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Game & Fish Midwest April 2020

Each issue of Game & Fish Midwest details proven local strategies for whitetails, turkeys, bass, walleyes and more. Discover the best places to hunt and fish from North Dakota to Kentucky, and learn the top times for success in the field and on the water. Get info on hot new gear and how it performs, as well as updates on trends, regulations, seasons and destinations to help you plan your next outing.

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test time

SPRING IS starting to show in most parts of the country, and after months of cold—or downright frigid—weather, it’s finally time to fish open water again. Without our fingers freezing. Maybe even while wearing a t-shirt. We will excitedly retrieve our favorite rods and reels from their dark confines of storage in the basement or garage and lovingly prep them for action, but with the new season also comes the opportunity to fish with new gear. Manufacturers are happy to oblige, showcasing their latest developments and technologies in hundreds of new rod and reel models. You may have decided you could use a new rig this spring, but making a choice from all the options can be as daunting as reorganizing your tackle bags. Allow me to direct your attention to the…

4 min.
a close look at shooting glasses

ABOUT 44 years ago my cousin Johnny and I were plinking with our .22 rifles. I had a Model 61 Winchester, and he had an old Remington Rolling Block. I had something else that at the time was really cool: a box of the then new and now legendary Stinger ammunition from CCI. I’d been shooting the ammo in my Winchester, and Johnny asked if I thought it would work in his old rifle. This ended up in me trying it out. Johnny was four years older than me, and he understood ballistics and old guns a little better than his 11-year-old cousin. When I pulled the trigger, I thought an atomic blast had gone off nearby. My face felt like it was being pelted with molten steel. I panicked…

1 min.
good as gold

I’VE BEEN testing shooting glasses from Hunters HD Gold for about a year. They meet ANSI Z87+ high-impact requirements, have anti-reflective coatings and use Trivex for the lenses. They also bring something else to the table that’s particularly important for hunters. The lenses have a warm photochromic transparency designed to offer contrast and clarity by bringing all colors into the eye’s most comfortable range of light. By darkening on exposure to specific types of light, these lenses work in bright or lowlight situations. They can help you see better in the morning and the evening, and help with night blindness, macular degeneration and seasonal affective disorder. They also block 100 percent of UVA, UVB and blue light. Hunters HD Gold glasses are available in five non-prescription styles, and the company will…

5 min.
secrets your fishfinder is trying to tell

A FISHFINDER is by far the most important difference-maker you have on your boat. No other piece of equipment has the singular ability to turn a bad day on the water into a good one, or to convert a fun trip into one of epic proportions. Contemporary fishfinders all trace their roots to 1959 and the classic “green box”—the Lowrance Fish LO-K-TOR, which was the first commercial sonar unit to be marketed to sport anglers. In the modern age, marine electronics possess a fantastic, ever-expanding collection of features, helping anglers to find fish quickly, navigate to their destination safely, and enjoy their on-the-water experience more completely than ever before. Fishfinders have come a long way. In my experience, however, the vast majority of anglers know little more than how to turn their…

4 min.
spring conditioning

SPRING IS in the air, and hopefully you have started to sort through your turkey vest. Throw away that stale snack cake from last year, but what about your turkey calls? Some diaphragm calls may be too far gone to use another season, and you will pitch them, too. Friction calls likely will need attention if you want them to trick another old gobbler. Jim Clay of Winchester, Va., is a turkey hunter and call maker who started Perfection Calls in the 1970s. Clay has made many thousands, perhaps millions, of turkey calls, and has hunted turkeys all over the United States as well as Canada and Mexico. His advice on tuning and maintaining box calls and other friction calls will help you get them sounding their best for the upcoming…

5 min.
a modern look at the model

IF YOU haven’t heard of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, then at least you’ve heard of its antithesis. “The King’s deer” is how the European model might be distilled. From the days of Robin Hood’s Merry Men until now, the public doesn’t own wildlife in Europe; the landowner does, and often the landowner bleeds royal blood. But in North America, wildlife is owned by the people, whether you buy a hunting or fishing license or not, or whether you have royal pedigree or not, or whether you own the land on which it lives or not. Many court cases have confirmed this status and cemented a further detail: Wildlife is managed in trust by states and provinces, not the federal government. The idea is that state governments are more…