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Game & Fish Midwest December/January 2019-20

Each issue of Game & Fish Midwest details proven local strategies for whitetails, turkeys, bass, walleyes and more. Discover the best places to hunt and fish from North Dakota to Kentucky, and learn the top times for success in the field and on the water. Get info on hot new gear and how it performs, as well as updates on trends, regulations, seasons and destinations to help you plan your next outing.

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the stuff of dreams

YOU LIKELY have noticed (and, we hope, have enjoyed) the “Bucket List” feature that has appeared in each issue of Game & Fish since September 2019. While most of us do the majority of our hunting and fishing close to home, there are other places where, one day, we’d like to visit for the chance to take different game or fish species. Perhaps you’re a Florida bass fisherman who’s always wanted to try for salmon in Alaska, or a whitetail hunter who would love to chase elk bugles through the mountains of Montana. Maybe your dreams include more exotic destinations: Argentina for doves, Namibia for kudu or New Zealand for brown trout. Whether the trips require hours of driving or days of flying, we all have a personal hunting or fishing…

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big-game vs. predator bullets

MOST BIG-GAME bullets are designed with features that help control expansion and retain weight to create wound channels that penetrate deeply into vital organs. Deep penetration is not necessary or even desired for predators, however, and projectiles built for coyotes and other varmints are instead designed to dramatically expand within the first several inches after impact. BIG-GAME BULLET Hornady InterLock Grooves in the front section of the jacket assist initial expansion to a designated point. Thicker jacket toward the middle of the bullet slows expansion to control frontal diameter and promote penetration. Cannelure and InterLock ring near the rear of the bullet mechanically lock the core to the jacket to prevent separation, and retain weight and energy. PREDATOR BULLET Hornady V-Max Hard polymer tip is forced into the bullet nose upon impact to initiate expansion. Hollow cavity permits the…

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predator projectiles

I SHOT the first coyote I ever called in. Tagged out during a deer hunt in Oklahoma, I was working a mouth call when three coyotes stormed me. I punched the front varmint through the center of the lungs with a 150-grain Winchester Power-Point fired from a .270 Winchester at about 70 yards. I didn’t see any reaction, and the coyote ran almost 100 yards before piling up. One of the last coyotes I killed was in Wyoming. I smacked him mid-body with a 95-grain Hornady V-Max, fired from a 6.5 Creedmoor, at about 160 yards. He immediately face-planted into the snow. That’s the difference between a real predator bullet and a big-game bullet: In both instances the coyotes died, but the one shot with the V-Max died immediately. The best bullets…

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what about shotguns?

ALTHOUGH MANY hunters overlook them due to their limited range, shotguns can be effective for predators, too, especially when calling in thick brush. In some cases, shotguns work well even in the wide-open spaces of the West. I’ve seen coyotes cross nearly a mile of open ground and come within 20 yards of a call. Shotguns are also pelt friendly. You might put several small holes in the hide, but you won’t get those blown-out, gaping tears that drop the price of furs. While everything from slugs to birdshot can handle predators at close ranges, No. 4 buckshot offers the best balance of power, patterning and reach.A 2 3/4-inch No. 4 buck shotshell will hold about 24 pellets.That offers a much denser pattern at distance than a nine-pellet 00 buck load. At…

4 min.
second rut, last chance

BOWHUNTING LATE in the season is tough. The primary rut is now in the rearview, and Mother Nature has her nastiest snarl on, as winter’s icy grip tightens. While conditions may not be ideal for bowhunting, now is still a great time to arrow your best buck. HANG TOUGH Bowhunting in the late season is not for the faint of heart. The weather is often inhospitable, and climbing in and out of treestands or blinds is a slog for even the most dedicated archer. It seems like all the excitement is gone. Sadly, many bowhunters hang their bow on a hook as the weather worsens. They settle into a cozy rocker with the remote instead of grinding it out in a miserably cold, uncomfortable treestand. Admittedly, there are some great games on now…

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when a good gun goes bad

WHEN YOU are the gun guy in the neighborhood it’s amazing how many “friends” you have. My shop is the first stop when somebody is having gun troubles. All too often it’s an accurate rifle that has suddenly started misbehaving and spraying the target with patterns instead of groups. I have little tolerance for times when a good rifle goes bad. There is one course of action: Find the problem and fix it. Don’t let a bad rifle off the hook. Make it take responsibility and behave again. I’ve developed a checklist of steps, which you can use in your own shop, to help. CLEAN THE BORE—CORRECTLY I can’t tell you how many times a fouled bore has been the source of accuracy problems. I also can’t tell you how many times the…