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Delicate Issue 1

"Welcome to the fine and elegant issue of DELICATE Magazine. This publictation is entirely devoted to women, all about women. In their intimacy, in their greatness, revealing their strength, their harmony and all the beauty that emerges from them. This magazine is an ode made to women."

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steven lyon

BIOGRAPHY- Hailing from Los Angeles, photographer, writer and director, Steven Lyon has been considered an enigma within his industry of the art world and a bona-fide Renaissance visionary. He has engineered a creative legacy both in front and behind the camera for over three decades. In the 1980’s Lyon was first discovered by Andy Warhol’s eye and ultimately lens as a model and a featured subject for Warhol’s famed Interview magazine. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Lyon was one of the premier, top male models in the world. Working with the likes of Gianni Versace, Claude Montana, Jean Paul Guiltier and Trussardi just to name a few. His tenure, within this industry, is still internationally recognized and he is regarded as one of the iconic images of those decades. For the past 20…

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olivier merzoug

Visual Art is a magnificent thing: it sublimes forms, it harmonizes colors, it transcends beauty. While looking at a picture, we admire much more than a simple visual, much more than a collection of shapes or colour juxtaposition. Beauty is beyond that, it is vital, frozen in time and at that moment engraved for eternity. The most fascinating images are those that express the vision of a photographer and communicate an emotion, they tell a story ... that of Olivier Merzoug, a creative director for many Parisian agencies, who has decided to develop his passion for photography and make his major art work. Born on January 6, 1972 in Paris, Mr. Merzoug is passionate and began composing music and lyrics before turning his attention to design. Self taught and a perfectionist,…

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jeremy gibbs

Jeremy Gibbs aka RomanyWG works with a select group of extraordinarily fearless models, his photographs capture a different kind of beauty in abandoned buildings. These are poses of passion, strength, softness, sometimes humour. Women whose beauty works both in contrast and harmony to backdrops of forgotten industry, dying chateaus, decrepit hospitals, raw nature. These exceptional and moving photographs of female beauty and power distil the essence of defiance against the ravages of time and open a new chapter in Urbex photography. @jeremysmgibbs jeremy.gibbs.777 ( Credits : Dress and Feather necklace Corsetorium, Corset by Angela Stringer )…

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gianluca bonanno

Gianluca Bonanno is a Sicilian photographer. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and he studied in Rome at the European Institute of Design. After graduation, he moved first to London and later to Milan, where he worked for some of the top modeling agencies including Major, Fashion, Brave and Karin Models in Paris. He also contributes to few editorial projects, produces fashion catalogues and photo shoots servicing both Italian and foreign magazines such as Max, Maxim, GENTE, Fox, For Men, NORMAL and many more. Since 2009 he has alternated between his photography profession and teaching photography. Gianluca currently lives and works in Milan. In 2016 he began collaborating with the prestigious fine arts French magazine Normal. @gianlucabonanno.photo…

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david ben haïm

David Ben haïm (born 1973, Paris, France) is a fashion photographer. David discovered photography by chance (in 2012), he is then an events organizer for weddings and seeks to share video his events to future customers. A friend advises him to buy a reflex camera, which will allow him to make HD videos and photos if he wishes. And this is how he proposed to his friendly entourage some photo shoots. David is a person with many trades, flight mechanic, recruitment consultant, salesman, tennis instructor ... His eye is often mixed with the desire to accompany, guide, and coach his models to create an image that speaks to him. His strength is in his sense of observation, adapting to different contexts, seeing the light and using it to shape his image.…

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at the moment

Exibhitions NEW YORK Quicksilver Brilliance : Adolf de Meyer Photographs A member of the "international set" in fin-de-siècle Europe, Baron Adolf de Meyer (1868–1946) was also a pioneering photographer, known for creating works that transformed reality into a beautiful fantasy. Quicksilver Brilliance will be the first museum exhibition devoted to the artist in more than 20 years and the first ever at The Met. The exhibition will include dazzling portraits of well-known figures of his time like for example Josephine Baker -among others. This rare album represents Meyer's great success in capturing the movement and choreography of dance, a breakthrough in the history of photography. At The Met Fifth Avenue, Gallery 852 DECEMBER 4, 2017–MARCH 18, 2018 Exibhitions NEW YORK Luciana Pampalone The Robin Rice Gallery is pleased to present a photographic exhibition by Luciana Pampalone. Working…