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L'Officiel Art No.30

Un voyage contemporain à travers une série de rencontres exceptionnelles se nourrissant d’autres pratiques culturelles (mode, design, architecture, lifestyle, cinéma, musique). L’Officiel Art ouvre ses pages en grand écran aux peintres, sculpteurs, photographes, architectes, designers, vidéastes, performers et à tous ceux qui les accompagnent dans cet élan. L’Art comme un style de vie et la vie comme art de vivre à fond son époque.

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moco hôtel des collections new life for art in montpellier

NICOLAS BOURRIAUD: “When Philippe Saurel, Montpellier’s mayor, called me to join in the task of transforming Hôtel Montcalm into an art center or a museum of contemporary art, he mentioned only two things that he wanted to see come about: innovation and destination, that is, an in-town art destination brought to life at different locations along the Line 1 of the city’s tramway. So I worked to build an institution that corresponds to the geographic context and to its time, while reflecting on how to keep in step with today’s artists and with Montpellier as a place. Fairly quickly, I found myself thinking not about a building dedicated to a single function, but to the creation of a sort of chain traversing the downtown of Montpellier, with the Hôtel Montcalm,…

4 min.
louis vuitton foundation: a voyage in painting

On the first contact with the exhibition. SUZANNE PAGÉ: The visitor is in direct contact with the flamboyance of Joan Mitchell, to whom an entire room is dedicated. It was important to show the colossal evolution of the work of this American artist who has resided in France for many years. Her early large formats bear the imprint of the expressionist American gesture, before we perceive a kind of melancholy towards the end. To create a form of tension in this vast first room, I chose to place a sculpture by Carl André, so that the eye is encouraged to settle more on Mitchell’s paintings. In a way, Carl André’s monumental brings the spectator’s attention to the paintings. On the specificities of architecture. We have, of course, parameters to negotiate with the specific…

3 min.
carmignac foundation: the source of a collection

On the origins of the project. The invitation was extended to me to explore the collection that Edouard Carmignac began to assemble forty-odd years ago with a particular penchant for American art, especially the work of John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha, both who interest me a lot. This allowed me to identify through lines for the exhibition and, in a very intuitive manner, to form one part of the exhibition from works that are often abstract expressionism (Gerhard Richter, Theaster Gates, Susan Rothenberg, and others), and to dedicate another part to the female body (Egon Schiele, Roy Lichtenstein, Thomas Ruff, and others). We concentrated on painting, and, with our first ideas in mind, we began to develop the exhibition through loans as well as through commissions, posing the question to artists,…

3 min.
aubusson tapestry: a contemporary approach

“When I arrived in 2009, we worked to revive the identity of this exceptional place, the Cité internationale de la Tapisserie, and to develop a whole series of functions. We thus set up a training program and launched the first call for projects in contemporary creation, and from 2010 on we established partnerships in order to create synergies, highlighting in particular the departmental museum of tapestry. As is often the case in rural areas, when it comes to identity-based heritage issues there is a debate about how to approach heritage management and its place in the future. These fruitful exchanges were consolidated by the inclusion of Aubusson tapestry in Unesco’s list of intangible cultural heritage, as well as the success of the first call for projects, with nearly 350 applications…

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audi talents: an increasing commitment to young creators

“Audi Talents is a rather exceptional program since its purpose is to reward three projects per year that combine different categories: film, installation... These projects require a complex implementation, so the program develops around projects of significant scope, for which financial support and production are essential. A budget of 70,000 euros is allocated to each artist, which allows for a large production which we accompany over the period of one year, at the end of which there is an exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in order to present the achievements of the previous year’s three winners. The 2019 edition is entitled ‘alt + R, Alternative Reality’ because the projects suggest a sort of alternate version of the present world. Gregory Chatonsky’s project consists in entrusting all the means to…

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the frac nouvelle-aquitaine méca energizes bordeaux

On the mission, stakes and new dynamics of the Méca. CLAIRE JACQUET: The Méca building brings together three entities that cover almost all the disciplines of contemporary creation: the visual and plastic arts at Frac; the book and cinema at the Alca; and live performance at the Oara. The coexistence of these different departments allows for a porosity between disciplines, and possibly for collaborations between creators. It’s our task to create the conditions of these meetings. Everyone is thus the master of his or her own field, with specific projects, but which are also inscribed in an exchange of intersecting projects, if the artists manifest this desire. On the choice of the title of the inaugural exhibition, “Il est une fois dans l’Ouest” (“Once upon a time in the West”). The play on…