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Italia! is the award-winning magazine for everyone who has a passion for Italy. Each month, you¹ll find a wide variety of beautifully photographed and intelligently written articles to inspire and inform you. Covering every aspect of Italian life, from travel, holidays and property to food, wine and culture, we bring Italy closer to English-speaking readers across the world.

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this month’s contributors

MARINA SPIRONETTI goes back to a school with a difference this month, as she pays a visit to Ars Sutoria in Milan, where students from right round the world come to learn the highly technical art of shoemaking. You can see how these budding designers learn to craft the most amazing footwear from their initial sketches on page 70. FLEUR KINSON is Italia!’s expert on the ins and outs of the Italian property markets. This month, she casts her expert eye over the heel of Italy in the southern region of Puglia, to explore the housing market. So whether you’re looking for a peaceful bolthole or an investment property, Fleur has all the facts. Find out more on page 22. JOE GARTMAN writes our Fast Culture article every issue and, with his unerring knack of…

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I wrote to you last month just after the tumultuous events in Umbria which laid waste to several towns and villages in the heart of this beautiful inland region. Now the dust has settled, and the final statistics are known, our hearts go out to all those involved, as the process of rebuilding lives and homes continues. But what of this captivating kingdom? And, as lovers of Italy, what can we do to help? Well, apart from donating through official channels like the Red Cross ( we can give our support in the most practical of ways – by spending time there. When I spoke to Umbrian tourism representative Cathleen Fodaro, she had this to say: “Umbria is as welcoming as ever, and everything is working as usual, so if…

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readers’ photo competition!

THIS MONTH’S WINNER Ginny Langley-Brown, Falmouth, Cornwall “Just returned from a trip to Ferrara – “la città delle biciclette” – a truly wonderful city. Cycling around the medieval walls was a highlight and a recommendation, as well as pausing to sample the best gelato… Ovviamente.” Amanda Addlesee, Grantham, Lincolnshire “Taken from our wedding venue in the hills above Lucca, overlooking a beautiful church on a hill. We return most years as we never tire of the view.” Judi Tonti, Free Union, Virginia, USA “A typical fun weekend on the Piazza Grande, Bologna.” Mel Williams, via email “Did you know Italy played a vital role in the founding of the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement? It was at a battle in Italy between the Austrians and Italians (I believe) in 1859, where the founder Henri Dunant witnessed atrocities that inspired…

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TURTLE POWER! When marine biologists in southern Italy made the decision to separate two new-born conjoined loggerhead turtles, they expected the worst. Dividing conjoined twins is complicated at the best of times, but with there only having been seven known cases involving loggerhead turtles, prior experience was somewhat lacking. However, while one of the twins sadly died during the process, the other survived and was able to be released back into the Mediterranean Sea off Campania. Said one of the marine biologists, Fulvio Maffucci, “After the removal of the dead brother from his chest, he crawled from the nest, and he’s been released into the wild without any help.” POKÉMON STOP A luxury-hotel chain in Tuscany has come up with a novel way of attracting business – by offering therapy to Pokémon GO…

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this month november 2016

“ONE HUNDRED! COMING, READY OR NOT!” We were all partial to the occasional game of hide-and-seek when we were kids, but for some people the fun doesn’t stop with the onset of adulthood. Indeed, there is an annual hide-and-seek world championship held in northern Italy – and this year’s event, the sixth, has just taken place. Consonno, near Milan, is the perfect location for a spot of nascondino, as they call the game in Italy. Once a tourist hotspot for Milanese, it’s been a ghost town since 1976, when a landslide destroyed the only road into it. No fewer than 64 teams of five players arrived for some stealth-based fun and games on the 3rd and 4th of September, each having paid €125 per team to enter. And that number could…

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stop press...

HOLIDAYS FOR THE HOMELESS The Pope has been treating homeless people in Rome to a day at the seaside. Drawing on Vatican funds, the pontiff instructed his officials to drive groups of impoverished people to a beach near Fregene, around 20 miles west of the capital. While there, they were provided with towels and swimming costumes, and fed at a local pizzeria. Said the Pope’s alms-giver-in-chief, Konrad Krajewski, “These are moments that remain in their memory – they have the chance to feel like everyone else.” Around 100 homeless people have been taken on the trips so far, with more expected to follow in the future. DOING IT FOR DAD Driving a 1982 Ford Cortina from the UK to Italy sounds daunting, so well done twins Richard and Christopher Barker, who’ve just completed…