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October 2017

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rocket fuel

This month on 10 post-workout breakfast recipes to start your day off right Learn macromath The absolute beginner’s guide to counting fats, carbs, and protein. Today’s workout A new way to sculpt your dream physique every weekday. Get a model body The six-week plan to get a cut, camera-ready body. Look Great Awards giveaway Win some of the dynamite grooming products from our 2017 Look Great Awards (p. 54). Enter online to win a selection of this year’s top picks! David Prince/Of fset; logo design by Al lan Peters…

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a new chapter

OVER THE PAST 30 years, we at Men’s Fitness have dedicated ourselves to keeping you on top of the latest in fitness, nutrition, fashion, entertainment, relationships, money matters, and more. To accomplish this, we’ve had to stay apace with an everchanging online world driven by phones, tablets, and personal computers. “Men’s Fitness is joining forces with Men’s Journal!” Yet as MF has chronicled the evolution in men’s inter ests these past three decades, so too have we undergone our own changes. As you saw in our recent July/August issue, in which we showcased 30 years of our covers, we began life without a clear voice. Over time, we adjusted our focus to become the premier men’s magazine title we are today, and that fine-tuning continues. In what will be considered a “game changer”…

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what winners know

DRIVE THIS! The 2018 Range Rover Velar ▄ Attention adventurers: The silkysmooth new Velar SUV has everything you need and then some, including the new InControl infotainment system featuring twin 10-inch touchscreens and three engine selections: four-cylinder diesel, 2.0-liter gas-powered 247-horsepower inline-four, or a 380-hp supercharged V-6. Vroom. From $49,900. DRINK THIS! The Fulton Daiquiri ▄ I know. You hear the word “daiquiri” and you think of something your mother would order on a cruise ship. Well, a great classic daiquiri is something else entirely. It’s simple, made with only rum, syrup, and lime (just like Papa used to drink). But there’s an art to for the recipe. READ THIS! Be 20% More Productive Now ▄ Just 20 seconds of cleverness can help you tackle put-off tasks, says Shawn Achor in The Happiness Advantage. He calls it…

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the “get out and   do sh*t” routine

IF ADAM LEVINE HAS TIME TO STAY active, you do, too. Between hustling to promote the return of NBC’s The Voice (Season 13 starts Sept. 25), prepping a tour with Maroon 5 to support its upcoming full-length EP, and being a husband, dad, and businessman with stakes in everything from clothes to tequila, the dude is seemingly in perpetual motion. Still, at age 38, Levine makes time to weight train, play golf and basketball, and do yoga—no matter if he’s at home or on the road. “One thing I’ve come to learn: Just get out and do shit,” he says. “That’s more important than sticking to a meticulous workout schedule.” Until a few years ago, Levine was practicing yoga “almost daily,” says longtime friend and yoga instructor Chad Dennis. When Levine was looking…

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heavy metal rocks

Dudes in the iron game love to debate the merits of lifting low volume and heavy weights vs. high volume and lighter weights. Though clearly there are benefits to both—low volume saves time, high increases endurance (and builds every bit as much muscle tissue)—a 10 pounds more for their max and generated about 2.35% more force compared with the low loaders’ .15% improvement. So rock both for the smartest gains. Derail job stress Riding a bike to work already sharpens your brain, shrinks your waistline, and strengthens your heart. But a new study now shows that commuting via bike versus car or public transit can also lower your stress levels at work. HOW TO HAVE MORE, AND BETTER, SEX GIVE SOMEONE A HAND No, not that kind of hand. The unselfish kind. People who help…

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back it up

ONE WAY TO MAKE pullups more challenging is to strap on a weight belt, run its chain through the center of a weight plate, and knock out reps with the weight dangling between your legs. But if you cringe at the thought of an unforgiving chunk of iron swinging freely near your 21st digit, the arched-back pullup is a better alternative. “This exercise involves both a vertical and horizontal pull from the upper body—most pulling moves involve only one or the other,” says Martin Rooney, founder of the Training for Warriors method. “It maximizes core and abdominal recruitment, so the archedback pullup hits about as much total muscle as any lift.” How it’s done Fix a V-grip handle on a pullup bar and hang from it. Arch your back completely and pull yourself…