Evo February 2021

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2 min
ed speak

FOR THE LAST EIGHT WEEKS THE ZOOM CONVERSATIONS have been with manufacturers confirming what is actually happening with new products this year rather than what has been guessed on the internet. If you logged into the call, for the first five minutes you would be under the impression that there wasn’t a great deal planned for 2021, especially for those with an eye for a new driver’s car. Of course the complete opposite is true. Audi, Bentley, Hyundai N, Porsche, Maserati, McLaren, Volkswagen, they all have either all-new performance cars heading our way or new performance derivatives of existing models to entice us to browse the configurator and (hopefully) place an order. But will you? There’s a worrying trend for the industry suggesting that 2020 has made many re-evaluate what they actually…

8 min
radical sr10

LOTS OF MAGICAL SEQUENCES GET seared into the memory banks in this job. I can close my eyes and relive so many drives: howling along the Pacific Coast Highway in the Ford GT in 2005 with its chief engineer alongside and a Ferrari 360 Modena (cheekily supplied by Ford as a benchmark) disappearing in the rear-view mirror; chasing 288 GTO, F40 and Enzo in the sublime F50 across our favourite road in Wales on a crisp autumn evening; watching Dickie Meaden slip and slide in a Carrera GT from the driver’s seat of a Noble M600; and so many more. You wouldn’t expect a cold day in Lincolnshire to elbow its way into the files marked ‘Thank God I don’t have a real job’. However, back in 2016 Radical rolled into…

7 min
bmw m440i xdrive

IT’S THE GRILLE, ISN’T IT? YOU CAN’T stop staring at it, can you? The talk of the internet, the subject of memes, a design statement that has left many asking what on earth is going on at BMW under the design direction of Domagoj Dukec. Change, primarily. Just as Chris Bangle threw out the BMW design rule book nearly 20 years ago, so Dukec is doing the same again today as he moves the company away from what he considers years of play-it-safe styling. We’ll get the looks out of the way early doors, because the M440i xDrive is one of the best sports coupes you can buy and we’d rather focus on that. It’s a shot in the arm for those who enjoy driving but have been left disappointed in…

9 min
ford mustang steve mcqueen bullitt edition

BLENDING INTO TRAFFIC ON AN ELEVATED section of the Nottingham ring road, I can’t help thinking that the roller-coaster streets of San Francisco – or anywhere warm, in fact – would be a better place to appreciate a car of this potential. That said, there was no way I was going to turn down an invitation to drive the UK’s one and only Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang… all 720bhp of it. So here we are, treading warily on the cold, damp roads of middle England, willing the pale winter sun higher to warm and dry the glistening surface so that we can get at least one full-throttle sweep of the rev-counter. Yes, at evo we’re all about judging cars in the round but when one comes along with outrageous horsepower…

4 min
porsche 911 carrera s manual

YOU KNOW IT’S A SIGN OF THE TIMES WHEN PORSCHE releases a manual 911 Carrera and it’s virtually a standalone, niche model in all bar name. We’ve had a considerable wait for this three-pedal car, and now it’s here it’s an almost painful reminder that, while people like you and me may bang the drum for manual gearboxes in sports cars, for the buying public at large – even those purchasing a new Porsche 911 – the idea of not going for the eight-speed PDK is an anathema. Still, Porsche’s new offering certainly ticks plenty of boxes on paper. If you want a manual Carrera you have to order the S model for a start, and selecting the version with a stick automatically triggers the fitment of the Sport Chrono pack, which…

5 min
safari, so good

LOOKING DISTINCTLY LIKE PORSCHE’S 1986 DAKARwinning 959 metamorphosed into the 21st century, this extraordinary device is the latest ‘Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer’. We’ve become accustomed to the company’s meticulously wrought 911s, with their endless customisation options, supercar performance and subtle embellishment of the early model’s performance aesthetic. More recently we’ve been intrigued by the radically evolved Dynamic Lightweight Study that attempts to take the original 911’s acceleration and handling into the stratosphere, but this All-Terrain Competition Study (or ‘ACS’) is something altogether different again. Conceived as a genuine competition car with the remit of tackling long-distance events on the loose such as the Baja 1000 and the Dakar, it’s been developed with renowned 911 rally specialist Richard Tuthill in the UK. The Tuthill name has become synonymous with the 911…