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Fortnite is the new global game taking the world by storm, and our unofficial ‘KRASH Presents’ series is the perfect partner for any Fortnite fan. From the history of the game and walk-throughs to weekly challenges and character guides - KRASH Presents… Fortnite will help you conquer the world’s most popular game.

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the ice king cometh

Fortnite has been a nice way to cool down over the summer, hasn’t it? The in-game climate has been vastly at odds with the extreme heat and fires we’ve been experiencing here in Australia. Following the collision of an iceberg with our favourite island, the arrival of snow has only increased and, ultimately, ended up blanketing just about everything in the world.The Ice King is to blame, of course. A sphere had begun to appear over the Polar Peak region once the castle had revealed itself from the snow. After doing nothing for a while, it suddenly burst open and from inside emerged the Ice King himself. He didn’t waste any time at all getting to work, either. With the help of a massive, genie-like apparition, he sent a blizzard…

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fortnite vs federer

Fortnite is a little bit partial to playing sport. There’s basketball courts, a golf course, golf karts, an ice hockey puck and more to be found in the game. But Epic Games took it to the next level at the Australian Open of Tennis in mid-January. Not only was a new tennis-themed skin released, alongside a racket that could be used for harvesting resources, but an eSports tournament was hosted right there on the courts.And being that it was all happening in Australia, it was a chance for many of us to see our country’s best players in action against special invitees from around the world. At one point over 20,000 concurrent viewers were watching the Fortnite Summer Smash tournament, not to mention all the people that were there in…

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what does the marshmello concert mean for fortnite? concert mean for fortnite?

Will we all be living virtual lives in the future? As movies like Ready Player One, Surrogates and The Matrix have suggested, humans could one day be spending more time plugging into a virtual environment to live out the best of what life has to offer, rather than walking around in the actual real world. We hope it never comes to that, but the latest “wow moment” in Fortnite only adds proof to the theory.Fortnite has hosted a live music concert inside the game. Perhaps you were there to witness it for yourself. Like a Limited-Time Mode, the Party in Pleasant Park event saw EDM (electronic dance music) superstar Marshmello perform a set as an avatar, while players watched on.American artist Marshmello is a good fit for Fortnite. Known for playing…

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pro gamer chats -x2twins jesse-

You used to compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is a very different experience to Fortnite. What make you make the change?While traveling to Europe with my brother, we decided we wanted to go all-in on video game streaming. When we returned we had originally planned on playing the battle royale hit, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. However, when Fortnite was released it didn’t take us long to realise this was the game we wanted to grind. It was so unique given the addition of being able to build, which added a whole new level of complexity and skill.When you were first levelling-up your skills as a Fortnite player, what activities and approaches did you take that helped you get competitive?At first, I would just play the solo games until I got all…

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new world

Anything can happen in the world of Fortnite, and it can happen fast. Epic Games patches the game once a week, and each time adds tweaks and removes elements. They’re frequent dramatic changes, too, offering surprises you have to keep on top of if you are going to continue to be competitive. Getting those Victory Royales means understanding what every change means.WEAPONS COME, WEAPONS GOThe number of changes to the available weaponry has been astounding through the end of season 7. Where to start?Well, we saw the arrival of the single-shot Suppressed Sniper Rifle, which plays a lot like the Bolt-Action Sniper. It comes in Epic (100 damage) and Legendary (105 damage) variants, with a great 2.5x damage multiplier for headshots. The benefit here is, of course, the stealth aspect.…

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your creative side

The addition of a Minecraft experience to Fortnite was always going to be incredible, but none of us could have been prepared for just how well Epic Games has made this mode fit into the action we already know and love. Not only is it a super fun canvas on which to create whatever you can come up with, but between YouTube streamers and The Block, it’s been integrated perfectly into the community. There is so much happening in this new mode, but here is an overview of what’s caught our attention this month.LATEST WINNERS OF THE BLOCKWe’re loving The Block: the spot on the main Fortnite map where fan-made experiences from the Creative Mode join the main Battle Royale experience. Last issue we took you through the first three…