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October 2019

History Revealed brings the past to life for everyone. It’s an action-packed, image-rich magazine with zero stuffiness. Each issue has a central section that takes a closer look at one of history’s big stories, such as the Wild West or Ancient Rome, telling everything you need to know. We also explore the lives of the truly famous, follow the great adventures of the past, taste the blood and thunder of battles, and look at how closely Hollywood blockbusters have told history. Plus, we answer questions about some of the more surprising and strange aspects of the past. If you want to get into history, subscribe today.

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from the ashes

In AD 79 – there is still debate about when – the Roman city of Pompeii was wiped out by a huge volcanic eruption. For centuries, it lay buried beneath a thick carpet of ash and debris until its rediscovery in 1748. Daisy Dunn explores the lives of the people who lived there and the city’s destruction in this month’s cover feature, from page 50. This month sees the release of the long-awaited (for some) Downton Abbey film. Turn to page 37 to learn the do’s and don’ts of Edwardian etiquette – from conversation to cutlery. And we’ll be looking at another, more controversial, form of historical entertainment: the Victorian freak show. John Woolf examines the extraordinary and complex stories of 19th-century ‘freak’ performers, from page 67. Elsewhere, we look back at…

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1916 SICK LIKE A MULE The sight of two German soldiers in their gas masks, alongside a mule sporting an animal-friendly nose bag version, serves as an eerie reminder of the ever-present threat of chemical attacks on the Western Front. The use of poison gases changed the face of World War I – in more ways than one. Gas masks became a vital part of kit for humans, and also the horses, mules, dogs and even carrier pigeons used to transport supplies, weapons and messages to the front. 1930 BIN IN A SPIN The Public Health Act of 1875 had made local councils in Britain responsible for taking away rubbish from outside people’s homes, left in a ‘movable receptacle’. This led, in the early days of the automobile, to a number of prototype…

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‘real-life asterix’ found in west sussex

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of an Iron Age warrior in West Sussex. Originally found on a building site in 2008, it has taken more than a decade for experts to carry out analysis and conservation work on the individual, who is thought to have hailed from Gaul – much like the character Asterix from the French comic series. Buried with the warrior – whose grave is thought to date to 50 BC – was his ornate headdress, as well as a trove of weapons. These included a deliberately bent, ‘decommissioned’ sword. “It really is absolutely a unique find in the British Isles and in the wider continent,” Dr Melanie Giles, senior lecturer in archaeology at the University of Manchester, told The Telegraph. “We don’t have another burial that combines this quality…

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‘snow white’s’ headstone on display

The gravestone of an 18th-century woman who may have inspired the fairy tale Snow White has gone on display in Germany. Maria Sophia von Erthal was a German baroness who lived in the castle at Lohr am Main, Bavaria. Her father was in charge of a mirror and glassworks, and gave his second wife Claudia (Maria’s stepmother) a mirror that can still be seen in the museum of Lohr am Main Castle. Claudia was believed to have been cruel and neglectful of her stepchildren – echoing the story of Snow White and her evil stepmother’s enchanted mirror – and the family’s story was well known by the time the Brothers Grimm came to write their dark tale in 1812. In a nearby town, there were mines that were so small that only…