Have you struggled with so many difficult emotions this year—like stress, fear and uncertainty—that you aren’t even sure what you’re feeling anymore? Do you find yourself wondering if things are ever going to get better? Let Kindfulness be your path to peace! By outlining easy ways to practice kindfulness—mindfulness with an open heart—this beautiful 99-page bookazine from the publishers of Woman's World and First for Women will help transform your worry into joy. Organized into four emotional challenges—sadness, anger, fear and judgment—Kindfulness helps you uncover what’s really bothering you, then offers a simple meditative practice and an inspiring real-life story to help pull your bad mood out by the root. You’ll find yourself returning to Kindfulness again and again for instant comfort, renewed hope and to feel your heart light up with a deep, radiant and powerful love.

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my journey to openhearted peace

Dr. Ferretti has been practicing as a neuropsychologist and exploring mindfulness for 20 years For audio versions of many of the meditations found in the following pages, head over to My parents were scientists in the field of chemistry who emigrated from Italy to the United States in the 1950s. My sister and I were raised in the Catholic faith, and I was quite devout despite my father’s skepticism. In school, I was a dedicated science nerd, but my curiosity about the human side eventually led me to studies in clinical psychology and research in developmental neuroscience. Over the past 20 years, I’ve practiced as a neuropsychologist serving children with brain-based challenges. It was in graduate school that I had my first taste of mindfulness. Those years of being tested as a…

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an introduction to mindfulness

Do you remember a time when you found yourself so entranced by some simple natural happening—the purposeful procession of a team of ants, the rustle of leaves before a storm, the beautiful to and fro of the surf—that all other thoughts and worries just fell away? If you’re like a lot of us, you might have to go quite far back in your memory to a time when you were much younger and life seemed much simpler. For all the “fancy talk” that currently surrounds mindfulness, that’s all it is. Losing yourself in the moment. Simply paying attention to what’s right here, right now, without telling a story about it and without paying attention to the other stories running in the background of your awareness. When we are mindful, we intentionally…

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4 ways mindfulness boosts health

Lowers blood pressure Not only does mindfulness significantly reduce stress-related blood pressure spikes, but according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, it also lowers inflammation that can contribute to long-term blood pressure elevations. Their study found that those who practiced mindfulness daily experienced blood pressure drops of up to 11 points in just two months’ time. Boosts brainpower Practicing mindfulness improves memory and mental focus by training the brain to release distractions that use up its resources. So say authors of a study published in Scientific Reports, who determined that engaging in mindful breathing for 10 minutes a day, four times a week, improved a key marker of brain efficiency (how much activity the brain generates to complete a task) by 88% within eight weeks. This also helps the brain stay young. Powers up…

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opening your heart

Have you ever had the experience of wanting to offer care to someone else and finding your heart closed so tightly that you were simply unable? Perhaps that person wronged you or perhaps the hurt that closed your heart came from another source. Whatever the cause, when you went to draw on your heart to offer care to another, you found it curled up in a ball, hard as a rock. It felt like a well that had gone dry. That’s the state described by the phrase “hard-hearted.” And while we often use that phrase to make an unfavorable assessment of another, it’s also true that the state of being hard-hearted hurts. We know why our heart hardens over time—we have all been hurt in life, and it’s natural that we…

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common questions about kindfulness top experts weigh in

I can’t quiet my mind—will this help me? Q: I’ve tried meditation before, but I end up frustrated and feeling like I’ve failed miserably when I can’t still my mind…which makes me more stressed than I was before. If I just can’t shut off my busy brain, can this still help me? A: With all of our responsibilities, worries and to-do’s, it can feel impossible to escape the tornado of thoughts that swirl through our mind. The good news? You don’t have to! Sharon Salzberg, a pioneer in the practice of mindfulness and loving kindness meditation and author of Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness and Real Change, explains that completely quieting our thoughts during mindfulness not only works against the true goal of the practice, it’s actually impossible to do. “We’re not…

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faith leaders agree: openhearted kindfulness helps one evolve spiritually

Although mindfulness and loving kindness meditation originated from Buddhist teachings, they resonate across religious traditions. When we combine them into the singular practice of kindfulness, we can view the practice as “interspiritual”—a term first used by Catholic monk Wayne Teasdale to refer to the shared spiritual heart forming the common foundation to the world’s great religions. Here’s what a broad spectrum of faith leaders had to say: Jarrett Stevens, lead pastor of Soul City Church and author of Praying Through, says, “Coming from an evangelical upbringing, I understand the concern that mindfulness can be dangerous,” he says. “But this practice is rooted in Psalm 46:10: ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ All we have is this moment, and being in the now is the only way to connect with…