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steve jobs’ five most memorable apple products (and one more thing)

Steve Jobs’ impact was so significant that it’s difficult to find the words to describe his influence on business, technology, and society, even 10 years after his death. It’s hard to narrow down the products released under his watch to a list of just five. But we tried anyway. Here’s our list of the most memorable products released during Steve Jobs’ tenure with Apple. Also note that Apple has posted a film, Celebrating Steve, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Jobs’ death. 1. APPLE II Everyone remembers the Mac (see item two on this list), but the Apple II was the first product that really got Apple going as a business. The first mass-produced computer by the company in 1977, the Apple II (pictured) succeeded the Apple I, which was not a…

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you can now get a touch id magic keyboard for your m1 mac

It’s been a long wait since Apple first unveiled the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for the 24-inch iMac, but if you’ve been itching to get your hands on one, now you can. After releasing it with little fanfare in Apple’s online shop in early August, Apple is now selling the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for $149 and the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keyboard for $179. The models are the same ones that Apple offers with the 24-inch iMac, which Apple offers as an upgrade for $50 and $80, but they only come in a single color: silver. The keyboard is the same as the standard version with a Touch ID sensor in place of the eject button at the right end of the function row. However,…

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four simple macos tips that will turn you into a power user

We write lots of complicated how-tos and in-depth buying guides here at Macworld, but sometimes we just want to quickly tell you about our favorite tricks and tips that take mere seconds to use but will save you lots of time and frustration. 1. SHAKE TO FIND YOUR CURSOR If you’ve ever lost your mouse in a sea of windows and spent tens of seconds trying to find it, you’ll wonder where this trick has been your whole life. Go to the Accessibility pane in System Preferences, then Display, and finally Cursor. Make sure the “Shake mouse pointer to locate” checkbox is selected. Now you’ll be able to quickly move your mouse or your finger over the trackpad for a second or two to briefly enlarge your cursor so you can quickly…

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what mac do you have? here’s how to find out

Readers often write in to ask which model Mac they own. This lets them understand which features are built in and whether their model qualifies for certain upgrade or connection options. With iMac owners, that’s often whether the iMac is of the right vintage ( 2009 to early 2014) to act as an external monitor for another Mac via Target Display Mode. Apple has several ways of identifying a Mac, each of which is found in a different location or by another method. Most items are found in About This Mac (Apple menu → About This Mac) or System Information (hold down Option and choose Apple menu → System Information). Other details may require using a web-based lookup, consulting a web page, or looking at the tiny print on your Mac…

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wd_black d50: a fast thunderbolt 3 dock with internal storage

If there’s any reason to complain about modern MacBooks (especially the new M1-based models), it’s the dearth of integrated ports. For all but the lightest-duty use, getting a dock to increase the connectivity options borders on necessity. While WD markets the Black_D50 reviewed here as a Thunderbolt 3 “gaming” dock, and the styling might not be aimed at Mac traditionalists (a gross understatement), it’s an exceptionally capable dock, increasing the number of ports and providing very fast NVMe storage. DESIGN AND FEATURES The D50 is a squarish box measuring 4.72 inches high by 4.72 inches deep, and 2.17 inches wide. It’s a powered (required) dock, so you can use it with Apple’s Thunderbolt 1/2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter. As to said power, the D50 has a rather prodigiously sized 180 watt/19.5-volt brick, which…

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bullguard antivirus for mac: protection that feels like an afterthought

It’s often surprising how different and basic a Mac antivirus product can be compared to its Windows counterpart. Perhaps it’s because the comparative market size doesn’t merit the same level of development time, or just that macOS users don’t flock to antivirus products the way Windows users do. Whatever the reason, one look at Bullguard’s antivirus product and the immediate impression you’ll come away with is, “That’s it?” Before diving deep into this, a note: Bullguard was recently acquired by Avira. A few months before that, Avira itself was snapped up by NortonLifeLock. In other words, Bullguard is now owned by a subsidiary of Norton, and that may translate into a complete overhaul of Bullguard at some point. Then again, with three different antivirus brands under one roof, you have to wonder…