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Family Circle October 2018

Every issue is filled with quick-fixing, delicious recipes ... do-it-yourself decorating ideas ... fashion and beauty secrets ... plus advice for raising a healthy, happy family - and more!

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the struggle is real

Everyone in my personal and professional circles is aware that I am clothing challenged. Each weekday morning I have a mini panic attack about what to wear to work. When I finally start to get dressed, it seems like every article of clothing I put on either doesn’t fit right or has a pull or a stain I never noticed or…whatever. (All I really want to wear is sweatpants, but unfortunately that doesn’t fly at the office.) As a result, I’ve tried to adopt a uniform of sorts, which has led to a closet full of boring clothes: basic black pants and plain, neutral-color tops—short-sleeve for summer, long for winter. Done. But not really. Somewhere, deep down, I do care about looking up-to-date with fashion trends. I wouldn’t go through so much…

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family album

Son: Owen Dad: Sean Owen: I don’t really listen to music as much as my dad does. I don’t think I have a favorite band. Sean: What about The Beatles? Owen: I mean, they’re all right. Owen: My dad’s a really good musician. He’s good at the guitar—and not so humble about it. Sean: What did you say? Owen: Not so humble about it. Sean: Psh. Good one. “Owen and I are the same type of student. At 13, he’s very studious and very responsible. He’s also a perfectionist, but it’s so cute because he’ll kind of go rage if something doesn’t go right. But it’s very cute.”—YASMEEN (MOM)“Everyone in the family has their own ukulele. We own four, total. I’m also a big guitar player. I have nine.”—SEAN Husband: Sean Wife: Yasmeen Sean: With the exception of her dad,…

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on duty

A tumbler that keeps your coffee hot for three hours, which means the last sip during overtime is as good as the first at kickoff. Classic Tumbler in Gloss Turquoise, corkcicle.com, $25/16 oz Stay warm on the sidelines even into the chilly playoff months. Women’s Ultra Lightweight Down Jacket, landsend.com, $109 Thinking about what to make for dinner while you watch practice? The Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app helps you pick a recipe, finds ingredients on sale, can create a shopping list and has tons of step-by-step videos to follow. Android and iOS, free Sanitize in Style Those squeeze bottles of hand sanitizer hanging off everyone’s bags and backpacks aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye. But this chic little bird-shaped version is. Each Minnie contains a super-hydrating sanitizer made with soothing essential oils (instead of…

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the busy mom’s beauty guide

SKIN TREATING PIMPLES For a quick fix, apply a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide, says Sejal Shah, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist in NYC. Use a retinoid treatment nightly to prevent breakouts. Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist in NYC, suggests pore strips if you have lots of blackheads. Products: Clearasil 5-in-1 Spot Treatment, walmart.com, $5.50. Differin Gel, amazon.com, $30. Bioré Limited Edition Citrus Crush Pore Strips, target.com, $6.50. REDNESS Apply cold milk compresses for a quick calming effect, says Fusco. Look for products with soothing ingredients, like oatmeal or licorice extract, says Shah. Plus, creams with a green tint will help mask redness. Products: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Moisturizer, itcosmetics.com, $48. Eucerin Roughness Relief Lotion, cvs.com, $13. RED BUMPS ON UPPER ARMS Those bumps are keratosis pilaris, a skin condition where a buildup of keratin protein…

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pretty as a picture

Staring down the rainbow wall of strips in a home improvement store is enough to make most people feel an acute case of Paint Paralysis coming on. No one wants to invest time and money on painting only to end up feeling like, somehow or other, they blew it color-wise. Interior designers insist that as long as you diligently swatch-test options in the room and then go with your gut, you can’t lose. Umm, yeah—trusting in that maxim is easier said than done. A little guidance can go a long way toward choosing paint colors with confidence. Look to your fallbacks Though you might not realize it in as many words, you already know which colors you love. Clothes shopping, grabbing a bunch of flowers at the farmers’ market, admiring a…

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what’s trending

1 Don’t just dip a toe into a color—dive in! “An accent wall looks good at the end of the hall, but otherwise, let’s see all four walls done,” says designer Elaine Griffin. “You want to marry a color, not date it!” 2 Black interior doors They’re popping up everywhere! According to interior designer Emilie Munroe, suggesting them throws clients for a loop at first, because they’re used to standard white. “But black looks so great.” 3 Improving on nature Think of natural colors with the volume cranked WAY up: really saturated tones like mossy greens and deep olives. 4 Ditching white trim Classic white is ceding ground to colors like red and taupe. Another take: Paint trim the same color as the wall, with trim in a satin finish, which creates a…