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where do you turn wrenches?

Where do you wrench on your 4x4? Do you have a shop? Carport? Garage? Or do you wrench in your paved or unpaved driveway? I was talking to a friend recently and he told me that he driveway-swapped a new transmission into his F-250. His driveway is gravel, and he chuckled as he told how he dropped bolts during the install, which necessitated digging around in the gravel to find the fasteners and then having to clean the dirt out of the threads before installation. He said he had an old, small comforter to lay on, which helped to decrease rocks jabbing him in the back as he worked. To him, these challenges were just part of the deal, and it was no big deal. I think we’ve all been there to…

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when off-roading common sense is and isn’t king: use your head, not your device

I’m trying to convey most of this with some levity, so please try to read it that way when I ask: Is there any hope for humankind, or has technology rendered us movable bags of gelatin unable to prioritize common sense over flawed convention and expected outcomes? “What the heck is Hazel talking about now?” you’re probably wondering at this point. I’m a huge proponent of common sense, from the biblical Golden Rule to having the independence of mind to go left to avoid calamity even if everyone says to go right. As sentient, intelligent beings, common sense is a big part of how we got to this point in our evolutionary ladder. But each year I find myself wondering with increased uncertainty if we’ve reached our high point as a…

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A BRONCO TOO I’m in the process of a refresh of a former build of an ’84 Ford Bronco II. My parents bought it new in 1984. I drove it in high school, which is when I built it the first time over 20 years ago. I’m updating to more modern trends, including wheels and tires, repaint (body off frame), new interior (black leather), and other touches. It’s originally orange and will stay that way. I plan to finish the refresh by the end of summer. It has a “built” original 2.8L V-6 (four-barrel carb, intake, headers, Comp cam, etc.). This is a picture from about a year ago (still original build) with 6-inch Skyjacker suspension. BRENNON VIA EMAIL LOW MILE, CUSTOM RAM Hello. I just wanted to send a few pics of my Ram.…

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did you hear?

Despite the global pandemic, Americans are still working on their cars, at least according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Retail sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers hit $139.5 billion, the highest in United States history. Businesses throughout the country are taking a stand against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) claim that it is illegal to modify street vehicles and convert them into dedicated race cars. The $2-billion racing industry is pushing back by seeking passage of the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act of 2021 (H.R. 3281), a bipartisan bill that clarifies the motorsports-parts industry’s ability to sell products that enable racers to compete and protects Americans’ right to convert street vehicles into dedicated race cars. To learn more, visit 1 Research from Zutobi on the cheapest electrical…

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2022 toyota tundra leaked!

SUPERCAR CORNER Four Wheeler Mobile Once the pages of your magazines have worn thin, reach for your favorite mobile device and check out Four Wheeler Mobile. Whether it’s our mobile app (download it from all mobile application purveyors) or the website, you’ll have your fill of 4x4 news, off-road trail action, overland expeditions, in-depth installs, product reviews, and much more.…

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parts rack

UPGRADED GMRS Midland’s MXT115 and MXT275 (shown) MicroMobile radios now come with a built-in 18-watt USB-C charging outlet, allowing you to charge your USB-C–powered electronics directly from the MicroMobile unit. The MXT115 and MXT275 MicroMobile two-way radios allow transmissions on 15 GMRS channels and 8 repeater channels (now with split-tone capability) as well as access to NOAA Weather alerts. Both units are also fully compatible with Midland FRS/GMRS handheld radios. The slim design of the MXT115 and MXT275 make them a breeze to mount in virtually any vehicle and the packages include a flip-frame detachable mount, magnetic mount antenna, 12-volt power cord, and more. INFO: Midland Radio, 816/241-8500, RUGGED-DUTY RATCHET STRAP Keeper engineered the Combat Ratchet Tie Down to meet the needs of day-to-day professional and business use as well as the…