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History of War No. 62

From the conquering legions of Ancient Rome to the thunderous tank battles of World War II and beyond, History of War takes you deeper inside the minds of history’s fighting men, further under the bonnets of some of the world’s most devastating war machines, and higher above the battlefield to see the broad sweep of conflict as it happened.

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Despite perhaps being better remembered for its catastrophic fall to Erwin Rommel in 1942, for months during 1941 the fortified port of Tobruk held out against a relentless Axis siege. The dogged defence of the British, Commonwealth and Allied garrison remains one of the great Allied victories in the North African theatre. This issue explores how the garrison organised its steadfast defences to outwit the Germans, and held out until it was relieved during Operation Crusader. You can also find an incredible first-hand account from a British artillery veteran who saw action throughout the entire siege. He reveals what daily life was really like inside one of WWII’s most gruelling campaigns. SIGN UP TO THE HISTORY OF WAR NEWSLETTER FOR ISSUE PREVIEWS & MORE bit.ly/_HoW_…

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TOM GARNER This issue, Tom spoke to Charles Clarke, who was captured after his Lancaster bomber was shot down, and witnessed the ‘Great Escape’ from Stalag Luft III POW camp. He also went on to survive the gruelling ‘Long March’ (p. 40). ALEX ZAKRZEWSKI In 1808, Napoleon was on the brink of completing his conquest of Spain – but standing between him and the capital was a narrow mountain path dotted with Spanish artillery. Starting on page 52 Alex recalls this famous French victory. ANDY SAUNDERS When exactly was the Battle of Britain? Author and historian Andy explains why this question may not be as simple as it seems. Over on page 80 he discusses how the official history has failed deserving veterans of the battle.…

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war in focus

DECK THE TRENCH Taken: 7 December 1969 Sergeant Buddy Bruek (left) and Sergeant First Class Ernesto Flores set up a Christmas tree in a spare mortar pit at the Duc Lap Special Forces Camp. Detachments from special forces outfits were based in the camp during the Vietnam War, as well as South Vietnamese forces. The camp came under attack by People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) troops in August 1968. A WATERY WRECK Taken: 2 October 2007 A diver explores the wreckage of a Mitsubishi Zero, submerged off the coast of Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea. Despite decades spent on the seabed, the aircraft is in remarkable condition, with no external damage suggesting it was shot down. Although the pilot is missing, his plane’s serial number indicates it was flown during the Battle of Cape Gloucester,…

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time line of the... us marine corps

3-4 March 1776 BATTLE OF NASSAU Founded on 10 November 1775, the Continental Marines soon see action in the Bahamas. Captain Samuel Nicholas leads 234 marines to capture a large British gunpowder supply at Fort Nassau. The British garrison surrenders within minutes, and Nicholas’s marines also capture cannons and other military stores. 27 April-13 May 1805 BATTLE OF DERNA The Marines are dispatched to Libya to rescue the kidnapped crew of USS Philadelphia from Barbary pirates. After marching across hundreds of kilometres of desert, the Marines fight the first American land battle on foreign soil and win, securing protection for US shipping in the region. 12-13 September 1847 BATTLE OF CHAPULTEPEC 400 Marines play a crucial role in the US victory in the Mexican-American War by capturing Chapultepec Castle. This engagement leads to the American capture and occupation…

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marines in the pacific

The amphibious soldiers launched repeated landings during the USA’s extremely bloody island-hopping battles against the Japanese in WWII 1 GUADALCANAL CAMPAIGN 7 AUGUST 1942 –9 FEBRUARY 1943 GUADALCANAL, BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS During the Allies’ first major offensive in the Pacific, 6,000 marines land on Guadalcanal and seize the Japanese airfield. Both sides pour in reinforcements, which results in bitter jungle fighting. The Japanese are unable to overwhelm the Americans’ defensive perimeter to retake the airfield. 2 BOUGAINVILLE CAMPAIGN 1 NOVEMBER 1943 – 21 AUGUST 1945 BOUGAINVILLE ISLAND, PAPUA NEW GUINEA The Allies invade Bougainville in two stages, with the Americans invading the island before Anzac troops mop up Japanese resistance. I Marine Amphibious Corps (including 3rd Marine Division) successfully secures Bougainville’s perimeter in difficult conditions. “THE AIRSTRIP IS TAKEN AFTER FIERC 8 E COMBAT, BUT THE MARINES…

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famous battle belleau wood 1918

“‘COME ON, YOU SONS OF BITCHES, DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER?’ THIS BULLISH ATTITUDE SET THE TONE FOR THE BATTLE, WHICH DESCENDED INTO CARNAGE” By May 1918, American soldiers had only played a supporting role for the Allies on the Western Front. Part of the reason for this slow progress was General John J. Pershing’s reluctance to deploy US regiments into British or French armies. As commander of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), Pershing was determined to assemble an independent army of his own. The AEF’s slow but increasing numerical strength was critical for the Allies. Thousands of German soldiers were being transferred from the Eastern Front to the west, and they had launched the huge Spring Offensive to end the war. Part of the German advance stalled when Pershing finally…