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one more thing…

After last issue’s reveal of the new Apple–powered M1 Macs, this time around we’ve got reviews of all three machines, so you can see if they’re worth purchasing. Personally, I think they’re a big step forward, but I can understand that the lack of any changes superficially might put some people off. Evolution rather than revolution? Turn to page 38 to find out for yourself. By the middle of this year Apple is likely to announce fully redesigned Macs to go with its new processor technology, so unless you’re desperate to get on the M1 bandwagon, you might want to hold out to see what happens. That said, I seriously doubt you would be disappointed if you bought an M1 Mac now and something new and shinier appeared a few…

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airpods max arrive

APPLE HAS INTRODUCED AirPods Max, its first over–ear headphones, at $549. There are top–quality rivals available for much less but, in addition to promising premium acoustic performance, AirPods Max offers features you won’t find on most non–Apple headphones, such as Spatial Audio, Automatic Switching, and Audio Sharing. (The exception is Beats, which Apple acquired for $3bn in 2014, but this is a more premium product than anything Beats currently offers.) The distinctive design of the AirPods Max has divided opinion, but Apple says every part is designed for an uncompromising fit that creates the optimal acoustic seal for many different head shapes. The breathable knit mesh canopy distributes weight to reduce on–head pressure, the stainless steel frame is wrapped in a soft–touch material, and the telescoping arms stay in place to…

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the shift

FOR JUST ABOUT the entire life of the iPhone, there’s been some feature that nerds on the internet consider to be essential for inclusion in the next model, otherwise it should be considered behind the times and unbuyable, except for rubes who don’t know better. Frequently, that feature has then not been included in the next model, yet 20 million rubes will buy the supposedly unbuyable iPhone and love it, and then everyone will discover that the next model will include it. The list of so–called essentials has included 4G, OLED screens, 4K video recording, 5G, and in 2020 it was high–refresh displays. In the last year or so, 90Hz or 120Hz screens have become table stakes among Android flagships, meaning that the screen updates 90 or 120 times per second. Until…

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letter of the month

In answer to the last issue’s question on the Share page, I would love to read more “vintage” Mac articles. I started computing with two Lisas — 10MB hard drives which you’d never be able to fill up, and running at a speedy 5MHz. They’re still in the basement and I intend to start up one of them for old times’ sake. We Lisa users laughed when the first Macs appeared. My goodness — so slow, no hard drive, and the need to keep putting floppies into the only drive. Then it was many pleasant years with a Mac IIci. Since 2004 I have been very pleased with my PowerMac running four 2.5GHz CPUs. People in my Mac Users Group make fun of it, but I tell them my PowerMac…

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1 Samsung Smart Monitor M7 $399 Samsung has basically combined its TVs and monitors in one here, making this perfect for an office you might also want to use as a chill–out room. On the one hand, it’s a 32–inch 4K monitor with USB–C connectivity and 65W of power, making it great for MacBooks. But it also has Samsung’s Smart Hub built in, which makes it easy to access streaming services, such as Netflix, without needing a computer connected or turned on. Even better, it supports video streaming over AirPlay 2, and can even show Microsoft 365 docs with no PC attached. 2 Belkin Boost Charge TrueFreedom Pro $129.99 Remember AirPower, Apple’s wireless charging mat that you could place two devices on at any point and it would charge them thanks to having loads of…

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the best free apps for mac and ios

WE’RE LIVING IN a golden age of affordable apps: software that used to cost many hundreds of dollars is now available for a fraction of that, while subscriptions make it easy to spread the cost of even the priciest pro software. But if you’re on a tight budget then spending any amount of money on an app can be a problem. Hurrah, then, for the developers who give away their apps for free. There are lots of reasons to consider using free apps. Some are philosophical — many of the apps here are open source, made by and for the community — and some practical: there’s no point spending lots on an app for a one-off task. And, of course, there’s the best reason of all — it can save…