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Family Circle December 2018

Every issue is filled with quick-fixing, delicious recipes ... do-it-yourself decorating ideas ... fashion and beauty secrets ... plus advice for raising a healthy, happy family - and more!

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this is us

At Family Circle, we embrace what “family” means today, whether it’s the people you live with, work with or simply choose to spend time with. And we believe in showing what these families truly look like—in all their uniqueness and variety. Our editorial team knows we have a responsibility to our readers that goes beyond helping you live a 360° life. We also need to make sure that readers see a 360° world in our pages, and that includes showing images of people who look like you, representing women accurately and authentically, and portraying women as role models. After all, we’re a company of mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters, and that’s what we’d want for our own families. Unfortunately, the average age, race and body type of women…

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parenting teens feels like

We asked our social media followers for the honest truth about mom life. Here’s what you told us. “running a 5K in cement shoes. Tough, but keeping the goal in sight.” KATHERINE THOMAS “a privilege” BBHARTANDSOL “raising a toddler all over again—even the tantrums are just as bad!” MARY LAVERY “herding cats, tigers and lions” KAREN MALLABER “a garbage bag full of tangled yarn with a unique diamond in the center” TAMI DYER “Who can feel anything? Most days I’m numb!” MIAKOUPPA “the last chapter in my babies’ childhood. Why can’t they be little forever?!” ROBINCRAIGPHOTO “walking through fire” ROBERTCAMERONRYANSGIGI “a roller-coaster ride” SLIMMGOODY35 “a hell I never knew existed” SUSAN GOLDSTEIN-ZULLO “traveling in outer space” IMMDAY “karma has come back sevenfold for all the stuff you did as a teenager” DARCY KILE “nailing Jell-O to a tree” LYNN VANDYKE “a hamster wheel of pride, sorry, wine and smelly socks” RACHEL WARD BAILEY…

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lie about your age. and get away with it.

WHY AGE GRACEFULLY, WHEN YOU CAN AGE SUCCESSFULLY? Our bodies can be younger or older than our actual age depending upon diet, lifestyle choices and physical activity. This is called biological age, which could be different than the age on your driver’s license, which is called chronological age. A recent study of over 900 adults who were tracked for 12 years, from ages 26-38, showed that people who were aging faster, meaning that their biological age was higher than their chronological age, were not as healthy or physically fit. This group was also more likely to show cognitive decline and was at a greater risk for age-related health conditions. A growing body of research demonstrates that the keys to aging successfully are a combination of exercising regularly, keeping engaged with life, and…

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family album

Daughter: Sabena Dad: Kelsey Mom: Kathleen Kathleen: None of us are awesome cooks. Our extended family are. Kelsey: Yeah, my mom. Kathleen: And Sabena makes amazing brownies. Sabena: I bake. That’s it. “There was a moment when I saw Sabena writing a paper on Malcolm X while wearing a Nirvana T-shirt and I thought, ‘This is freaking me in high school.’”—KELSEY“Kelsey and I aren’t together as a couple, but we are together as a family. We’re all living together in a huge apartment in New York City. We could make our own Nancy Meyers romantic comedy about this.”—KATHLEEN“When I was little, my parents dressed me up as Pippi Longstocking for Halloween. I also pulled off Edward Scissorhands one year.”—SABENA Daughter: Sabena “Sabena is the little engine that could. She has dyslexia and it was almost third grade before everything…

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on duty

If you find something you absolutely cannot live without—but you also cannot live with the price tag—Keepa.com saves your Amazon picks and sends you price alerts when they go on sale. Pretty much every online order page has a spot for inputting a code, but you’re not always in the know. Honey is an online shopping tool that automatically applies the best coupon code at checkout, so you don’t have to search for one and you save money. Joinhoney.com, free Paypal member? Use that payment method on any site that offers it at checkout, and enjoy free return shipping courtesy of Paypal. Smooth(ie) Operator A lot of rich food comes along with the holidays; Daily Harvest can help you balance out the decadence. The company ships superfood smoothies, bowls, overnight oats and chia puddings…

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a doable do

IF YOUR HAIR IS CROPPED, TRY A TEXTURED STYLE AND A HEADBAND Create your desired part on wet hair (to get the cleanest line). Apply a styling product at roots: A volumizing spray, like Kenra Professional Platinum Voluminous Touch Spray Lotion (ulta.com, $22), is good for fine hair, while a moisturizing mousse, like Bb. Thickening Soft Full Form Mousse (bumbleandbumble.com, $31), works well on coarse hair. Blow-dry forward and down, tousling with your fingers. Once dry, spritz hair all over with a texture spray, like Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel (target.com, $4), and add a drop of pomade on ends of front pieces to add definition. Place the headband just behind ears and adjust hair around it. IF YOUR HAIR ENDS BELOW YOUR COLLARBONE, TRY A FRENCH BRAID UPDO Start with…