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Junkies Magazine March 2018 Autumn

Junkies Magazine is an eco lifestyle magazine, focused on reusing, reducing, rethinking and recycling. Junkies Magazine is for people who have a passion for sustainability, imaginative design.We like to inspire and be inspired by a community of thinkers and to spread important messages about our environmental responsibilities .We aim to be a platform to bring people together , from artists, individuals , mavericks and epicureans.

Junkies Magazine Australia
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from the editor

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”Kahlil Gibran Here at Junkies we are always looking for inspirational stories that we think will speak to you, our readers. This is what motivates us, and it is a privilege to provide this creative forum. We are humbled by the stories that are shared with us. We want to make recycling and reusing the norm, and revel in reading about your favourite renewable technologies and eco stars, find out which new scientific breakthrough is going to make us even more sustainable and enable us to heal and refresh our planet.In this edition we showcase our Rethink Exhibition, in which we show you some of the best examples of waste being used as a resource, with our artists exploring the…

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Dear Selena and The Team!End the year with a Junkie. My husband bought me the latest issue for Xmas.I remember clearly where and when I was when I first saw Junkies magazine. It was 17 June 2017, and we were in the gorgeous cafe at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Ballarat. They had a few old copies to read while drinking coffee (it doesn’t get much better than that does it!). Before I was even halfway through the mag I was at the counter asking where I could buy them. Fortunately they had Issue 9 for sale right there.I feel as though it is written for me and I enjoy seeing, and reading, how other people renew, repurpose, redesign etc what would otherwise go to landfill. The entire…

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op shop finds

(Photography Pixie Rouge Photography) My husband and I love cooking and spend so much time in our kitchen, but boy is it small! We have three small functional cupboards – the remaining two can only be described as decorative – and four very small drawers. These restrictions have meant that I have had to find clever storage solutions as well as carefully collect those much needed kitchen items. I love rummaging op shops for kitsch pottery, vases and crockery, but I had to do it carefully in our home, for not only is our kitchen small, but it has brown walls and pinky-grey cupboard doors - thanks to the 70s. It’s been an op shop challenge, but I’d say I’ve created a delightfully kitsch and cosy space in our very…

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eco finds the great australian garage sale

We’ve all noticed the hand-drawn signs on street corners, usually on a Saturday morning, proudly announcing that there is a ‘Garage Sale’ just up the road. Indeed, they seem to be everywhere these days, to the point where there is even a national Garage Sale event, run by the Garage Sale Trail. It will be held in 2018 on the weekend of 20-21 October. Garage Sales, or local variants, can be found all over the world and are variously known by names such as “yard sale”, “rummage sale”, “junk sale”, “lawn sale”, “car boot sale” and “moving sale”. In a more commercial context we hear of “demolition sales”, “barn sales” and “clearing sales”.The history of garage sales is a little unclear. It is thought that the origins of the…

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things we love


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the good bra

Time and again we hear of people who face life-changing events and setbacks, only to use them to grow and change – both themselves and the world they live in. Stephanie Devine is one of these people. A cancer survivor, Stephanie has taken it upon herself to make us rethink an item that we wear (well, half of us do!) every day – the humble bra. Junkies was intrigued. Can we compost our undewear...? Tell us a little bit about your background leading up to the Zero Waste Bra project?I had a very corporate career until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Being unable to find a cotton-lined, non-wired bra in my cup size that wasn’t a maternity bra (I’d just been told I’d never have kids…