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YEP… LOOK, OK, we had two choices when writing the headline for the cover this issue. Either I went with Cool Runnings, or Silence of the Fans. Now, I know, I know, this is a family-friendly magazine, but given that it goes on sale on October 12th, well, I had no choice! What would you do? We rarely get these opportunities, so myself and the team decided to have a little bit of fun with the cover and of course, my Editor’s Intro here as well. It’s just a one-off. You won’t see it again next issue, so don’t worry (what I will say, though, is that if an opportunity comes up in the future to use Cool Runnings, and I get to dress up like the legendary John Candy, well……

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nsa plans quantum-resistant encryption

THE U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has released a document exploring the potential implications for national security following the arrival of a “brave new world” beyond the classical computing sphere. Entitled “Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography FAQs”, the document looks at the potential security concerns arising from the creation of a “Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computer” (CRQC), a quantum-based supercomputer powerful enough to break current encryption schemes. While these schemes are virtually impossible to crack with current supercomputers, a quantum computer poses a greater threat, due to the superposition states available to its computing unit, the qubit. It’s not just the expected $26 billion value of the quantum computing sphere by 2030 that worries security experts, but the possibility of quantum systems falling into the hands of rogue entities. The adversarial use of a quantum…

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bitconnect scammed $2bn from investors

CYBERSECURITY EXPERTS, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), claims that BitConnect defrauded retail investors out of $2bn in 2017 and 2018, through a scam involving a crypto trading bot said to offer a guaranteed return on investment. The SEC says that “instead of deploying investor funds for trading with the purported trading bot,” BitConnect instead “siphoned investors’ funds off for their own benefit by transferring those funds to digital wallet addresses”. That list of affiliates is said to include BitConnect founder Satish Kumbhani, lead promoter Glenn Arcaro, and “a network of promoters around the world.” Promoters were allegedly paid commission for their efforts to help the scam find victims. The SEC also issued an investor alert related to digital assets and crypto, warning that “fraudsters continue to exploit the rising popularity…

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netgear smart switches potentially hacked

CYBERSECURITY EXPERTS found three vulnerabilities in Netgear’s smart switches that could be exploited to take control of the devices. Discovered by security researcher Gynvael Coldwind, Netgear has plugged the vulnerabilities and urged users to apply patches immediately. According to BleepingComputer, while most of the affected devices are smart switches, some of them include cloud management capabilities and can be monitored and configured over the internet. Although Netgear’s advisory note doesn’t include technical details, Coldwind has shared details about the attack vectors of two of the vulnerabilities and listed the scenarios in which affected devices can be exploited to hand over control to attackers. Coldwind believes Netgear has been conservative in its severity score assessment. Netgear rated it as highly severe with a score of 8.8, but Coldwind believes it deserves 9.8. Exploiting…

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tech triumphs and tragedies

TRIUMPHS ✔ U.S. SUPERCOMPUTER The DoE has invested in an AMD and Nvidia-powered computer with 44 PFLOPs of performance. ✔ INTEL GPUS ARRIVE Team blue shows off its ARC branding with some impressive tech previews. Its GPUs will arrive in Q1 of 2022. ✔ NOCTUA’S FREE OFFER Noctua is offering its heatsink customers free upgrade kits for Intel’s Alder Lake LGA1700 processors, due to launch soon. TRAGEDIES X GRAPHICS CARD SUPPLY Nvidia told shareholders it expects its supply of GPUs to be constrained for most of 2022. X WESTERN DIGITAL SORRY WD has apologized for changing the SN550’s NAND flash from TLC to QLC after launch, and has promised to do better. X PLAYSTATION FIRST Sony has doubled down on its exclusives going to PlayStation first, despite a recent renewed focus on PC gaming.…

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apple exploring risc-v cores

APPLE IS LOOKING for programmers with knowledge of the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and ARM’s Neon vector ISA for its Vector and Numerics Group (VaNG), which is responsible for developing embedded subsystems on iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Apple’s listing doesn’t disclose exactly what it plans to do with RISC-V, but the job description indicates that the programmer will have to work with machine learning, computational vision, and natural language processing. Furthermore, the job description also indicates that Apple is already working with RISC-V. “You will work in an SW and HW crossfunctional team which is implementing innovative RISC-V solutions and state-of-the-art routines," the ad reads. “This is to support the necessary computation for such things as machine learning, vision algorithms, signal, and video processing. Push the state of the art…