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HELLO! The Royal Wedding Special Collectors Edition, Harry and MeghanHELLO! The Royal Wedding Special Collectors Edition, Harry and Meghan

HELLO! The Royal Wedding Special Collectors Edition, Harry and Meghan

HELLO! The Royal Wedding Special Collectors Edition, Harry and Meghan - Special

A complete album with the best images and exclusive insights: the ceremony and celebrations, their fairytale love story and much more.

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prince harry weds meghan markle

With the grown-ups ushered out of the lavish state room, Harry and Meghan relax with their little helpers on the great Axminster carpet commissioned by Prince Albert in 1850. Back row (l-r): Brian Mulroney, Remi Litt, Rylan Litt, Jasper Dyer, His Royal Highness Prince George, Ivy Mulroney, John Mulroney. Front row: Zalie Warren, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte, and Florence van CutsemAs an aspiring actress, Meghan Markle must often have imagined standing in the Green Room at a showbiz awards ceremony. But it’s fair to assume she never envisaged herself posing for these historic wedding pictures in the lavish Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, the culmination, said the photographer, of an “inspiring journey of love, hope and family”.Of course, if happy families are all alike, then these portraits follow,…

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harry’s story

A life in the spotlight: Prince Harry, waving to the cameras, had already won our hearts long before he started kindergartenThere was just a dash of mischief in that handsome grin of his as he glanced at his best friend and best man Prince William, there for Harry, as always, and returning a favour from his own wedding seven years earlier. Then, when Harry turned to view his beautiful bride, we all watched as the devil-may-care rogue melted into a man in love, beaming with tender, besotted bliss.These days there’s a new aura around the Prince, an aura of deep happiness, which after a life marked by personal grief and struggle, he truly deserves. Harry, with the support of his loving family, had come a long way from the little…

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meghan’s story

Meghan’s infectious smile dates back to her schooldays, as seen in this picture of her aged 11 (inset). Later, the ‘Markle Sparkle’ helped her to become a star – and to captivate a Prince‘She has the ability to be smart and sharp without losing her sweetness’When it came to casting the character of a sassy paralegal in Suits, producers were looking for someone “absolutely engaging, relatable and authentic”, said the show’s creator. Recalling the moment Meghan Markle walked in, TV boss Aaron Korsh said: “We all looked at each other like, ‘Wow, this is the one!’ I think that’s because she has the ability to be smart and sharp without losing her sweetness.”With her beauty, brains and poise, Meghan has not only won the heart of the Queen’s grandson, she…

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a prince finds his soulmate

Harry feels that for him and his love “all the stars were aligned”, and their romance has just that true storybook feel. The pair met on a blind date in summer 2016, and wed less than two years laterHis public appearances routinely attracted armies of swooning admirers holding placards exhorting him to “Marry me Harry”. And it was perfectly easy to understand why, given his strapping 6ft 1-in frame, caring nature and the hint of mischief always bubbling just below the surface.But behind the dancing eyes and easy manner was a young man still struggling to come to terms with a childhood shattered by the loss of his mother. Harry yearned for the right woman by his side to heal his broken heart and take on “the baggage”, as he…

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harry’s happy ever after

an engagement seemed certain.Having observed Harry and Meghan together, I’ve been struck by their powerful chemistry – the loving glances they exchange and the way they instinctively reach for each other’s hands even while on duty. Theirs is a true love match and their wedding, the start of the happy ever after Harry so rightly deserves.The sight of him radiating happiness as he emerged from St George’s Chapel with his new wife was an image that all those who’ve watched his progress through life could only delight in.Over the years we’ve watched Harry grow up, from the little boy who walked, head bowed, behind his mother’s coffin alongside his brother Prince William, to the handsome soldier supporting that same beloved brother as best man as he wed his longtime sweetheart.…

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a royal engagement

This beautiful official portrait was taken by Alexi Lubomirski‘When did I know she was The One? Very first time we met’So deliciously in love.” Those were the joyfully vivid words spoken by official engagement photographer Alexi Lubomirski as he captured not only unforgettable images of Harry and Meghan but also the romance, sheer bliss and excitement shared by the head-over-heels pair.Seven years earlier William and Kate, though clearly delighted, were more restrained and formal in their own engagement portraits, taken by society photographer Mario Testino. Harry and Meghan opted for Testino’s edgier, younger former apprentice Alexi, an Instagram sensation who’s at home capturing the glossy, high-wattage star power of Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Charlize Theron.It was a fresh, innovative approach that touched the world’s heart. One picture in…