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House & Home March 2017 – Dream Kitchens

Each issue, you'll tour beautiful homes, discover exciting new stores and products and be inspired by decorating advice from design authority Lynda Reeves and a host of talented designers and stylists. Get House & Home digital magazine subscription today for DIY projects, recipes and tips on entertaining, and meet the hottest designers making news.

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editor’s page

ABOUT A MONTH AFTER my kitchen renovation finished, I invited a few friends over. You’d think a new kitchen would have inspired me to cook, but after a long week, we decided to open some wine and order in. The unanimous choice for the cold, blustery night? Indian food. When the delivery arrived, fragrant and steaming, we tore open the bags and jimmied off the plastic lids. In our haste to get to the good stuff, one friend (who’ll remain nameless) spilled something. But it wasn’t the rice or naan bread, oh no. He knocked over a bursting container of bright red chicken tikka masala. Time stood still as we watched it ooze across the counter of my pristine honed marble island. He gasped. Someone else reached for the paper towels.…

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AMY VERNER Writer, “The Sky’s the Limit” (page 74) Bold design move you want to try in your kitchen? The first time I visited Monet’s kitchen at Giverny, I made a mental note of the patterned French blue ceramic tiling and copper pots. I can’t wait to try a streamlined homage. Favourite thing to cook? A colourful salad composed of super fresh vegetables, herbs and runny eggs with seedy sourdough bread on the side is my default dinner. BARBARA SGROI Writer, “Open House” (page 92) Favourite kitchen design trend? I love the rustic-modern mix of heavily veined white marble, sleek ultrawhite cabinetry, stainless steel and raw, worn wood. Bold design move you want to try in your kitchen? I’d love to rip out all our white tiles and replace them with the gold…

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OUR READERS HAVE THEIR SAY. The seaside apartment in Vannes, France (“The Luxury of Small,” January), is one of the most interesting interiors you’ve ever featured. It brilliantly showcases how a space can be modern, traditional and even playful, all at once. And the fact that so much was accomplished in one small space is the icing on the cake. — ERIKA DE VASCONCELOS When your threeyear- old is oddly quiet, you suspect trouble. I found my little guy sitting in our living room enjoying your magazine while eating his breakfast! When I asked what he was looking for, he said, “a new couch.” Thanks for inspiring us — young and old! — KRISTEN HAWKER I’ve never been as disappointed with an issue as I was with December. Same old, same old! There’s nothing to…

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style files

Tinted tumblers that feel as light as air are oh-so-pretty gracing tables or lined up on kitchen shelves. A glass of water never looked so good. FIND IT WORKSHOP & CO. 2470 Maynard St., Halifax, (902) 493-4537 31westgate.com SHOP WORKSHOP & CO. After years of collecting antiques while travelling, Halifax designers Colin Blanchard and Kenneth McRobbie decided it was time to move their one-ofa- kind finds out of storage and into a proper home — albeit an unconventional one. “This place was built in 2001 as a body shop, but we wanted it to feel like a 1920s garage that had been converted,” says Colin of their new 2,000-square-foot boutique, Workshop & Co. “We left the concrete floors, then used paint and repurposed materials to give it a feeling of history.” It’s an aesthetic that…

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WHO: Designer Mariana Robledo WHERE: Montreal CONNECT: madebyobjective.com, @madebyobjective THE SCOOP: Objective’s runners, napkins and aprons are crafted from European linen and cotton canvas for the softest feel. But don’t be fooled by their minimalist look. “The products are simple, but the sewing finishes we use are more high-end,” Mariana says. ORIGIN STORY: Born in Colombia, Mariana worked in the country’s shoe industry before moving to Canada to work for a women’s fashion nonprofit. “There, I learned the importance of producing locally and using natural materials,” she says. Studying dressmaking in Montreal fine-tuned her sewing chops. GOOD TASTE: Mariana is an avid cook and frequently designs with the kitchen in mind. “So often, special moments are centred around meals,” she says. UP NEXT: Pillows embroidered using the Japanese sashiko technique and a…

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three reasons to try exotic stripes

THEY’RE SIMPLE AND SHOWY. Prints and embroideries inspired by faraway places take stripes beyond their preppy, nautical associations and give them a jet-set vibe that still feels bold and graphic. 2 THEY ADD RICH COLOUR. Deep indigo, juicy lime green earthy cinnamon — whether combined in complex colourways or paired up in two-tone patterns, fabrics in such striking hues are a no-fail antidote to ho-hum rooms. 3 THEY WORK IN BIG AND SMALL DOSES. Exotic stripes lend themselves to grand statements — say, floor length drapes or sofa upholstery — but look just as good on lowcommitment throw pillows. A GOOD BOTTLE OPENER AND CORKSCREW ARE KITCHEN STAPLES, BUT THEY DON’T NEED TO BE BASIC. PLATED IN POLISHED BRASS, THIS ELEGANT O-SHAPED SET BY AERIN MAKES CRACKING A COLD ONE AS REFINED AS…