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Italia! is the award-winning magazine for everyone who has a passion for Italy. Each month, you¹ll find a wide variety of beautifully photographed and intelligently written articles to inspire and inform you. Covering every aspect of Italian life, from travel, holidays and property to food, wine and culture, we bring Italy closer to English-speaking readers across the world.

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this month’s contributors

MARINA SPIRONETTI As a professional photographer, Marina is captivated by dance in all its forms and the art of expressing its dynamics on camera. She was able to use her keen eye (and steady hand) to capture the sheer balletic grace and power of ballerina Antonella Albano from La Scala in her fascinating interview on page 34. FLEUR KINSON Just what happens when one of Italy’s most popular regions for overseas buyers is shaken by an earthquake? We asked Italia!’s homes expert, Fleur Kinson, to assess the situation in light of recent events. She reports back from her Le Marche property contacts on page 22, and reveals encouraging news for 2017. JOE GARTMAN dons his storytelling cap yet again this month, and looks at the folklore surrounding that most Italian of festive characters, La Befana,…

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As this year draws to a close, it’s naturally a time for reflection; but it’s also a time of hope for the year to come, with plans to be made, places to visit, business to be done and friendships to forge. This edition of Italia! is in the unique position of spanning the festive season from the old year to the new, so whenever you get to sit down and read this issue, we hope your celebrations, modest or grand scale, are full of joy. So, to this end, we bring you a mix of the unashamedly festive, the inspiring and the unexpected to enjoy this month. Our first stop is Milan, a vast hub and never-ending source of inspiration for the curious traveller, but this month we pinpoint just one…

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letters to italia!

48 HOURS IN ASOLO Oh, no! You’ve given the game away! My husband and I thought we were the only people who knew about Asolo. It’s a dreadful place – don’t go there! Gloria Boyle, by email Sorry about that, Gloria, but Sara Scarpa, our Veneto correspondent and the contributor who wrote that particular piece, being a native of Venice and a keen explorer of her homeland, knows far too many of the little secret places of the region! OOPS! Ciao, Italia! staff, Firstly I will tell you that I love your publication. I live in Australia and always check a certain newsagent for your latest issue. Today I picked up the September issue. The small article on page 9 has a few errors. Mariah Carey’s twins are from her second marriage to Nick Cannon.…

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mission to amatrice

Thank you for publishing my letter regarding the Gotica Toscana organization. I would also like to mention the article that appeared on the following page [Gazzetta Italia!] regarding the earthquakes in Italy. I just returned from Italy on November 6. I visited the village of Amatrice and met with the mayor, Signor Pirozzi. I was on a mission. I had personally collected a large sum of money for the victims of the quake and I travelled to Amatrice to personally hand the donations to the mayor. Italian law would not allow me to hand the money to Signor Pirozzi so I deposited the donations in an account that had been established for the purpose of accepting donations from around the world. It was a very moving experience. The mayor was grateful for the generosity…

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readers’ photo competition!

THIS MONTH’S WINNER Kerry Governato, via email “While visiting my mother’s town I couldn’t resist the beauty and colours of this traditional confetti store. Confetti came from Sulmona and it is still is in production.” Steve Craig, Centralia, Washington, USA “I took this picture in April looking over the Venice Canal with the Venetian boats and water taxi (vaporetto) in view.” Christine Morley, Great Dunmow, Essex “This year I went to Vicenza for my holiday, I think it is a wonderful city, the architecture so beautiful. From Vicenza, it’s easy to go to Venice and other cities by train. A lot to explore in Vicenza though!” Rupe Grewal, London “Lake Orta, a little gem. This is the regular ferry boat to and from the island in the centre of the lake in October, a quieter period to visit,…

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this month january 2017

HOW’S THAT FOR STARTERS! You know that old phrase “Don’t fill yourself up on starters because you won’t want your main course?” Well, check this out – ASK Italian in London’s Gloucester Road has attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest ever antipasti, and we feel full just thinking about it! Created to mark the launch of the chain’s four new antipasti boards, and overseen by renowned chef Theo Randall, the platter stretched along the entire length of the branch, comprising 16kg of cured meats, 13kg of cheese and 13kg of vegetables. Said Corinne Prior, marketing director of ASK Italian, “We’re so excited to have been the first people to ever attempt a world-record-sized antipasti. Sharing a ‘Giantipasti’ is a perfect example of our desire to bring…