Games World of Puzzles September 2017

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...from the editor

Join us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary with this special issue. In it, we pay tribute to the very first issue of Games—September/ October 1977—and all the great issues that have followed it over the years. If you remember that very first cover (shown at left), this issue’s cover will look familiar. It’s an update of the original design featuring Rodin’s statue The Thinker—an apt centerpiece. Many clever, creative thinkers have lent their talents to Games since its debut. In our feature, “40 Years of Fun and Games,” we bring you special memories from the editors and contributors who were essential to shaping Games in its early days: editors R. Wayne Schmittberger and Will Shortz, photographer Walter Wick, and puzzlemakers Michael Ashley and Stephen Sniderman, to name a few. Many…

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mixed doubles

Each answer word in this crossword variation has two clues leading to it, using different meanings of the word. The clues are separated into Across and Down, but are otherwise ordered randomly. When you find two Across clues or two Down clues that seem to have the same answer, add up their clue numbers to determine the place in the grid where the answer should be entered. For example, if the clue for 1-Across were “Metallic element“ and the clue for 17-Across read “Starring role,“ the answer would be “lead,“ which would go in the box labeled 18 (1 + 17). Note: Tags such as “Hyph.“ and “2 wds.“ have been omitted. ANSWER, PAGE 70 ACROSS 1 Cat’s eye, for one 2 Barrel maker 3 Needle openings 4 Go casual 5 Like library books that should’ve been returned 6…

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There is one place for each letter of the alphabet in the 26 empty squares of each blank column in the diagram below. Fill in each letter so that a word of at least five letters is formed reading across only. Not all of the letters to the left and right of the empty box are used; it’s up to you to determine which ones are needed to complete familiar words. Some letters may fit in more than one of the empty squares to complete words, but we only came up with one arrangement that would complete a word in each row. Maybe you’ll find a better solution. Proper names are not allowed. ANSWER, PAGE 71…

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In each of the three puzzles below, place the answer to clue 1 in its place in the diagram, one letter per square. The answer to clue 2 contains the rearranged letters of the first answer except one. Insert the dropped letter into the space at the left of box 1 in the diagram. The answer to clue 3 contains the rearranged letters of the second answer except one. Place that dropped letter into the space at the right. Solve each row in this manner. When the grid is complete, the letters in the left and right columns, reading top to bottom, will spell out either a message or some related words. ANSWERS, PAGE 70 1 Friendly 2 UFO occupant 3 Cairo’s river 4 Most mature 5 Ill will 6 Neckwear 7 Gets married on the run 8 Flag…

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a smile a minute

ACROSS 1 Not in favor of 5 Sticky stuff 9 Hidden drawback 14 Desolate 15 Baker’s need 16 Ancient Greek shopping area 17 Be idle 18 Divers’ footwear 19 Wealthy businessperson 20 Utterly delighted: 3 wds. 23 Big fuss 24 Camera setting: Hyph. 25 Strong wind 27 Utterly delighted: 3 wds. 34 Promos 37 Meat cut 38 Midsection 39 Cloister resident 41 More peculiar 44 Dryer debris 45 Sign between Pisces and Taurus 47 Bit of gossip 49 Supped 50 Utterly delighted: 4 wds. 54 Land in the sea 55 Tiny amounts 59 Occupation 62 Utterly delighted: 2 wds. 66 Speak to a crowd 68 Gravy-thickening mixture 69 Top of the head 70 “Get lost!” 71 Otherwise 72 Cleveland’s lake 73 Dangles 74 Makes doilies 75 Diplomat’s asset DOWN 1 ___ a sudden (abruptly): 2 wds. 2 Middays 3 Parcel of land 4 Mass arrival 5 Soybean curd 6 Rarin’ to go 7 Teller’s partner in comedy 8 Naval officer 9 King Arthur’s domain 10 In the past 11 Frat party attire 12 Yucky stuff 13 Circle of light 21 Milky…

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for the record

Since this is our fortieth anniversary issue, it’s only fitting that all of the clues below lead to a word, phrase, name, or title starting with the letters FOR—like FORBEARANCE or FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH. How many can you identify? For the answers, turn to page 70. 1. Vehicle used in O.J.’s infamous low-speed chase 2. Literary device that hints at the future 3. Comic strip chronicling the life of the Patterson family 4. Hemingway novel set during the Spanish Civil War 5. Food from the Tree of Knowledge, in Genesis 6. Chinese restaurant freebie 7. Taylor Swift song from Fearless 8. “Memorable” wildflower 9. Chemical compound used in embalming 10. Best Picture of 1994, starring Tom Hanks 11. Business magazine known for its lists of rich people 12. Private college in New York City 13.USA Today sports website 14. Countertop material…