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iPhone Life Magazine

iPhone Life Magazine Summer 2019

The only magazine dedicated to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Each regular issue is chocked full of reviews of apps, accessories and Apple handhelds. It’s also loaded with tips and how-to’s, user profiles, business solutions, and more. To read it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch download the free “Zinio Newsstand & Reader App” from iTunes App Store

United States
Thaddeus Computing, Inc.
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editor's message

I’ve grown up with Apple as a cultural icon, a company known for groundbreaking personal electronics, yes, but also as a symbol of the elite. That’s not just because of the premium price of the devices—Apple products were the tools of choice for artists and entrepreneurs, and for anyone who identified as being a brilliant but misunderstood “misfit” as Steve Jobs dubbed them. While Apple has made small detours here and there, it has more or less stayed on course as an innovative device maker. With a spring announcement featuring celebrities as the main event, it appears Apple is now flipping that on its head. While filmmaking and publishing don’t necessarily seem outside of Apple’s scope considering the company’s musical history with the iPod and iTunes, for the first time, the…

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readers weigh in:

Will You Sign Up for Apple Services? I’m a great fan of Apple, but none of the services appeal to me. I don’t want more access to movies nor the ability to access lots of magazines. -Jeffrey K. Sorry Apple, missed the mark on this one. -Rick R. I currently subscribe to the Washington Post, New York Times, and LA Times. I’ll subscribe to Apple News Plus when my current subscriptions expire … I’m hopeful that this subscription service won’t cut into the bottom line of these papers’ balance sheets. Newspapers have enough trouble staying afloat these days. -Debbi M. I don’t plan on purchasing any of the services with the exception of the Apple Card … The 2 percent cash back is appealing for most purchases as my current card only gives me 1.5 percent. -Dave F.…

2 min.
stuff the iphone life team is loving

Tamlin Day, Ad Specialist and Web Writer YnM Weighted Blanket ($89.90) I couldn’t live without my weighted blanket from the YnM shop on Amazon. This heavy blanket helps with my anxiety, plus there’s nothing better than wrapping up with it and a hot cup of coffee. I love that the blanket isn’t too warm and that it fits my queen-sized duvet cover. Hallei Halter, Staff Writer Ekster Parliament + Tracker Wallet ($119) This sleek and sturdy wallet is an upgrade for me. The trigger at the bottom releases six of my cards with one click, making it easier and faster to grab what I need. Its solar-powered rechargeable tracker has helped me find my wallet (and my phone!) during many morning rushes. Rheanne Taylor, Video Producer Case-Mate Karat Petals iPhone Case ($50) I’ve been a big fan of…

1 min.
online at iphonelife.com

Smart Home Gear: Eve Light Strip Review bit.ly/2EYHgvl Thanks to the simplicity and pervasiveness of Apple’s HomeKit technology, the home automation market continues to rapidly expand with a variety of product offerings. The Eve line has been one of the most prolific on the market, offering everything from electrical outlets and temperature monitors to smoke alarms and lighting solutions. Check out the full review to discover if the new Eve Light Strip can offer you a fast, easy way to add smart lighting to your Apple HomeKit-controlled home. How to View Past App Store Purchases on Your iPhone bit.ly/2XXYn95 If you’ve upgraded your iPhone and would like to take advantage of your new device’s extra storage space by reinstalling apps you’d deleted in the interest of saving space on your old iPhone, it helps to…

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iphone life us

iPhone Life PUBLISHER AND CEO David Averbach • david@iphonelife.com CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Raphael Burnes • raphael@iphonelife.com CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Noah Siemsen • noah@iphonelife.com EDITOR IN CHIEF Donna Schill Cleveland • donna@iphonelife.com FOUNDER & COLUMNIST Hal Goldstein • hal@iphonelife.com SENIOR WEB EDITOR Sarah Kingsbury • sarah@iphonelife.com VIDEO PRODUCER Rheanne Taylor • rheanne@iphonelife.com ART DIRECTOR Jaime Thatcher • jaime@iphonelife.com ASSOCIATE EDITOR Leanne Hays • leanne@iphonelife.com WEB WRITER & AD SPECIALIST Tamlin Day • tamlin@iphonelife.com CONTRIBUTORS David Averbach (page 18) Conner Carey (page 44) Donna Cleveland (page 22) Tamlin Day (pages, 14, 39) Briana Dicks (pages 34, 63) Abbey Dufoe (page 42) David Ginsburg (page 66) Hal Goldstein (page 80) Hallei Halter (page 36) Leanne Hays (pages 28, 33, 50, 73) Sarah Kingsbury (pages 10, 54, 60) Jim Meeker (page 56) Melanie Newell (page 70) Rheanne Taylor (page 48) Anjerika Wilmer (pages 38, 68) CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUBSCRIPTIONS For address changes or subscription questions, email help@iphonelife.com, or call 630-474-6631. CONTRIBUTE To write for iPhone Life magazine or iphonelife.com, visit iphonelife.com/share. ADVERTISE To advertise in iPhone…

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hey, sarah

Need iPad and iPhone help? Sign up for iPhone Life Insider and Sarah will help you with all your iPhone troubleshooting and iOS-related issues. To learn more, go to iPhoneLife.com/Insider. Is there a way to merge playlists on my iPhone or Mac without individually moving each song? I have three playlists I want to merge into one. Sincerely, Musical Merge Dear Musical, You can merge most playlists in the Music section of iTunes on your Mac. You can either merge two of the playlists into the third or you can create a new playlist and merge all three into that one. Here’s how: Use your mouse to drag the playlist you want to merge onto the playlist you want to keep. If there are duplicates, you will be asked if you want to add or…