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Family Circle February 2019

Every issue is filled with quick-fixing, delicious recipes ... do-it-yourself decorating ideas ... fashion and beauty secrets ... plus advice for raising a healthy, happy family - and more!

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family album

Daughter: Talullah Mom: Chalkley Talullah: I like to wear whatever I want, and sometimes my mom doesn’t approve. Chalkley: It’s not about style. It’s about coverage. She’s only 16. “We lost Talullah’s dad very suddenly when Talullah was 10. I don’t consider myself a single parent—I’m an only parent. I greatly admire parents who choose to go it alone from the start. It’s hard. But Talullah being such a delight makes it easier.” —CHALKLEY “Some of the best advice my mom ever gave me was to be an independent woman and not have to rely on other people to pursue my passions.” —TALULLAH “One thing I hope never changes about my mom is her sense of humor.” —TALULLAH Daughter: Talullah “My favorite thing to do with my mom is travel and explore foreign places. In the past…

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on duty

Here are four features that every snow shovel should have: 1 A steel wear strip on the blade edge to cut through compacted snow and ice and scrape pavement without scratching it. 2 A wide blade to clear as much snow in one pass as possible. 3 A straight shaft that won’t bend under pressure or an ergonomic one that’s bent at a 25-degree angle to go easy on your back. 4 A ribbed, D-shaped grip for leverage and control. Source: Consumer Reports The Art of Clean If you already swear by Method home products, check out their gorgeous (and limited edition!) Creative Growth line. It’s a collaboration with the Creative Growth organization, a nonprofit arts center for adults with disabilities based in Oakland, CA. The product inside is the one you love, but the vibrant packaging…

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the perfect diy blowout

THE LOOK CLASSIC BOUNCY BLOWOUT THE PROCESS 1 Towel-dry hair and apply a volumizing mousse, like Pantene Pro-V Volume Boosting Mousse (target.com, $5), to roots. Rough-dry with a blow-dryer and your fingers until hair is mostly dry. 2 Section hair into six parts: Divide hair in half from forehead to back of your head. Then divide these two halves into three mini sections (top, middle and back) and pin each into a loose bun. 3 Start with the back sections. Using a round brush, roll a small section from one side around it. Move the brush up and away from your face (this upward motion is what’s going to give you volume!), holding the blow-dryer with your other hand, following the brush. When dry, unwind hair to release it. Repeat until the…

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hot stuff

THE LOOK SLEEK, STRAIGHT HAIR THE PROCESS 1 Apply a golf-ball-sized amount of strong-hold mousse, like Herbal Essences Set Me Up Extra Hold Mousse (walmart.com, $3), from roots to ends. 2 Create seven sections—one at top of head (the Mohawk section), one on each side of face and four around the rest of your head. 3 Starting with each of the back sections, blow-dry using a paddle brush with the dryer pointing downward. Place the brush under the section and pull it through hair in long strokes from root to tip with the heat following it. After finishing back sections, repeat steps for the two sides and the top section, pulling hair in front of face. 4 Once hair is dry, grasp 2-inch sections and iron them quickly (you don’t need to…

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career success from a to z

H HEELS (see page 29) 1. Kennethcole.com, $150. 2. Colehaan.com, $180. 3. Ninewest.com, $79. 4. Marc Fisher, macys.com, $89. 5. Tarynrose.com, $165. A AMBITION If you want a new gig, promotion or transfer, “think of ambition as a verb, not a noun,” says LT Ladino Bryson, founder of vCandidates.com, which connects candidates to recruiters. “Use that mind-set as fuel to get to your goal.” Women can face barriers men don’t, such as exclusion from formal networks and a lack of role models. To overcome roadblocks: 1 Show off your success. “Share your wins on social media,” she says. “It’s not bragging, it’s displaying your brilliance.” And it could get you noticed by a potential mentor or invited into a network. 2 Avoid asking for permission. “Women tend to wait for approval from others to move forward,” she says. Action is the antidote…

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stove & oven cleaning

What Is “Self-Cleaning,” Anyway? Most modern ovens have a self-cleaning function, according to Chris Thornton, senior manager of product training at Samsung. This may sound like a nice automatic scrubbing, but it’s really just your oven heating up to an extreme temp (like, 900 degrees), which incinerates any crusty bits. Very cool, but it comes with some rules that need to be taken seriously. Your Oven Isn’t Self-Cleaning—Now What? Whether you go with a commercial cleaning product or a homemade version, the process is the same: apply, wait, wipe clean. Two of our favorite store-bought products are Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner (target.com, $4) and Mrs. Meyer’s Baking Soda Cream Cleaner (mrsmeyers.com, $4). For a DIY cleaner, make a paste by combining ¾ cup baking soda with ½ cup water. Foiled Again If you have…