zealand, and asks entrants to submit moving images that they have created. The Action category (sponsored by Nikon KeyMission)…

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1 A KIWI IN PARIS New Zealand photographer Harvey Benge travelled to the November 2016 Paris Photo event and recounts his trip and its various highlights for you to digest. 2 CINDY SHERMAN The Cindy Sherman exhibition was recently showcased at City Gallery Wellington. We talked to the exhibition’s curator about Sherman’s work and how the exhibition was formed. 3 NIKON D3400 AND SNAPBRIDGE REVIEW Did you see our review of the Nikon D3400 and SnapBridge? Head on over to the website to check out our thoughts. 4 KIDS PHOTO COMP TOP 10 You’ll see who won this issue’s round of the D-Photo Kids Photo Comp within these pages, but, to see the top-10 finalists, head to our website!…

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seven lenses in varanasi

Situated on the edge of the Ganges in India, Varanasi — also known as ‘Benares’, ‘Banaras’, or ‘Kashi’ — is a city well-known for its spiritual flavour. Recognized as the place where Buddha may have founded Buddhism, the city is also important to a raft of other religions, and it’s one of Hinduism’s seven holy cities, so it’s a focus for pilgrimage, thanks, in part, to a belief that a dip in the waters of the Ganges can clear one of one’s sins. Varanasi is also a place of culture, arts, and education. It’s host to ancient marketplaces, a place of silk-weaving and crafts, and, over the years, it has become quite an industrial zone, with a big focus on manufacturing and tourism. Photographer Giora Dan travelled to Varanasi as part of…

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colour interpretation — how do you see the world?

Remember that scene from the film Little Miss Sunshine in which the young man realizes that he will never be able to fly jets because he’s colour-blind? He’s devoted a chunk of his life to not speaking to prepare for this career, and the news absolutely devastates him. Now, with your passion for photography in mind, imagine that you are colour-blind — imagine just how differently you’d approach your work and how it could affect your career choice. Photographer Marcus Bokkerink has a visual impairment that means he is colour deficient in the red, green, blue, and grey spectra. When he showed his family and friends his photographs, they’d often comment that they appeared unreal and surrealistic, when all he was trying to capture was a natural-looking scene. Because of this, he…