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Deer & Deer Hunting Modern Bowhunter 2019

Deer & Deer Hunting is written and edited for serious, year-round hunting enthusiasts, focusing on hunting techniques, deer biology and behavior, deer management, habitat requirements, the natural history of deer and hunting ethics

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GROW ‘EM BIG WITH STEVE BARTYLLA Grow ‘em Big airs every Wednesday for 26 episodes during the months leading up to hunting season, with host Steve Bartylla – an expert in deer habitat management. He provides in-depth, proven methods for managing deer and local habitat to help whitetail hunters take their land and deer population to a more productive level. PUBLIC & PRESSURED LAND DEER HUNTER WITH JOHN EBERHART This show is for real-world hunters who chase whitetails on public land and highly pressured private parcels. Host John Eberhart is one of America’s top public-land hunters, and every Tuesday for 26 weeks, will take viewers step-by-step through his process and strategies for consistent pressured-land success. DEER TALK NOW Every Thursday, Deer & Deer Hunting Editors Daniel Schmidt and Gordy Krahn will cover everything from deer…

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Life if full of subtle signs. It could be a health scare as you near middle age. I've had several. Or it could be something as simple as a lazy Saturday flea market excursion. I'm coming fresh off one of those, too. It started out as a simple quest to find a spare fishing pole for my kids as we headed to the lake in search of hungry panfish. It ended with a cold slap of whitetail reality. The annual countywide flea market was packed with vendors and shoppers. I was expecting to find a lot of the usual overpriced junk when I stepped into the first merchant’s tent. Instead, I was greeted with remnants of deer camps gone by. It took mere seconds for it all to sink in. Adorning a…

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readers recoil

I live and hunt in Sauk County, just outside of Baraboo, Wisconsin. About three weeks ago this young buck showed up and seems to be calling my neighbor’s and my property his new home. He seems to be totally white except for the tarsal glands and a black spot on his jaw. He has created quite a stir in the neighborhood. I have been a deer hunter for over 50 years and had never seen a white deer until now. Pretty cool. —Dick Mielke, Wisconsin This is in response to Richard Smith’s “Buckshots” column about Michigan hunter Mark Dalley’s 200-inch buck. Reading this article made me very sad. Dally, after shooting 250 yards and missing (gun must not have been sighted-in very well) then empties another gun (his words) and still misses.…

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d&dh community

Connect with D&DH on social media at: Facebook: Twitter: @deerhuntingmag Pinterest: Instagram: DEER OF THE MONTH Zayne Wagner harvested this huge buck on public land in Oklahoma with a muzzleloader, while hunting with his dad, Nathan. Congratulations Zayne!! Submit your deer stories and photos to for consideration to be included in DDH and online. Destination Whitetail investigates the people, their stories, where they hunt and the different ways to hunt white-tailed deer throughout North America. The show explores great hunting locations and the interesting people who live and hunt there. In the 43 states that have deer populations, the habitat varies as do the traditions and methods used to hunt America’s most popular game animal. Our DDH Team seeks and spotlights the stories behind the locations, including highlights of local history and tourist attractions. Whether you’re a…

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pursuit community

July 6: Florida Trifecta Dan Schmidt has what could be the best hunting day of his life with what he calls a Florida trifecta. July 13: October Lockdown Mark Kayser experiences his most difficult Montana hunt yet as he runs into the October lockdown. July 20: Early Season Whitetail Magnets Brad Fenson enjoys one of the ultimate combo hunts — pronghorns and whitetails in Wyoming. July 27: Deer of the Foothills Gordy Krahn is exploring the foothills of the Rockies in Alberta. There’s muleys in those hills, not to mention whitetails. August 3: The Importance of Scouting Facing hunting pressure around every corner, Mark Kayser scouts his way to some Wyoming whitetail success. Watch only on Pursuit Channel during Saturday Night Deer Camp every Saturday beginning at 10 p.m. EST, and also on Wednesdays at 12:30 a.m. and Sundays at…

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the ispersal effect

It’s opening morning of bow season, and your anticipation grows with the beams of sunlight glowing on the horizon. As the view from your treestand changes from the black of night to the familiar grayness of dawn, the shape of a deer silently appears on the edge of your food plot. At first you strain to make out the shape, hoping it’s the buck you’ve been after for the past two years. He’s a really good buck, definitely mature, and your trail cameras have been letting you know that he’s been hitting this food plot hard over the past few weeks. As the sun slowly rises you realize that it’s a spike, and your nerves relax as you watch the young buck feed out to the middle of the plot. A…