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another close call

I really am starting to sound like a stuck record. Not quite as painfully grating on the ears, I might add (although you may disagree), but irksome nonetheless. One whole day before we go to press is the day that Apple decides to hold its Apple Event for 2021. Not our fault, not Apple’s fault; it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. So in case you’re wondering why we’re not covering the new iPhone 13, the latest Apple Watch or, possibly maybe, some new Apple AirPods (or something else even more amazing), now you know. Fear not, for we shall be looking at all the new products announced in the next issue of Mac|Life, in considerable depth. We’ll also have a complete guide to the all–new iOS 15 (still not…

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letter of the month

I’m writing in response to your latest editorial and magazine article, iPad Vs. Mac. I’m a long–time Mac user (since the 80s), and have used a series of MacBook Pros for my film and video production work since their inception. However, I’ve been in between computers ever since Apple announced the transition to Apple silicon, and because I haven’t had the need for video editing capability during the course of the last year due to the pandemic. While waiting for the next incarnation of the MacBook Pro, I’ve been using an iPad Pro 12.9–inch (2nd generation) for all of my work, which currently involves writing in Pages and the Final Draft Mobile app, creating spreadsheets in Numbers, drawing storyboards in Procreate with Apple Pencil, and navigating videos through the Vimeo and…

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epic games antitrust trial verdict

THE LATEST NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF APPLE US DISTRICT COURT Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has ordered Apple to allow apps to offer alternative payment systems in addition to Apple’s own In–App Purchase (IAP) mechanism, and to permit app makers to communicate directly with customers using contact information voluntarily given through in–app account registration. The ruling concludes the lawsuit brought by Epic Games, maker of Fortnite, against Apple, although Epic has indicated that it intends to appeal. That’s because the ruling is not a “huge blow for the App Store,” as some commentators painted it. Apple is calling it a “resounding victory” because, apart from these “anti-steering” practices, Apple won on every other count in the case. In August 2020, Epic added a feature that allowed iOS and Android users to purchase in-game…

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news in brief

PROTECTIONS POSTPONED Apple is postponing its measures against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) content, which were strongly criticized by privacy advocates. “Based on feedback from customers, advocacy groups, researchers and others,” Apple said, “we have decided to take additional time over the coming months to collect input and make improvements before releasing these critically important child safety features.” No time scale or further details were given, but it’s clear that Apple hopes to press ahead in time. Apple VP Craig Federighi told the Wall Street Journal the proposals had been “widely misunderstood.” WHATSAPP SECURITY UPDATE Messaging app WhatsApp is being updated to enable encrypted backups in iCloud or Google Drive, adding an extra layer of security. “WhatsApp is the first global messaging service at this scale to offer end-to-end encrypted messaging and backups,”…

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the shift

TRITE AS IT is to say it at this point, Apple’s strength is its ability to mix hardware and software, and offer features that either don’t work as well (or at all) when they’re tried by other companies that don’t have that level of integration. Sometimes, you look at a product differently after a big software update — or maybe even a software update to a totally different product — as suddenly new options are revealed. But this year, I found myself experiencing a new sensation: watching Apple announce features, and thinking that the product they seem clearly designed for doesn’t actually exist. Yet. First was the push for spatial audio in more areas during WWDC. It’s coming to Apple TV! It’s already in Apple Music Dolby Atmos tracks! But all stereo…

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1 Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level From $1,499 From bang– Aimed squarely at B&O’s audience of tech–savvy music lovers with an eye for design, the Beosound Level is a portable smart speaker that can be positioned on a surface upright, laid flat, or wall mounted. If you’re looking for a stylishly understated speaker that isn’t understated on audio quality, it’s an excellent choice. It takes up only a sliver of space on a shelf, but provides a bigger, richer and more enjoyable sound than your average smart speaker. Uniquely, this elite Wi–Fi speaker is made to be upgradeable. The wireless module, the sound processing and the battery can all be replaced with upgraded versions later — it’s intentionally a modular design. The idea is to try to give the Level the same kind…