Games World of Puzzles June 2018

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… from the editor

Welcome to the June issue of GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES. Before we celebrate the start of summer, though, let’s rewind for a moment to early spring and an important event in the puzzle world. The 41st annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament took place in Stamford, Connecticut, on March 23–25. This year’s tournament featured a jaw-dropping “A” division victory by 24-year-old Erik Agard, a first-time winner. He bested seven-time champion Dan Feyer in a record-breaking time of 4 minutes, 58 seconds for the final puzzle. Agard, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, had never even reached the “A” division final before. But this year he was in top form as he donned noise canceling headphones and steadily filled in the final puzzle, finishing more than three full minutes ahead of Feyer, a musician from San…

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mixed doubles

Each answer word in this crossword variation has two clues leading to it, using different meanings of the word. The clues are separated into Across and Down, but are otherwise ordered randomly. When you find two Across clues or two Down clues that seem to have the same answer, add up their clue numbers to determine the place in the grid where the answer should be entered. For example, if the clue for 1-Across were “Metallic element” and the clue for 17-Across read “Starring role,” the answer would be “lead,” which would go in the box labeled 18 (1 + 17). Note: Tags such as “Hyph.” and “2 wds.” have been omitted. ANSWER, PAGE 70 ACROSS 1 Leader of a famous sleigh team 2 Place to sit at a diner 3 Sprinting 4 Nose, colloquially 5 Amount taken…

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There is one place for each letter of the alphabet in the 26 empty squares of each blank column in the diagram below. Fill in each letter so that a word of at least five letters is formed reading across only. Not all of the letters to the left and right of the empty box are used; it’s up to you to determine which ones are needed to complete familiar words. Some letters may fit in more than one of the empty squares to complete words, but we only came up with one arrangement that would complete a word in each row. Maybe you’ll find a better solution. Proper names are not allowed. ANSWER, PAGE 70…

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The answer to each Syllabism clue is a word or words made up of some of the syllables listed above the clues. The number of syllables in each answer is in parentheses following the clue. The dashes indicate the number of letters in the answer. After you use a syllable, cross it off; each syllable will be used only once and every syllable will be used in one of the answers. When you are through, read down the first letters of the answer words and then the last letters and you will discover the name of a person followed by a quotation by that person. ANSWERS, PAGE 80…

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putting on the dog

ACROSS 1 Nick and Nora’s faithful pet 5 Greek god of love 9 Aerosmith singer Steven 14 Werewolf’s cry 15 Come up, as the sun 16 Throw with effort 17 Came down to earth 18 Stare at rudely 19 Painter’s prop 20 Comfy undies for men: 2 wds. 23 Attempt 24 Narrow waterway 25 ___ Girl Friday 27 1950s fashion item: 2 wds. 33 Cat on a ___ Roof: 2 wds. 37 Kick in a mai tai 38 Opera highlight 39 Felt sore 40 Bender 41 Molecule components 42 Odin’s son 43 Sprint 44 Play parts 45 Checkered, as fabric: Hyph 48 Took a load off 49 Abbey adjunct 53 Chicago trains 56 Some casual shoes: 2 wds. 60 After-shower need 62 Lumber 63 ___ mater 64 Crime suspect’s story 65 Church part 66 Onion kin 67 Brazilian ballroom number 68 Rind 69 “Auld Lang ___” DOWN 1 Melville’s sea captain 2 Flies alone 3 Between, in olden days 4 Change 5 Beachfront property owner’s concern 6 Brit’s “okay” 7 Norway’s capital 8 Crystal ball employer 9…

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kid stuff

HOT FUDGE SUNDAE Hot fudge sundaes can be enjoyed at any time of the year! Each month and day of the week below fits into one of the lines at right. Match each word to its proper space to have dessert all year long. ANSWER, PAGE 71 CROSS MATH Place the nine numbers below in the empty squares of the grid at right to form correct arithmetic equations in all three rows and all three columns. Each of the nine numbers must be used exactly once. ANSWER, PAGE 71 F IS FOR FARM How many things that begin with the letter F can you find in this farm scene? Finding at least 20 is fair, 30 is fine, and 40 or more is fantastic. ANSWER, PAGE 71…