Home Cinema Choice February 2021

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Until recently I still thought of Ultra HD Blu-ray as a 'new' format. Then I discovered that this month marks the fifth anniversary of its arrival. As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun, and these souped-up silver discs have certainly delivered fun by the bucketload – see p26 for more… In 2021, though, we know you're just as likely to get your cinematic kicks from streamed content, particularly when would-be blockbusters such as Wonder Woman 1984 (p98) are making an early internet-delivered dash to your living room, and SVOD platforms like Netflix (p114) are going out of their way to bring you content from around the world. But whether you're a Blu-ray believer or digital download diva, you still want a jaw-dropping AV experience. Judging from the new technology…

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John Archer: The experienced TV tester cut his teeth as an early HCC staffer Jon Thompson: Film producer and post-production expert delves into Hollywood and AV Steve May: HCC’s former Ed. is one of the UK’s most respected AV journos Anton van Beek: Our avid movie watcher and disc collector cut his teeth on Total DVD Richard Stevenson: Former Editor of the UK CE trade journal ERT Ed Selley: Audiophile Ed mixes his home cinema passion with a love of vinyl Steve Withers: Movie fan, display calibrator and object-based audio obsessive…

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home cinema heavyweights

JBL Synthesis SCL series→ www.jblsynthesis.com The first models from JBL Synthesis's new Product Council, which has collaborated with the custom install community to develop 'largescale' system solutions, are the SCL-1 LCR speaker (right) and SSW-1 subwoofer. The former, priced $15,000 a piece, features dual 12in bass drivers and a 3in compression driver outputted via the brand's HDI horn-loading tech; the latter ($7,500) wraps a 1inthick MDF/steel chassis cabinet around two front-ported 15in woofers and weighs in at around 150kg! ONLINE… For breaking AV news, blogs, features and reviews visit www.homecinemachoice.com Follow us on Twitter @hccmag Like us on Facebook facebook.com/homecinemachoice…

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home sweet home?

Denon has bolstered its Home multiroom range with the Sound Bar 550, a single-box model incorporating HEOS streaming/control and built-in mic for Alexa voice interaction. Priced £600, the soundbar can be partnered with Denon's Home wireless speakers and DSW-1H subwoofer for a full 5.1-channel experience. Features include HDMI in/out connectivity and hi-res music playback, while bespoke DSP works in conjunction with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X decoding for a 'wonderfully immersive' performance. Focal in-walls hit new high Taking over the top spot in Focal's in-wall/in-ceiling speaker catalogue is its new 1000 Series, which the French brand bills as 'game-changing.' The headline 1000 IWLCR Utopia (which features four 6.5in woofers, two 3in midbass units and a Beryllium tweeter) carries an eye-opening £7,000 price tag, but the series also includes an in-wall sealed subwoofer, trio of in-ceiling…

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kef rethinks sub design

KEF has announced a new subwoofer due to hit shops this month that the audio specialist says has 'changed our expectations of subwoofer design forever.' The KC62, priced £1,400, is a dual-driver model in a compact cabinet, and introduces a trio of new proprietary technologies. The most striking of these is something the brand calls Uni-Core, which has been designed to allow two woofers to operate within a smaller-than-usual enclosure, while still promising 'unprecedented' bass depth. In KEF's Uni-Core system, both the KC62's 6.5in bass drivers are mounted on a single motor, using concentrically arranged, overlapping voice coils. Due to the size difference between the coils, when the driver cones move backwards (in a force-cancelling config), the coils 'can occupy the same space within the cabinet,' and the drivers can have a…

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Soul (Disney+) This jaw-droppingly beautiful animated gem sees the return of the ambitious, inventive and emotive Pixar of old. District 9 (4K Blu-ray) New Dolby Atmos sonics and exclusive extras make this superior sci-fiallegory worth the UHD disc upgrade. Link (Blu-ray) Richard (Psycho II) Franklin’s quirky 1986 killer ape flick goes bananas on Blu-ray with some fascinating bonus bits. Charade (Blu-ray) Not the definitive release this classic comic thriller deserves, but it’s good to finally see this Criterion disc hit the UK. The Serpent (iPlayer) This eight-part 1970s-set thriller, based on a true story, is lovingly shot, extraordinarily tense and brilliantly acted. Roll on the awards.…