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Italia magazine

Italia magazine December 2019

Italia! is the award-winning magazine for everyone who has a passion for Italy. Each month, you¹ll find a wide variety of beautifully photographed and intelligently written articles to inspire and inform you. Covering every aspect of Italian life, from travel, holidays and property to food, wine and culture, we bring Italy closer to English-speaking readers across the world.

United Kingdom
Anthem Publishing
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…e buon natale! I actually started planning this Welcome letter on a flight home from Tuscany, where a hint of early autumn was only just beginning to burnish the edges of the trees across the valleys south of Volterra, but I already knew that when I got back to my desk, it would be time to gather some suitably festive thoughts to introduce this December issue of Italia! magazine – so here they are! Our first stop this month is Milan, where Christmas is celebrated in style with a wealth of events to get you in the holiday frame of mind. The festive mood continues up in Como and down south in Sorrento. We also take a look at nativity tableaux (presepi) in and around Naples, where this celebratory tradition is…

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this month’s contributors

Join us on FACEBOOK, search for Italia! magazine Follow us on TWITTER at @ItaliaMag Find us on INSTAGRAM at @italia_magazine VALENTINA NICASTRO takes a road trip around the little-known region of Molise this month, exploring some of its towns as well as the region’s quieter corners. Come with her as she discovers historical treasures, a beautiful coastline with picturesque resorts, a great outdoors – even a bagpipe festival! Valentina’s journey begins on page 43. FLEUR KINSON casts her expert eye over the Lombardy property market. As famous for its geographical beauty (Lakes Como and Maggiore for starters) as it is for its commercial success, it is still possible to find good value for money when it comes to considering a house purchase in this region. Turn to page 84 for Fleur’s assessment. RACHAEL MARTIN lives…

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italia magazine

www.italytravelandlife.com EDITOR Amanda Robinson amanda.robinson@anthem-publishing.com ART EDITOR Sam Grover SUB EDITOR Jon Palmer jon.palmer@anthem-publishing.com CONTRIBUTORS Jon Bickley, Tom Alberto Bull, Joe Gartman, Jackie Kearney, Fleur Kinson, Rachael Martin, Mario Matassa, Valentina Nicastro, Jenny Oldaker, Franz Sidney, Milli Taylor PUBLISHER Sally FitzGerald sally.fitzgerald@anthem-publishing.com ADVERTISING MANAGER Adrian Major adrian@majormediasales.com PRODUCTION MANAGER Brian Hook brian.hook@anthem-publishing.com MARKETING MANAGER Gemma Bailey gemma.bailey@anthem-publishing.com CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jenny Cook jenny.cook@anthem-publishing.com MANAGING DIRECTOR Simon Lewis simon.lewis@anthem-publishing.com CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Jon Bickley jon.bickley@anthem-publishing.com…

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JOIN THE CONVERSATION ONLINE Visit our website for Italian holiday inspiration, delicious food and wine features and to discover new properties for sale throughout Italy Join us on Facebook, search for Italia! magazine Find us on Instagram at @italia_magazine Follow us on Twitter at @ItaliaMag For everyone who loves Italy italytravelandlife.com Don’t forget, you can write to us at Italia! magazine, Anthem Publishing, Suite 6, Piccadilly House, London Road, Bath BA1 6PL or email italia@anthem-publishing.com…

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this month news & views

Get paid to move to Italy Thinking about starting a new life in Italy? Have you considered Molise? If not, maybe this will make you think again… Authorities in this little-visited region have announced that they will pay people €25,000 to settle in one of its underpopulated villages in an attempt to reverse the decline and depopulation of these communities. Anyone who takes up the offer will be given €700 a month for up to three years to help them get settled in. The catch? (Yes, there is one…) If you want to take up the offer you will have to commit to starting a small business there to ensure that you’re contributing to the flagging local economy. This latest bid to tackle the depopulation crisis of towns in some of Italy’s rural areas…

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five reasons to visit italy’s mountain peaks

1 The Alps is one of the great European mountain ranges, touching Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France and Italy with its grandeur. The most significant mountain in the range that sits entirely in Italy is in the Graian Alps. This is the Gran Paradiso, the highest peak in the Gran Paradiso National Park. A relatively close neighbour of Mont Blanc, its slopes and surrounding valleys showcase a stunning display of natural wonders, alpine flora and fauna and breathtaking glaciers. 2 The Gran Sasso Massif is the imposing centrepiece of the renowned Gran Sasso National Park in Abruzzo. The range’s highest peak is Corno Grande, which overlooks its two closest rivals, the also aptly named Corno Piccolo and Pizzo Intermesoli. 3 You can enjoy some of Le Marche’s most spectacular views in…