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Italia! is the award-winning magazine for everyone who has a passion for Italy. Each month, you¹ll find a wide variety of beautifully photographed and intelligently written articles to inspire and inform you. Covering every aspect of Italian life, from travel, holidays and property to food, wine and culture, we bring Italy closer to English-speaking readers across the world.

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this month’s contributors

FREYA MIDDLETON Our regular Fast Art columnist Freya always has a wealth of fine art knowledge to share. This month she tells the tale of Andrea Mantegna, one of the greats of 15th-century Italian art and a master of disegno – a synonym for artists’ ingenuity and innovation during the Renaissance period. Find out more on page 38. FLEUR KINSON If you hanker after the island life, our property expert Fleur recommends you take a look at the opportunities in Sicily. From peaceful villages and sandstone towns to elegant beach resorts and vibrant busy cities, this island of contrasts offers a lot of potential to international buyers. Turn to page 84. LORENZA BACINO Lorenza’s Italian side of the family have been holidaying in the tiny province of Ogliastra on Sardinia’s rugged eastern coastline for decades,…

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Our aim with every issue of Italia! is to bring you a little bit closer to the country you love, and this month, we’ve gathered another host of lively features, travellers’ tales and beautiful imagery to inspire and inform you. Whether you’re an inland or coastal dweller, there’s no doubt the lure of the sea can be an addiction. The ever-changing rhythm of its natural energy and the beauty and diversity of its landscape move us in so many ways. If you like your coast rugged and untamed, the Cinque Terre beckon; their soaring cliffs and compact villages clinging like limpets to their slopes (page 32) can be reached by train, boat or on foot. Further west around the same coastline, we head to Liguria’s Riviera, and in particular, San Remo…

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letters to italia!

FIRST TIME TO ITALY Hi there Italia!. Some friends of ours here in the States recommended your magazine when they visited over the holiday period, and we are now proud subscribers and look forward to receiving our copy of Italia! in the mail every month. You see, the reason they said we should subscribe is that my husband and I are going to Europe this year for a once in a lifetime tour – London, Paris, and of course, Rome. Jim has been to London before on business, but for me it will be my first time ‘across the pond’, as you say – and I am really looking forward to it. I hear the weather in London can be pretty dreary even in July – I am bringing my umbrella and raincoat…

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three months in puglia

What a great February 2017 issue. We spent three months in Italy last year in the Puglia region. What an amazing part of this fascinating country, especially the atmospheric charm, as you state, in Martina Franca. We stayed in a trullo just outside the town and had the most fabulous experience of wholesome country hospitality run by Annabella Tadicini, who grew, cooked and made everything. We were so spoilt. There is also a butcher shop in the town where you choose your meat, walk upstairs and enjoy. You can easily spend your days wandering the narrow alleyways and checking out the history of this most amazing town. The memory of its people will linger well after you leave. Sue Perry, Wattle Park, Victoria, Australia Many of our readers seem to be making the…

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readers’ photo competition!

THIS MONTH’S WINNER Tim Spencer “Hi! I’m just back from a trip to Italy, where I was introduced for the first time to your excellent magazine by a friend. I was inspired to enter the competition to see if I could win a subscription! I mulled over which image to enter and decided that I would choose the one that reminded me of a fantastic seafood restaurant in Formia, Lazio. As such, my caption would be, ‘a fisherman prepares his nets at dusk; the perfect setting for food at the local bayside fish restaurant in Formia’.” Michel Bocchio, Grasse, France “Villa Hanbury, Ventimiglia. A very nice garden close to the French border.” Sheryl Miccoli, Newark, New Jersey “This photograph was taken whilst walking down into the picturesque town of Positano, following a hair-raising bus trip up…

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TONGUE LASHING The Italian language could become extinct within 300 years, a leading linguistics expert has warned. Claudio Marazzini, a professor at the Accademia della Crusca – an institution dedicated to the preservation of the Italian language – believes that the increasing use of English words by young people, the abandoning of verb tenses and a diminishing vocabulary are all putting the native tongue under threat. “We are heading towards a more meagre Italian,” he told La Stampa newspaper. “If we go on like this, Italian will have vanished by the year 2300. In its place, we will speak only English.” LEO’S IN HIS ELEMENT(ARY) Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play ‘the Italian Sherlock Holmes’ in a new film. The Black Hand, based on Stephan Talty’s book of the same name, and co-produced…