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Fishing World September 2020

Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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new gear

THE release of the September Fishing World usually coincides with the AFTA trade show. Unfortunately this year the show was cancelled, for obvious reasons. The Australian Tackle Trade Association (AFTA) made a sensible early call to put the show on hold for 2020. While necessary, it’s a shame. The AFTA show was something to look forward to each year. In the past, trade shows like AFTA offered a first glimpse at never seen before gear. Walking through the doors was a big deal as the latest and greatest tackle was revealed. Before Covid came along there was already a shift in the way tackle shows were held and the latest gear unveiled. The instant access to information online via social platforms made it difficult to keep products under wraps. Major international trade…

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long live the king

“Simple is always better when it comes to rigging up your terminal livebait gear so keep connections streamlined and to a minimum.” HAVING spent a ridiculous number of hours chasing yellowtail kingfish with livebaits over the years without even turning a reel it was obvious these fish were earned the hard way, not gifted on a silver platter! Kingfish are capable of testing your patience and we were often left scratching our heads at the end of recurrent fishless sessions with little to show for our efforts. Their reputation as an extremely cunning and wily species really started to hit home and I’m sure we very easily could’ve been forgiven for throwing in the towel at that point in time. However I’m extremely thankful we didn’t. Slowly yet surely the momentum began to…

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applications open for habitat action grants

HABITAT Action Grants in NSW are available again this year and applications are now open, giving fishers a great chance to put some of the licence fees back into improving the habitats that support the sport we love. Twenty-eight projects were funded in the 2019-2020 Habitat Action Grants totalling over $728,000 with applicants providing over $1,000,000 in in-kind contributions. These grants will assist recreational anglers, local Councils, environmental and community groups, and private landholders to enhance and rehabilitate degraded fish habitat through a range of on-ground works. Rehabilitation of fish habitat provides long-term sustainable benefits for native fish stocks and in turn provides substantial benefits for NSW recreational fishers who will enjoy more healthy productive fisheries. Improvements in fish habitat will also provide more opportunities for rural and regional communities to boost…

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protected area paradox

WHEN marine areas are selected for protection from human intervention, the process usually involves consultation with users, particularly recreational and commercial fishers. Efforts are made not to exclude fishing from historically popular fishing areas and no-take zones are in the main established over less used or harder to get to locations . A recent study in the journal Conservation Science and Practice suggests that the resultant tendency to place protected areas in habitats that are less attractive to fishers because they’re not all that productive may be the reason why many species remain threatened and continue to decline. In other words, trying to accommodate fishers’ wishes might lead to conservation outcomes for fish which aren’t all that positive, as the fish are not favouring the areas protected in the first…

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gearing up for the new fads season!

AS you’re reading this, the DPI Fisheries FADs team is hard at work preparing for the upcoming 2020/2021 FADs season deployments. Our off-season work involves cleaning and maintaining FAD buoys, checking the GPS systems on individual buoys and replacing ground tackle (anchors, chains and ropes). Most importantly, we’ve been working on new FAD locations! The annual FAD season generally kicks off in September with the first FADs deployed in northern NSW to take advantage of the tongues of warm blue water that push down with the start of the East Australian Current (EAC). More FADs are deployed southwards over the coming months as the EAC picks up speed, bringing blue water – and hopefully schools of hungry pelagic sportfish! – right along the NSW coast. The last few FADs located off the far south…

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what’s new

SARAGOSA SWA THE Saragosa SW has built a reputation across the globe for remarkable cranking power and unmatched durability. The latest evolution – the Saragosa SWA – has been upgraded with Shimano’s latest reel technologies and is now available in two additional sizes. Adopting the same Infinity Drive technology as Stella SWC, the Saragosa SWA has improved pinion gear support and the main shaft has been treated with a special skid coating to provide even greater and smoother cranking power. Additionally, Shimano’s X-Protect water resistance system has been incorporated into the line roller, increasing durability to an IPX8 standard. Saragosa SWA also houses Shimano’s super strong and reliable Cross Carbon Drag system that has proven itself against some of the biggest, meanest fish on the planet. The Saragosa SWA continues to deliver top tier…