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Family Circle April 2019

Every issue is filled with quick-fixing, delicious recipes ... do-it-yourself decorating ideas ... fashion and beauty secrets ... plus advice for raising a healthy, happy family - and more!

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family album

“Family is my spiritual foundation. It’s God’s greatest gift and most precious blessing to me. It’s the essence of true love.”—KATHY Jeff: Jordan’s autistic, but he has the ability to learn. A lot of people think children on the spectrum don’t have the capacity to learn. Jordan sometimes shocks me with the things he’s aware of. Kathy: I love Jasmine’s heart. She’s very caring and sweet. “My mom has this encouraging spirit. I think she follows in my grandma’s footsteps because she also has that type of giving-back spirit.”—JASMINE Kathy: Both kids won lotteries to get into their charter schools. I heard about the lottery for Jordan’s school, the NYC Autism Charter Schools, in a support group meeting. It was the last day to apply, so I had to run to FedEx to get…

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on duty

Waste-Free One online order can feel like a dumpster’s worth of packaging. To lighten the load—and the weight on your conscience—the next time you need basic household supplies (like sandwich bags), consider ordering from Package Free Shop. All their products—cleaning, kitchen, beauty and more—have zero plastic packaging and ship plastic-free too. Packagefreeshop.com WHAT YOUR TEEN MEANS 1 They Say Sleepin’ On 2 Definition Overlooking or ignoring something. Variations include “sleeping on,” “slept on,” “sleep on.” 3 In a Sentence We’ve been sleepin’ on environmental conservation for years, but now is the time to do something. Source: StayHipp.com MEASURABLE IMPROVEMENT Tape measures are so handy, so indispensable…and usually so ugly. Which is why we love this carved rosewood version so much. It looks like a mod paperweight on your table or kitchen counter—and can always be within arm’s reach. Geometric Wood Tape Measures, jaysonhome.com,…

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the fix afternoon makeup fade

Lips Your lips are part of your skin—make sure you treat them as such! A smooth surface helps lipstick stay put longer, so scrub lips weekly. Try Burt’s Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub (burtsbees.com, $9) to get rid of flakes and dead skin. Before you put on lipstick, apply a (you guessed it!) lip primer. Matte lipsticks have great staying power because they typically contain more pigment and less oil than gloss or shiny lipstick. Face Primer is the secret to making your makeup last. It provides a base for your foundation to grab on to, just as priming a wall helps paint to adhere. Primers can also do double duty—they brighten skin, blur fine lines, tamp down shine—so choose one formulated for your specific concern. To apply, use a pearl-sized amount to cover…

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clean & green beauty

Everyone has a carbon footprint. But you also have a carbon face print, plus a carbon hair print, skin print—even an underarm print. Everything we slather on to make ourselves prettier has the potential to make the world an uglier place with problematic ingredients and packaging. It used to be that consumers who cared about the environment got very little help. You could buy your cosmetics from a small rack at the health food store and upcycle jars and bottles as knickknacks. You could also be the Debbie Downer who reminded everyone that rain forests and rabbits were suffering for our vanity. But times—and beauty products—are changing. A survey by Unilever—the maker of Dove, Vaseline, Love Beauty and Planet, and scores of other brands—found that 78% of U.S. consumers now feel better…

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the busy mom’s guide to cleaning

Your days of Swiffering up Cheerios dust and teasing smushed raisins out of a flokati rug may be in the past, but as it turns out, the saying “bigger kids, bigger problems” holds true when it comes to housecleaning too. Near-toxic tube socks, Vesuvian microwave mishaps, Technicolor misadventures in hair dye—half the time, you’re just trying to contain the dumpster fire that is teenagedom, let alone take care of more mundane things around the house (hello mildew, my old friend). And speaking of half the time, between holding down your own job and driving the Mom Shuttle, when exactly are you supposed to work a sponge? The moment has come to up your cleaning game—by which we mean clean smarter, not harder. These pro tips will help you crush your…

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the gross stuff

The latest overturned beverage seeping into the floor cracks is your teen’s post-volleyball green smoothie. This is so not what you pictured as you chose the weathered-oak finish of your wood-floor dreams. Don’t let the guilty party reach for a wad of paper towels (unless you want to find out which insects are attracted to pulverized chia seeds). Suck the smoothie up using a wet/dry vac, or if you have a squeegee, use it to scrape the thick liquid into a dustpan, says cleaning expert Melissa Maker, founder of Clean My Space. Then wet a microfiber cloth (or microfiber mop pad) with plain water, wipe the area and repeat. “If there are ridges in the floor, the microfiber will pull the spill from the cracks into the cloth,” says Merry Maids…