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ed speak

THIS ISN’T THE FIRST LOTUS REBOOT AND I DOUBT many can remember exactly how many there have been before. Certainly few have been successful beyond keeping the company alive long enough for the next enthusiastic buyer to come along and provide everything Lotus required to be the world leader in waiting it clearly was. And repeat. Vision80, the strategy put together by former CEO Phil Popham and current MD Matt Windle, is the shared goals of Lotus and its current owners Geely and Etika Automotive of Malaysia. And while Windle will be the first Lotus MD to have the backing to implement such a plan, in some respects he can only do so because of the work carried out during the last 18 months of the company’s 21 years under previous…

11 min
porsche 911 gt3

BEFORE YOU GET IN, JUST KNEEL DOWN in front of the car and put a temple on the tarmac. Pretend you’ve just dropped a wheel nut and you want to see how far it has rolled under the car. What you’ll find is a mostly flat undertray, but around the front wheels there are also small spinneys of angular, aggressive aero vanes that wouldn’t look out of place protruding from part of an F1 car. It gives you a sense of just how serious this new GT3 is. As you stand up and brush the small bits of gravel from your knees, the huge, swan-neck wing and pugnacious nostrils will come back into view. On reflection, perhaps you didn’t need to hit the deck to see how serious this car is.…

6 min
peugeot 508 sw pse

IN A PREVIOUS LIFE THEY WERE CALLED GTIs. They were cars that defined and dominated sectors, inspired a generation and put Peugeot on the map as a company that was less about quirky design and engineering and more about creating a fully resolved product that had the widest appeal possible. Be it 205 or 309, when the GTI badge was applied it resulted in more than just a breathed-on mainstream model; these early day Peugeot GTIs set the benchmark for affordable driver’s cars. And then, after the 106 and 306, it all stopped. The fallow years followed, excellence only briefly reprised with the recent 208 and 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport (and the unofficial GTi, the RCZ). Then we were led to believe that was it: Peugeot was out of the…

4 min
alpina d3 s touring

THERE WAS A TIME WHEN A COMPACT estate car with a sizeable diesel engine was the dream ticket for those who wanted a respectable level of performance to go with their frugality requirements. And if that diesel-sipping engine happened to have six cylinders, or more, better still. This inevitably meant that the German manufacturers did what they do best and entered into an arms race to see who could produce the most ludicrous diesel engine for a production car (step forward Volkswagen, with its 5-litre V10). But it was BMW’s straight-sixes that managed to get the balance of efficiency and performance just so, making the models they were fitted to feel less like load-lugging torque monsters and more like peppy and responsive performance cars. Pair one of those engines with an…

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vw golf r performance pack

NO, THERE HASN’T BEEN A MIX-UP AT THE printers. This isn’t the same Lapiz Blue Mk8 Golf R that we reviewed in evo 284, although you’d be entirely forgiven for failing to spot the difference between then and now. The reason for there being another R in the pages of Driven is that there was one key option missing from that first example to join VW’s press fleet, and that was the R Performance Pack, which amongst its features promises some new software called ‘Drift Mode’. Hmm. Given the new torquevectoring rear axle in the Mk8 R allows for power oversteer, as exemplified by the opening image to the piece in 284, the idea of a dedicated drift mode brings to mind a Volkswagen Golf behaving more like a Mk2…

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porsche 718 boxster gts 4.0 pdk

PORSCHE GB’S KERMIT-HUED 4-LITRE Cayman GTS has been no stranger to the pages of evo over the past six months, but its open-air twin in the 718 GTS range, the Boxster, has been absent since our first Driven test of the model, which was overseas, back in issue 271. It’s time to put that right, with the added bonus that Porsche has chosen to specify this particular GTS with the twin-clutch PDK gearbox option. Did I just say that was ‘a bonus’? That might not sound like the sort of traditional evo-talk you’re used to, but given that plenty of column inches have been devoted to bemoaning the yawn-inducingly long gear ratios of the manual GTS drivetrain, perhaps PDK might be the way to go? As our Henry Catchpole wrote in…