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42 - 2019

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“We’ve made Inside Soap Awards history!” Oh, what a night, as they say. Yes, the Inside Soap Awards are over for another year, and what a year it was. Not only did we make Inside Soap Awards history by crowning Hollyoaks as Best Soap, but we worked tirelessly all night to bring you all the gossip we could muster. However, it’s been a busy week at Inside Soap Towers for more than one reason. There’s a killer week of soap coming your way, so we pulled out all the stops to bring you all the drama, as well as interviews with the stars and behind-the-scenes secrets, which have left this bumper super-sized issue bursting at the seams with soapie loveliness. We hope you enjoy it. See you next week! Steven Murphy, Editor editor@insidesoap.co.uk…

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tragedy and terror on coronation street

Fate has dealt the cruellest of hands to poor Sinead, and this week, as she measures out her last hours, it should be a time to make her peace with those she leaves behind. Sadly, her other half Daniel is offering anything but comfort. Will his betrayal drive the doomed couple apart just when Sinead needs her husband the most? And as a riot breaks out at Weatherfield Prison, David suddenly finds himself in a position to take the ultimate revenge on rapist Josh. As his fiancée Shona frets at home about his safety, will this next twist in the tale turn David into a killer?…

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sinead’s tragic final hours

Sinead’s tragic story reaches its end this week, as the young mum dies in the arms of her beloved husband, Daniel. However, the days leading up to her death turn out to be far from peaceful, after Daniel shares a charged moment with Bethany… “Sinead doesn’t like the fact that Daniel is trying to control her!” Devastated by the terminal cancer diagnosis, the newlyweds have been trying hard to be strong, but it’s all got too much for desperately ill Sinead and distraught Daniel. As their families rally round to give Sinead a surprise early Christmas, Daniel is furious, insisting she’s far too poorly to cope with it. And when Sinead tells him this is exactly what she wants, a row breaks out that pushes her and Daniel apart at the time…

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“i don’t think i’ve ever cried so much in my life!”

Hi, Katie – we can’t believe Sinead is gone. How tough will this be for viewers who have followed her story? Oh, I think it’s going to be really hard to watch. We found it very difficult to film, and I’ve felt like I’ve had to grieve a little bit for her. For that reason, I think it’s important for people to know what’s going to happen with Sinead, so that they can decide whether they want to watch it or not. You spoke to someone whose wife has a very similar story to Sinead – was that helpful? I spoke with Pete from the charity Mummy’s Star, and asked him how it was for him towards the end. He was very honest with me about his relationship with his wife towards the…

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will david kill josh?

David looks set to take deadly revenge against Josh this week, in the middle of a violent riot at the prison. With Josh behind bars for raping another victim, David has been appalled to lay eyes on his vile abuser again. But when his cellmate Abe drags Josh into their cell and instructs David to do his worst, just how far will he go? “Abe and another inmate, Tez, say that Josh needs to be taught a lesson and that David should do him in,” reveals Jack P Shepherd, who plays David. “They’ve got it out of David that he was raped by Josh, and tell him they’re going to stage a riot to give David a chance to kill him, as you can get away with anything in a riot because…

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a gail blows in!

Three months have passed since Gail stepped nervously through a departure gate at Manchester Airport, ready to board a flight to Bangkok. “The first day of the rest of my life!” she called it. And we can’t say we blame her for leaving, given the misery that sons Nick and David have inflicted upon her. We feared this might be the last we’d ever see of our beloved Gail – after all, how can the drizzly cobbles of Weatherfield compare with the beaches of Koh Samui? But this week, Gail flies home – with an awesome new hairdo and a positive mental attitude. Here at Inside Soap, we’ve put our heads together to decide on the top five storylines we’d like for Gail’s return to the Street… 1 YOU GOTTA WORK! Gail needs a…