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Fishing World November 2020

Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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time to explore

IF there’s one positive to come from Covid, it’s the desire to explore our own backyard for fishing opportunities. Depending on where you live in Australia and what movement restrictions are in place, your “backyard” could be anywhere from the local creek, offshore reef, or a rock platform up or down the coast. The good news is state restrictions, at the time of writing (late September) look to be easing and those of us who enjoy travelling to fish can now make plans. While travel restrictions are relaxing, international travel will be off limits for some time. Flying, even domestically, will be more expensive and not so simple over the next year or so. This has meant a return of the good old road trip! Australia is a fantastic country to explore…

10 min.
get the vibe

I am far from mastering this style of lure but have managed to deceive a wide range of both freshwater and saltwater species during my relatively short journey. I have caught plenty of bass, cod, bream and snapper with a few school jews, barra, coral trout and whiting. Given that a newby like myself has had success right off the bat is indication that these lures are well worth using. Whether fishing in deep water and a specific piece of fish-holding structure appears on your sonar screen or chasing fish you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective lure than a vibe. Whilst it’s true that heavily weighted soft plastics will also work on a vertical drop, vibes provide the added edge for success. Weighted vibes sink quickly and when fished…

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national gone fishing day returns

THE Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF) is calling on the nation’s recreational fishers to be involved with Australia’s biggest celebration of recreational fishing, National Gone Fishing Day, on Sunday October 18. ARFF spokesman John Burgess said: “We have carefully designed Gone Fishing Day 2020 so that anyone can safely get involved on the day via an innovative Gone Fishing Day App and be in the running for prizes being drawn every 5 minutes. Through the Gone Fishing Day app, fishers can upload photos and videos of their favourite fishing locations, captures and stories of their memorable fishing moments.” ARFF says fishing is central to the Australian way of life with an estimated 3.5 million participants annually wetting a line from the shore or boat or donning a wetsuit in pursuit of diverse…

1 min.
omega-3 alternatives from the ocean

WILD-CAUGHT fish and krill have been the traditional major sources of omega-3 oils, which are fatty acids considered important for good human health. They assist with brain and eye development and cognition, particularly in early childhood, and are thought to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, neural disorders, arthritis, asthma and skin diseases. The CSIRO now plans to use new technology to produce the oils from ocean microbes as an alternative to sourcing them from already pressured stocks of wild fish and krill. The new technology cultures and extracts omega-3 from specific strains of unique and endemic thraustochytrids, which are marine microorganisms. The resultant omega-3 oils will be vegan in nature, opening up their appeal to a wider range of consumers.…

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artificial reefs – great for fish & fishos!

AT the time of writing in September, DPI’s 8th Offshore Artificial Reef was being deployed in 25m of water about 7.5kms south of the Tweed River entrance in far northern NSW. This new reef – which joins other reefs already deployed at Sydney, southern Sydney, the Shoalhaven, Port Macquarie, Merimbula, Newcastle and Wollongong – is primarily designed to increase fishing opportunities for recreational anglers. “This state-of-the-art structure is a fantastic example of recreational fishing licence fees at work – built using funds from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust to showcase how fees are being re-invested into projects,” Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said during the reef deployment. The new reef weighs in at 834 tonnes and features an innovative design consisting of a 10m steel tower surrounded by 32 concrete modules, each 5m…

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more seismic survey research results

INITIAL studies on the impact of seismic surveying for oil and gas off Victoria’s Lakes Entrance showed that commercial octopus catches were down by 80 per cent in the area. Now a new study jointly funded by the Fishing Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) and French survey company CGG, and conducted by Fishwell Consultants, reports commercial whiting catches in the area down by 99.5 per cent as compared to the period before the six-month survey period. Flathead catches were also reduced by 71 per cent, the survey found. Trawl fishers believe their livelihoods are being destroyed without any guarantees of compensation for lost catches and resultant income. Flow on affects to the recreational sector are yet to be assessed and reported on. Implications for other planned off shore surveying would…