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untapped potential

Sometimes I think we take this whole tech business for granted. With cell phones that seem to be in the hands of almost every person you come across on the street, I wonder: do those same people ever stop and think what process the human race had to go through to get that shiny, always–on gadget in their hands? I imagine the vast majority of people wouldn’t have a clue, and in fairness, my own knowledge is pretty spotty. Which is why this issue’s feature about the origins of the Mac is such an important read, because it gives us an insight into how this remarkable machine came to fruition, and of course we all know it’s also the precursor to the iPhone and iPad — which for many of…

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disappointing iphone sales dent apple

FOR SEVERAL YEARS, after every new model of iPhone, commentators have claimed sales failed to meet expectations. That’s never been true… until now. Apple has stopped releasing unit numbers, but revenue from iPhone sales fell by some 14 per cent in the last financial quarter, leading to a shock earnings warning. On January 2, Apple issued a warning to investors revising its projections for the financial quarter ending December 31 ahead of the final figures (which have not yet been released at time of writing). Revenue for the quarter would come in at around $84bn, it said, substantially below its November projection of $89bn–$93bn (from which Wall Street had reached a “consensus” figure of $91bn). Analysts pointed out that this was the first time Apple missed its projections since the March…

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is apple’s walled garden opening up?

APPLE HAS ALREADY made Apple Music available on Android, and now it’s streaming to Amazon’s Echo speakers too. You first need to enable a new Apple Music skill in the Alexa app, then link your account. You’ll then be able to ask Alexa to play a song, an artist, and any playlist made by Apple Music’s editors available on the service, as well as any of the curated radio stations or Apple’s digital radio station Beats 1. According to Amazon, playing music is one of the most popular requests made to its Alexa voice assistant on Echo speakers. For now, though, it seems that Apple Music is available only in the US. It is also not yet clear whether the skill works on third–party Alexa–compatible speakers, such as those from Sonos and…

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what the heck?

THE IPHONE XS and XS Max are ‘splash, water, and dust resistant’ to IP68 — Apple’s highest ever rating. ‘IP’ stands for ‘ingress protection’ as defined in IEC standard 60529. What do those IP numbers mean? You might think you could find out by reading the standard, but a licensed copy will cost you upwards of $250. To summarize, there are always two digits, although one can be replaced by an X, and they indicate conformity with conditions laid down by the IEC, as assessed by the manufacturer. The first digit refers to protection from ‘solid particles’. A 5 means not enough dust can get in to stop things working, while 6 means nothing gets inside even after blowing dust at the product for up to eight hours. ‘Inside’ doesn’t include features…

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the shift

NOBODY WOULD DENY that, as far as Apple gear goes, the new iPad Pro is very nice indeed. I have the 12.9–inch model, and the impressive thinness combined with how small it feels (despite the size of screen) make it feel like we’re getting a fabled bit of Apple ‘magic’ in the tablet for the first time in years. The flat front, sides, and back give it an interesting feeling, like it’s an inert slab where images magically appear, rather than a designed object with ergonomics and technology. The smoothness gives it an extra air of quality — flawless aluminum and glass. And then I put the keyboard case on it and it suddenly looks like a notepad bulk–ordered by IBM for people to carry around with their ThinkPads in the 90s. I…

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6 apple ads that changed everything

1 Think Different Comparing Apple to figures like Picasso and Amelia Earhart, this bold 1997 campaign was initially dismissed by Steve Jobs as “ad agency crap”. But the line, “To the crazy ones” wrote a poetic check for icon status that he went on to cash. 2 Snail TV ads are meant to be fast and powerful. So are processor chips. The first 14 seconds of Apple’s 1998 Power Mac G3 commercial wordlessly showed a snail lugging Intel’s rival Pentium II across the screen. We’d say that’s the point made. 3 1984 Jobs and CEO John Sculley had to fight Apple’s board to run the iconic advert that launched the Macintosh, but — directed by Ridley Scott and comparing PC maker IBM to Orwell’s Big Brother — it instantly defined the Mac as a mould–breaker. 4…