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unique possessions

AMERICAN POWER Harley-Davidson is among the most iconic brands in America, but that hasn’t led the company to rest on its laurels. The recent addition to its lineup is the Fat Boy 114, starting just north of $20,000. For this price, riders get a 114-cubicinch Big Twin engine attached to a six-speed cruise drive for smooth gearshifts. The new two-wheeler continues the Fat Boy tradition, offering a comfortable ride for long adventures while maintaining the power, noise, and attitude one has come to expect from the king of the road. Yet no one wants to pull up next to an identical bike at a stoplight, and that’s where the Germans come in. Rick’s Motorcycles in Baden-Baden, Germany, is one of the world’s top Harley dealers and customizers. Its variation of the…

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suits me

In July of 2017, when Conor McGregor showed up to promote his fight with Floyd Mayweather wearing a suit whose pinstripes were in actuality repetitions of the phrase FUCK YOU in white letters, the world hailed it as the sartorial equivalent of mixed martial arts. In fact, McGregor’s move was nothing new; he was, as usual, just doing it more violently than anyone else. But such forays into “extreme bespoke,” where custom fabrics are merely the starting point for creating garments that are literally one of a kind, are rarely seen at press conferences. Duncan Quinn, the British-born, New York–based lawyer-turned-designer whose signature style was once described as “Savile Row meets rock ’n’ roll,” has made similar suits for well-heeled clients, though most of the messages woven into them “were not…

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trust the process

Philadelphia sports fans are notorious for their intensity. After all, they famously pelted Santa Claus with snowballs when things weren’t going well for their Eagles. So it wasn’t likely to be an easy sell for the Philadelphia 76ers’ then general manager Sam Hinkie when, before the 2013-2014 season, he began a strategy to build a championship-caliber team in the City of Brotherly Love. His solution? Be as bad as possible—as in, terrible—for a long time, on purpose. The NBA is considered different from other professional sports leagues in the glacial pace at which teams improve or get worse. NFL, NHL, and MLB franchises all require time to rebuild a team in need of change, but thanks to the large, guaranteed contracts prevalent in the NBA, and the complex salary cap in…

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whisky world tour

It’s time to stop being so binary about whisky. While scotch and bourbon offer varying degrees of caramel, citrusy, rich, oaked, smoky, and sublime flavors, to simply sip rare single malts and Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve is to cut yourself off from a literal world of whisky. Around the globe, boundaries and borders are being crossed. With Scottish brands breaking rules, renegade distillers on the Continent making terroir-specific spirits, and Japanese artisans paying tribute to Scotland, we are living in the golden age of the golden spirit. Monks may have ignited what became the scotch whisky industry, but it was entrepreneurs who globalized it. And today the country is known as much for its innovation as it is for the old stuff. The early single malts tended to be aggressively…

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baby face

Chase Carter, the 21-year-old model with pool-blue eyes, golden hair, and a baby face, muses, “I think it was all the wake surfing I did,” by way of explaining the hoarse voice she came home with from a trip to Sardinia for a UNICEF gala. We’re speaking by phone on a late summer afternoon. “And not showering after I got out of the ocean and keeping my swimsuit on all day—the stuff that your parents tell you to stay away from when you’re a kid and you don’t listen to them.” Such are the common workplace hazards for the Bahamian beauty, who is now based in New York City but spends much of her year on white-sand beaches the world over. “It’s so funny. I don’t recall going to the beach…

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the tequila trail

Sure, you can go taste cult cabernets in the Napa Valley or sip cognac in its namesake home, but on the boozy bucket list there are few pilgrimages with the sheer unpretentiousness and maximum pleasure of a visit to Tequila, Mexico. And thanks to the increasing enthusiasm for craft brands and investment from major spirits companies, a quick trip to the tequila-producing region of Jalisco is easier and more satisfying than ever. You’re just going to have to pace yourself. For the fully integrated tequila experience, start your sojourn in the cosmopolitan setting closest to the place of its production: Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city. In recent years the place has been challenging Mexico City as the country’s must-visit metropolis, thanks to a thriving art and design scene and a spate of…