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October 2021

Lose Weight Feel Great! will provide you authoritative and independent content to help you achieve the weight you’re happy with through enduring changes to your lifestyle and food choices. Inside every issue FOOD Recipes and easy to follow instructions for delicious and healthy meals which are easy to make Advice on food swaps so you can enjoy snacks and meals with less calories REAL LIFE STORIES Inspiring stories from people who have found their happy weight MINDSET Advice on creating a healthy lifestyle, with new habits to achieve the right weight and maintain it Inspiration to build the mental strength to succeed and to be confident and happy ACTVE: Inspiration and advice on how to get active and stick with it as part of a healthier lifestyle

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As I write this, I’ve already donned a snuggly jumper and I’m considering putting the heating on, which can only mean one thing… autumn is well and truly on the way. I have to say though, I do love that we are able to enjoy the different seasons and witness the changes that happen all around us. While the days might be cooler, it’s still a great time of year to get outside and enjoy a lovely walk. Make it mindful by really taking the time to notice things like the colours of the leaves to the smell in the air. I guarantee you’ll forget about the temperature and find more joy in every moment. When I take more time to appreciate my surroundings, I always end up on a longer…

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the natural formula for weight loss and wellbeing

Supporting your wellbeing and losing weight may be a lot easier than you think, with Germany's No.1 meal replacement1 and ‘Most Trusted Weight Loss Brand 2020’2. Made with a calorie-controlled, plant based, natural formula, Almased® contains a nourishing blend of soya, yogurt, enzyme-rich honey, all teeming with vitamins and minerals. Almased®’s ingredients combine synergistically to provide your body with superior levels of nutrition, all while optimising your immune system3, enabling you to feel your best while losing weight. With over 30 years of scientific research, Almased® remains at the forefront of healthy, effective weight loss and optimum wellbeing. Recent clinical studies have shown that consuming Almased® not only results in significant weight reduction, but also improves detrimental inflammatory markers in the body and subsequently, immune health4. Incorporating Almased® into a balanced diet will…

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guilt-free chocolate

The new Dark Chocolate Bites from Fatt are perfect for individuals who are looking to make healthier snack choices and enjoy the energy-boosting and mind-sharpening benefits of a diet that is low in carbohydrates and sugar, without compromising on taste. The Dark Chocolate Bites not only taste delicious but also deliver on health. They are high in prebiotic fibre, which can help to support a healthy gut, have just 3g of carbs per bite and are free from sweeteners, palm oil, GMO, dairy, gluten and fillers. Every pack contains two Dark Chocolate Bites. Each one is made from the finest whole ingredients, filled with a rich almond and cocoa creamy centre and smothered in a deliciously intense dark chocolate coating. They are guilt-free as they contain prebiotic fibre to support gut…

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study shows pecans can reduce cholesterol

Researchers at the University of Georgia have shown that pecans can dramatically improve a person’s cholesterol levels. Participants at risk for cardiovascular disease who ate pecans during an eight-week intervention showed significant improvements in total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or ‘bad’ cholesterol, in a study conducted by researchers in the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Researchers saw an average drop of 5% in total cholesterol and between 6% and 9% in LDL among participants who consumed pecan nuts. ‘The addition of pecans to the diet not only produced a greater and more consistent reduction in total cholesterol and LDL compared to many other lifestyle interventions, but may also be a more sustainable approach for long-term health,’ said Jamie Cooper, a professor in the FACS department of nutritional sciences and…

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a hot dog could take 36 minutes off your life

Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that eating a hot dog could take 36 minutes off your life. In their study, published in the journal Nature Food, researchers looked at 5,853 foods in the US diet and measured their effects in minutes of healthy life gained or lost. ‘We wanted to make a health-based evaluation of the beneficial and detrimental impacts of the food in the entire diet,’ Olivier Jolliet, professor of environmental health sciences at the university and senior author of the paper, told CNN. The team created an index that calculates the net beneficial or detrimental health burden in minutes associated with a serving of food. It’s based on a study called the Global Burden of Disease, which measures morbidity associated with a person’s food choices. ‘For example, 0.45 minutes…

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unwind in your kitchen

We all know food is good for the soul, but what about just spending time in the kitchen? New research has revealed how we should actually be using our kitchens as a place to de-stress and practice mindfulness, not just to cook and eat. According to the survey, 60% of people believe that spending time in the kitchen genuinely makes them happy. Leading kitchen retailer Magnet has commissioned research into the role of the kitchen when it comes to our happiness and wellbeing. Listening to music was voted the top wellbeing activity to do in the kitchen, beating socialising, crafting and baking. The average time that it takes to release those endorphins and start feeling happy from being in the kitchen is just 6-10 minutes. That means that after a hard day’s…