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a change in direction

We had a different cover planned for you this month. Totally different, in fact. But then life does what it always does and threw a giant fork in the road, meaning we had to rethink the path we had all laid out. Did we stick with our original plan? Or did we trust our gut and pursue the opportunity that presented itself before us? In the end, we did the latter, deciding to photograph and interview one of Hollywood’s most private stars – Katie Holmes (on page 126). Holmes has long fascinated the public, her every move (and outfit) scrutinised. Why her, more than any other, you may ask. It’s hard to say, exactly. But a large part of her appeal rests with the fact she has consistently swerved the track…

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guest list

THE WARDROBE MISTRESS DAISY MURRAY When not working as ELLE’s digital writer, Daisy runs vintage dress store The Grantchester Collection through her Instagram. In this issue, she shares a genderless wardrobe with her partner Samuel on page 94. Name your biggest fashion mistake... ‘According to school peers, an outfit involving skull-print tights, a Russian hat and vintage waistcoat. According to me, never.’ What’s the most valuable fashion lesson you’ve learned? ‘Style knows no size, age or budget. My mum looks better in a cheap second-hand dress than most women in designer gowns.’ THE IMAGE MAKER DANIEL CLAVERO Brooklyn-based photographer Daniel Clavero, who shot Katie Holmes in Milan for our cover story (page 126), grew up in South Beach, Florida. He previously shot Jorja Smith for ELLE’s June 2O19 cover. What was the first item of…

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losing her

It’s there, maybe, under the rubble, amidst the bricks and dust of a nightclub long torn down. My mum’s fake fur coat – snow leopard print, with moth-chewed, hole-ridden pockets, filled with orange Bic pens: the only ones she would write with. It trailed on the floor, gathering dust as she walked, the fur matted like an old dog. I hated that coat. I hated it so much. Right up until the moment I realised it had gone. She used to mortify me – standing at the school gates, yelling ‘coooeeee’, the coat flung on over a pair of green baggy trousers, covered in moons and stars. She didn’t look like the other mums: with their neatly permed blonde hair, and well put together outfits. I wished, quietly, that she did. One…

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the trend the rise of the ‘it’ earring

If the 199Os were all about ‘It’ bags, with teeny Fendi Baguettes nestled in every fashion editor’s arm, and the 2OOOs were all about the ‘It’ trainer (who doesn’t own at least one pair of Stan Smiths?), then with the 2O1Os nearly over, we’re calling it: this decade belongs to the ‘It’ earring. Yes, in most cases, we mean just one. While pared-back styles are still in favour as far as clothes go, an interesting shift has taken place from the neck up. The earring has become the transformative charm: the single piece that puts personality into our purist daywear. With a high-low mix of semi-precious stones and metals, graphic resins and plastics, these pieces are less delicate in their sensibility than fine jewellery – they’re distinctive and characterful. They’re sweetly…

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fashion news

THE TREND TOO GLAM TO GIVE A DAMN There was no shortage of glittering styles on AW19 catwalks. If you want old-school glamour, Michael Kors and Paco Rabanne channelled the ‘swinging from the chandeliers’ energy of the roaring 192Os with shimmering skirts (style for day with a T-shirt or crew-neck sweatshirt). If 197Os-style shine is more your thing, look to Halpern’s trippy printed silks (easily paired with denim). Whatever you prefer, if there’s a time to go all out, it’s now. THE MOOD AND SO TO BED When the celebrations end, and you’re ready to spend a week on the sofa, at least make a statement out of it. The solution? With chic loungewear. For something slinky, try Olivia von Halle and Cami NYC, the go-to labels for satin slips (that you can layer over…

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the silver screen

If you want to live La Dolce Vita, there’s nothing like faking it ‘til you make it with movie-star style. So, why not start with jewels? (You know the type, so blindingly dazzling, they come with a sunglasses-wearing guard on the red carpet.) How convenient, then, that Bvlgari, purveyor of luxury glittering styles, has produced a Rome-inspired range of rings and things. Try before you buy at Cinemagia, a cinema-inspired pop-up in Harrods until 7 January 2O2O. But you can count on the diamond-studded pieces to be as timeless as a Federico Fellini film. (And as satisfying as a winter night in with Netflix and fistfuls of popcorn.)…