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Girls' World October 2020

Girls' World is a children's magazine for girls ages 7-12. It's filled with crafts, party ideas for fun with friends, and advice for everything in a girl's life! It's designed to inspire creativity through artwork, crafts, and recipes.

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2 min.
make a tie-dye tent for your room!

What You’ll Need: • 3 (twin sized) white sheets • tie dye kit • 4 (1½x6 inch) wood dowels • 4 wood screws • long (½ inch thick) piece of rope • drill • scissors • pencil • ruler CAREFUL: This project should be done with an adult. 1 Follow the directions on your tie-dye kit to dye your sheets. Go rainbow like we did or pick your favorite colors. 2 Measure 5 inches down from the top of one dowel; make a line with your pencil. 3 Ask a parent to drill a hole through the pole on your pencil line. 4 Thread your rope through the hole, tying a knot at one end. 5 Place that pole in front of a second pole so they crisscross at the top. Hold them steady and in position so they’re wide enough to make the tent’s…

2 min.
the sweet shop!

GUMBALLS 1. Start by drawing a trapezoid shape for the gumball machine’s base. 2. Add a circle on top of the trapezoid. Draw a half-circle with a flat bottom on top and a tinier half circle above that. 3. On the trapezoid, draw a door for the gumballs to come out of and a circle with a thin rectangle going through it for the coin slot. 4. Sketch tons of small circles to represent the gumballs in the large circle. Color in! LICORICE 1. Draw a small donut shape, but make the outside ring wavy. 2. Add two more of the same shape. 3. Attach a long rectangular shape from each donut shape. The back line should be wavy. 4. Draw horizontal lines on each rectangle. Color in your licorice! LOLLIPOP 1. Begin by drawing a circle for the lollipop. 2. Next,…

2 min.
whipped strawberry cereal milk

CAREFUL: These recipes should be made with an adult. INGREDIENTS: • 2 cups milk• 3 cups Froot Loops• ice (optional)• ¼ cup heavy cream• 1 tablespoon strawberry milk powder DIRECTIONS: 1. Pour 2 cups of milk into a bowl. Add 2 cups of Fruit Loops to the bowl and slightly stir it so the cereal can start to flavor the milk. Refrigerate it, letting the cereal flavor soak in, for at least 2 hours. 2. When the cereal is almost done soaking, start making the strawberry whip by combining the heavy cream and strawberry milk powder in another bowl. Whip it until stiff peaks start to form. Set aside. 3. Fill up a large glass with ice. 4. Carefully strain the cereal infused milk you made so there are no more Fruit Loops in it and pour…

3 min.
play alien!

THE GOAL: In this silly role-playing game, some players are aliens and some are earthlings. The aliens are trying to abduct the earthlings. The earthlings are attempting to figure out who the aliens are so they can send them back to space empty-handed. We recommend reading the directions all together with a parent. They’re long, but we promise you’ll have a blast once you start playing! DIRECTIONS: 1 To start, carefully tear out the cards on the next page and cut them on the dotted lines. (Copy the page before you cut if you want cards for more than 9 people.) 2 To begin, you should all sit in a circle. You need at least 8 people to play, and you need to have at least 2 aliens and 5 earthlings. One player should…

2 min.
what class should you teach?

Your friends would describe you as: A. Smart B. Adventurous C. Creative Which after-school club would you most want to join? A. STEM Club B. Medieval Club C. Knitting Club Do you like learning about the history of the places you travel to? A. Sometimes B. Yes, always C. Nah, that’s boring Where would you want to go on a field trip? A. The Kennedy Space Center B. Hamilton on Broadway C. The Museum of Ice Cream Which magical power would you like to have? A. Super-smarts B. The power to time travel C. The ability to bring drawings to life Your favorite classes in school let you: A. Discover how things work B. Learn about life before you were born C. Be crafty When it comes to movies, you prefer: A. Science-fiction B. Biographies C. Animations You think you’d get the best grade: A. On an experiment B. On a paper C. On a diorama In your free time you like…

1 min.
that’s how i roll!

Directions: Take turns tossing dice with your besties to see what number comes up. You can use one dice or two while you’re playing. Then, answer whatever question matches your number so you guys can get to know each other even better! 1 My most embarrassing moment was: 2 One thing I’m scared of is: 3 If I could have three wishes, they’d be: 4 My happy place is: 5 I’m secretly good at: 6 If I won a million dollars, the first thing I’d Ruy would RU: 7 One place I’d love to travel to is: 8 When I grow up, I want to be: 9 One of my favorite memories is: 10 One of my favorite fun facts is: 11 My biggest pet peeve is: 12 If I was stranded on an island, I’d bring these three things:…