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life before the electric starter

The other day I hopped in the Four Wheeler EcoDiesel-powered long-term Jeep Wrangler and pushed the start button. The starter whirred, the engine started, and I drove away. This got me thinking about all the things we take for granted on our modern 4x4s. Like the electric starter. An example of life before an electric starter was the Ford Model T with hand-crank start. Steps to starting the engine included setting the hand brake, retarding the spark using a lever near the steering wheel, bumping the throttle open a bit (the throttle lever was also located near the steering wheel), setting the choke, and then, with the ignition off, cranking the engine a few times to prime it. Then, with the ignition on, a strong pull was given on the engine…

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can you believe how out of control old vehicle prices have gotten?

Anybody here watch the TV sitcom Seinfeld? I’m old enough to remember watching it every week in prime time, but nowadays the whole catalog is accessible on your phone, computer, or on-demand TV subscription. If you weren’t around back then you probably don’t understand the impact that show about nothing had on everyday watercooler chat at school or in the office, but it was one of those feel-good, can’t miss shows for a lot of people. Speaking for myself, my family and I never skipped an episode from the time I was in high school to long after I had “grown up” and moved out on my own. I’d sit there with a cold Dr Pepper, a bowl of hot movie butter popcorn, and my Joe Dirt Auto Trader, consuming…

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EDITOR@FOURWHEELER.COM DAVE’S COLORADO TRIO This is my ’83 AMC Eagle that I have owned since new. It has 300,000 miles on it. I ripped out the independent front suspension and stuffed in YJ suspension leaf springs. The engine has my original 258 carbureted I-6 crankshaft and I did the 4.7L stroker setup on a 4.0L block with fuel injection from a Jeep Cherokee. The Eagle has a Jeep Cherokee NP242 T-case, AW4 tranny, Dana 35 in the front, and a Dana 44 in the back (both equipped with ARB Air Lockers). It also has custom-made tube bumpers. As you can see, this is now my plow vehicle, and it kicks butt at plowing. The 32x9.50 Super Swampers do really good in deep snow. I actually had to pull my neighbor’s F-250 truck out…

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Did You Hear? Shortly before the release of the ’22 Ford F-150 Lightning, President Biden toured the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. After his speech, the President could be heard joking with Ford executives, “I wonder whether I can lose the Secret Service and go out on the track. You think I’m kidding? I’m not.” In an unplanned feat, the President was ushered into the F-150 Lightning, onto a test track, and given the order to “just mash it.” After silently zipping up to 60 mph in what he estimated to be 4.4 seconds, Biden exclaimed from behind his aviator sunglasses, “this sucker’s quick!” Will the Electric Lime Metallic ’22 Toyota Tacoma be the retina-searing reason you visit a dealership this year? The new Tacoma sits 1.5 inches higher…

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parts rack

FOLDABLE KAYAK Anyone who has packed a 4x4 for a long trip knows space is limited. If you frequent destinations that have bodies of water worth paddling, the Inlet by Oru Kayak is for you. The 10-foot kayak is 31 inches wide, weighs 20 pounds, and folds down into a box about the size of a guitar case in just around three minutes. INFO: Oru Kayak, 510/518-3119, GLADIATOR ARMOR ICON Off-Road Armor has what you need to defend the rear end of your Jeep Gladiator with the Pro Series II Rear Bumper. The new piece of armor features a multi-faceted, high-clearance design that allows you to sneak through and glide over the toughest obstacles. Ground clearance and departure angles have been maximized with this design and the tow hitch has been integrated…

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return to the red rocks

While 2020 left us at home reliving memories of Jeep Safaris past, the event returned in 2021 and brought thousands of Jeep fans to Moab for a week of trail riding, exciting new products, and fun in the sand and rocks. Originally run by Moab’s Chamber of Commerce, the Jeep Safari has been around since 1967 and is now coordinated by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, a local off-road club. Jeepers were invited to sign up in advance for various daily guided trail rides designed to challenge everything from stock Jeeps to dedicated rock buggies. For those not participating in organized runs, Moab was packed with 4x4 enthusiasts and the red rock trails were the place to be. We were on the scene with cameras at the ready, to bring you…