Evo January 2021

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ed speak

IF YOU HAD SAID TO ME IN SPRING THAT WE WOULD have been able to gather 16 new performance cars at Anglesey Circuit for a week, followed by taking our favourite eight to Scotland for a further five days of assessment on some of our favourite roads, it wouldn’t have been a Covid test I would have suggested you needed. But 2020 has been all about the unexpected. Planning for the unknown and reacting to the unpredictable, we’ve all had to do it in one form or another. So it is with a huge amount of pride for the evo team that this issue we are able to bring you one of our biggest eCoty tests for a number of years. This year was always going to be a significant one for…

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honda civic type r limited edition

IT’S SIMPLY KNOWN AS THE LIMITED Edition. Not the most flamboyant of names for a car with such evo credentials, but nothing if not accurate, given this Civic is very limited indeed. Just 20 are available in the UK, and they’re already all allocated. In fact, only 1020 of them are being sold globally (most – 600 – in the US), finally answering a question we’ve pondered for some time at evo: given how potent the standard FK8 Type R already feels, just how mind-bogglingly effective would a sharper, lighter, more tightly focused version be? It was immediately apparent the FK8 was something special, even back on the international launch in 2017. There we were, flying down the autobahn at nearly 170mph, carving across Germany’s minor roads at tremendous speed, revelling in…

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alpina b3 touring

YOU WAIT FORTY YEARS FOR ONE BMW M3 Touring to arrive and then two come along at once. OK, not exactly two at the same time and, technically speaking, only one is a bona fide M-car, or rather it will be, once it arrives in 2022, but with Alpina’s new B3 Touring touting a genuine M motor (a first for an Alpina), it’s cause for celebration. Alpinas have always had a cult appeal, a car that if you know, you know. And if you don’t, you think it’s merely a BMW with a bodykit, some wheels that look impossible to clean and a set of coachlines that add a retro touch in today’s flame-surfaced world. This latest G21 3-series-based Alpina Touring is no different (although our press demo is minus the stripes)…

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skoda octavia vrs

ARGUMENTS HAVE RAGED FOR generations, and will continue to do so, over which was – and is – the original Q-car. Cars that slip under the radar while making progress. Cars that blend in. Cars that ghost between point A and point B undetected, and are anonymous to all but those with an eye for the subtly swollen wheelarches, an additional exhaust tip and a wheel and tyre package an inch or two larger than you would find on the mainstream model on which they’re based. Our forefathers saw BMW’s E34 M5 become peak Q-car, while Mercedes’ 500E was the preferred choice for those who wanted something from Stuttgart, via Weissach, rather than being hand-assembled on a line at Garching having started life in Munich. Lancia Thema 8.32? Naturally, anything that…

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wrap party

‘IT’S STILL IN GOOD SHAPE,’ SAYS Andreas Preuninger, director of Porsche’s GT product line, taking a step back like an artist from his easel to consider the car in front of him. The car in question is not actually his work, because Preuninger joined Porsche’s fabled GT department after the inaugural GT3, the 996.1, was completed. But this was the first car he used when he started the job. The car that informed his initial thoughts on the GT3 project 20 years ago. ‘I drive it from time to time. It’s kind of interesting how performance perception changes through the years.’ It is somehow very heartening to hear him say this. When Preuninger says that new is better than old, you now know that it’s an opinion that comes from a…

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REMEMBER 2009? OBAMA WAS SWORN in as America’s 44th president, British drivers held both the Formula 1 and IndyCar titles (Jenson Button and Dario Franchitti respectively), Séb Loeb won his 1000th WRC title and Peugeot was victorious at Le Mans. Oh, and there was a global swine flu pandemic. It was also the year Lamborghini launched its Super Trofeo one-make race car and with it aspirations to build a road-going equivalent. Eleven years later and the £260,000 Huracán Super Trofeo Omologato (STO) is that car. Combining a rear-wheel-drive chassis with the most potent V10 that Lamborghini offers, the STO takes the very best from both the Super Trofeo and GT3 Evo race cars to create the most extreme road-going version of the company’s entry-level model yet. Aerodynamics are key to the STO’s make-up,…