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tech’s pandora’s box?

This issue we’ve got in–depth reviews of the new iPhone 12 (p38) and iPhone 12 Pro (p42). We’ve taken a different tack to the way we review the two launch iPhones this time round, and there’s a pretty compelling reason for that. This year’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are essentially the same phone, with only a few key differentiators, the biggest of which is the new Pro camera system that, in our opinion, allows the iPhone 12 Pro to take better photos and videos than the iPhone 12 (LiDAR scanner for better bokeh and night shots, and Dolby Vision recording at 60 frames per second, thank–you very much). So in order to make testing them both worthwhile, and to avoid repetition in the reviews, my own take on the…

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subscribers save money with apple one

APPLE HAS ROLLED out its Apple One subscription plans, offering substantial savings on bundles of Apple’s paid–for services, as well as the convenience of a single monthly bill. Ironically, considering the name, there are three Apple One plans: INDIVIDUAL includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage for $14.95 per month, saving $6 a month off the cost of subscribing to these services separately. FAMILY includes the same services and 200GB of iCloud storage for $19.95 per month, saving $8 a month, and all these can be shared with up to five other people. PREMIER includes the same services plus Apple News+, Apple Fitness+ (when it becomes available — it’s due before the end of 2020), and 2TB of iCloud storage, all for $29.95 per month, saving $25 a…

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news in brief

RECORD FIGURES Despite all the challenges of these strange times, Apple has reported its best September quarter ever, with record revenue of $64.7bn and all–time record figures for Mac (up 28% year–on–year) and Services (up 16%). Revenue from iPhone was down 20.7% year–on–year, but industry commentators observed that Apple did not ship a new model as usual in the quarter, and sales of the delayed iPhone 12 have since started very strongly. The company’s revenue from iPad was an enormous 46% up from the corresponding quarter of 2019. Unsurprisingly, revenue from China was down more than 28% from a year ago. RANDOM NUMBERS In the third quarter of 2020 the App Store generated twice as much revenue as the Google Play Store. In the second quarter of 2020, Apple Music took a 21% share…

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the shift

I TRIED TO write this column about Apple’s App Store controversies, but every time I finished a draft, news came out that made it redundant, so I gave up. Here’s my short(ish) view: Apple’s approach to the App Store has barely changed since 2008, but the world has changed drastically. The iPhone used to be a minor software platform, now it’s the world’s most valuable software platform. That makes Apple judge, jury and executioner over what new ideas and services can survive (including those that compete with Apple itself, a clear conflict of interest). And Apple not only has an unbreakable legal and technological power over the App Store, but it’s also the richest company in the world. If this were a company in a story, we’d find it dystopian.…

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letter of the month

Now that the Music app has replaced iTunes, you might think that ripping music to your Mac and syncing with your iPhone is going to be a bit of a challenge, but it’s as easy as ever. Apple Support outlines the steps to take to get your music collection onto your Mac and then over to your iPhone at You can then learn a little more about how to organize your collection at It’s also worth reading our guide to using the Music app in the October issue (172), where you’ll find out more about how to manage your music library. As for ripping CDs on a modern, drive–less MacBook, you need an external CD/DVD drive. The Apple SuperDrive reads and writes both CDs and DVDs, and can be…

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1 Nikon Z 6II $1,999.95 (body only) Two years after the Z 6 brought full–frame photography at a price that was at least remotely affordable, the Z 6II is here to right some wrongs. There’s still a 24.5–megapixel sensor, but now it takes 4K videos at 60fps. A second image processor has been added for double the pixel crunching, meaning it now shoots stills at 14fps, while low–light and autofocus performance have been improved. And instead of using expensive CFexpress/XQD memory cards, you can use an SD card… or both for an in–camera backup! 2 KEF LS50 Wireless II $2,499.99 Want the convenience of AirPlay 2 music streaming, but a more classic hi–fi set up? KEF dips its stereo bookshelf speaker chocolate into the AirPlay 2 peanut butter with the new LS50 speaker system. It…