Maxim January/February 2019

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art of gold

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recouping a legend

It’s the last thing anyone wants to see in the rearview, especially in Texas. I’m on Highway 71 headed westbound out of Austin, happy as a Lone Star barbecue, when suddenly my entire rear glass is shrouded in blue and red flashing lights. The dread that overwhelms me is like a knee to the solar plexus from Daniel Cormier. Damn. How did I let this AMG seduce me? Because as we all know, speed infractions are always the vehicle’s fault—never the driver’s. I pull over and start stammering sorrowful excuses. After a quick shuffling of paperwork, the officer admits he never quite got a fix on me, but was pretty sure I was speeding. With ruffled brow, he and his partner take a couple laps around the gorgeous matte-black Mercedes, eyeing…

6 min.
forever young

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young has long been the center of attention. From his time in high school as a top-25 recruit to taking the college basketball world by storm during his one season at Oklahoma and arriving in Atlanta as the hoped-for savior of the Hawks, Young has carried a lot of responsibility on his shoulders in the brightest of spotlights. Now partway through his rookie season, Young has given the city of Atlanta something it hasn’t had in its NBA franchise in some time: hope. We spoke to the unstoppable rookie about his ascension to the top of the basketball world and how he views his role as the centerpiece of the Hawks’ rebuilding project. You were highly ranked coming out of high school, but quickly became the absolute…

5 min.
beethoven 2.0

When it comes to the history of rap music, cities like New York and Los Angeles have produced a preponderance of the genre’s biggest stars. But Atlanta has played a unique role in the explosion of hip-hop, one that’s equally influential to its national and international success. Names like OutKast, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Lil Jon, Childish Gambino, Usher, T.I., and Migos are just a few of the stars to have emerged from the city, but Zaytoven, perhaps the most interesting of the group, is only now finding deserved recognition as a pioneer of the Southern style of hip-hop he helped create, called trap. Zaytoven, born Xavier Lamar Dotson, is no stranger to the upper echelons of the music industry, having worked on Usher’s Grammy-winning 2010 release, Raymond v. Raymond. But his…

7 min.
the royal treatment

When his father, King Henry IV, was assassinated in 1610, the nine-year-old Louis XIII ascended to the French throne. In the following three decades, Louis the Just lifted France to the apex of the continent by effectively vanquishing Spain, and was widely considered one of the most powerful rulers in all of Europe by the time of his death in 1643. He pioneered the wig as fashion for men, exiled his own mother for skullduggery, and reigned during the creation of the Académie Française. Ironically, one reason his name lives on is not due to any of those accomplishments but rather because he is the namesake of one of the finest spirits in the world. Dating back to 1874 and introduced by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin—a scion who, much like King Louis…

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$100 million addresses

Not so long ago, $100 million was the benchmark in ultra-luxury real estate, an extravagant figure reserved for a few massive properties beyond the reach of mere mortals: modern-day white elephants that nobody wanted even if they could afford them. Now, as the number of billionaires worldwide has ballooned—according to Forbes, there were 2,208 of them in 2018, up from 2,043 in 2017, representing an increase in total wealth of about $1.4 trillion—that number has come to be much more common. The focus these days isn’t so much on the purchase price as what the money gets you. As ever-evolving technology puts even the most fantastical features within the realm of possibility, we can all aspire to live like Tony Stark, or at least Mark Zuckerberg. This goes way beyond the…