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Fast Car February 2020

Fast Car is officially the best car magazine ever made, and the only one that delivers on its promise of defining today’s car culture. Stuffed with the finest feature cars from the United Kingdom, all the hottest new gear and kit, inspiring guides and even the odd top model for good measure, it’s so jam-packed, you can see it from space.

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United Kingdom
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POLITICAL SCANDAL So who’s glad the voting is finally over and we’ve got a new leader so we can finally get on with our lives? I am, that’s for sure, it seemed like my news feeds were full of opinions, scandal and an insane amount of campaigning by all parties; it really was a relentless few weeks. Friendships were tested as differences of opinion were aired and people argued their points, but the votes have been counted and the winner has been elected. All you need to do now is to turn to page 14 to see who has won the fiercely contested Feature Car of the Year 2019. Well? What else did you think I was referring to? There was only one important poll going on in December, right? Whatever…

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mustang channels the electric boogaloo

The story of the Ford Mustang is a pretty incredible one. It’s America’s best-selling sports car of the last fifty years, and in late 2018 the 10-millionth Mustang rolled off the production line at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan. Since officially going on sale in the UK in 2016, over 7,000 Mustangs have found homes here as well as 38,000 across Europe, so it’s fair to say we’re starting to climb on the bandwagon, but it’s undeniable that the ’Stang is part of the cultural bedrock of America. 10-million is a huge number! The original pony car has always been a pretty diverse offering too; right from its early days you could have it as a saloon or a convertible, with a racy fastback arriving in the line-up…

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ac schnitzer smears some wasabi on the z4

It’s all been a bit Supra, Supra, Supra recently, hasn’t it? We were all waiting so long for Toyota to come up with a follow-up to the iconic Mk4 that when the new model finally arrived in 2019, we got a bit over-excited. Tuners have understandably been all over them; if you saw our SEMA coverage in last month’s mag you’ll have spotted that the new Supra was pretty much THE car of the show, everyone’s building ’em. Even back at last summer’s Goodwood Festival of Speed there was a 2JZ-swapped example drifting up the hill. And in all the melee, everyone’s kinda forgotten that it has a sister car: internet bores rejoice in banging on about how there’s a lot of BMW DNA in the Supra, but no-one seems…

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appreciating depreciation volkswagen scirocco

The Volkswagen Scirocco is one of those cars that just looks cool, right out of the factory. It’s got a mean, angry face, and a pert little booty – and you know that all the underpinnings are pure Golf, so it’s a complete package. Style, performance, handling, practicality, quality, reliability, it ticks every box you could wish for. Back in 2008, when VW decided to reprise the Scirocco name which had laid dormant since 1992, they struck gold: taking the sublime platform of the Mk5 Golf and adding a stylish body created something that really tapped into buyers’ desires, and the things sold like hot cakes. There was a whole range available too – the entry-level option had a 1.4-litre TSI motor, the fiery one rocked a 2.0 TSI, and…

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rozzer ranger raptor

Some police cars are cool, and some aren’t. Dubai’s got the market sewn up really, with their liveried Ferrari and Bugatti patrol cars. And the days of Volvo 850Rs tearing down Blighty’s fast lanes are behind us, as most patrol cars you see these days seem to be boring saloons and hatchbacks that continue the trend of the crap unmarked Mk4 Astras on steels that used to pop up in The Bill. But today’s crims shouldn’t go thinking they’re in for an easy ride. Just look what’s been delivered to police forces across the UK – it’s a fleet of frickin’ cop-spec Ford Ranger Raptors! They’re all equipped with FOX shocks and Baja racer-spec suspension, which means they can chase bad guys at well over 100mph over sand, mud and gravel.…

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bentley gets all up in your grille

Special-edition sports cars and supercars are sort of pointless, really. Manufacturers take the very best examples of their model range, the ones that have received the biggest research-and-development budgets to be the very best they can be in terms of performance, handling, equipment and refinement, and then they lavish a load of fancy extras upon them and sell them for a premium in a limited run. And every single one gets bought by a collector, who’ll lock it away in a private collection and never use it. Still, life’s too short to be bitter about that – to be fair, when you buy a car it’s nobody else’s damn business what you do with it. We love a special edition, and Bentley’s latest is particularly awesome because it’s got something…