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the true conservationists

There seems to be considerable ambiguity when defining the terms environmentalist and conservationist — and who best represents these core ideals. And too many people further confuse the issue when it comes to the wise use of renewable natural resources as opposed to the non-use of those resources. This is all too often evident when the media addresses environmental issues in terms of preservation and gives lip service to individuals or groups with an antihunting bent — those claiming to be conservationists. But who are the real conservationists — the true environmentalists? The answer is simple: Modern-day hunters — those forward-thinking individuals who helped develop and fund the incredible conservation system that has brought so many overexploited game species back from the brink of extermination and continue to enhance the habitats…

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believe it or not!: deer eats human, bear eats deer

Adeer, a bear and a human skeleton. Sounds like the bit from Sesame Street: “One of these things is not like the others.” But the stories you’re about to read are true. Florida resident Carlos Madero was hunting in November 2016 near Jasper, Georgia, in the north-central part of the state. The area is not densely populated, and provides good habitat for deer and black bears — and good hunting. Madero shot a doe from his box blind while hunting on the last day of his deer management unit’s doe week. Within five minutes, he said, a black bear emerged from the thick palmettos and grabbed his deer! “I stuck my head out of my box blind and started yelling and clapping my hands,” Madero said. “It didn’t bother him one bit.…

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what’s happening

"The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. Gun owners have a true friend and champion in the White House." — President Donald Trump at the 2017 NRA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. 95 Percentage of pheasants that survive in a year with a mild winter and good habitat. This survival rate falls to 20 percent with a severe winter and poor habitat. 25 NUMBER OF STATES WITH FULL INCLUSION OF CROSSBOWS DURING HUNTING SEASONS. OTHER STATES ALLOW CROSSBOWS ONLY DURING FIREARMS SEASONS, PART OF A SEASON, OR ONLY FOR DISABLED HUNTERS. ONE STATE — OREGON — PROHIBITS THE USE OF CROSSBOWS FOR HUNTING. EFFORTS CONTINUE TO HAVE CROSSBOWS ACCEPTED DURING ALL SEASONS FOR ALL HUNTERS. $12.9 billion Total hunting-related trip and equipment expenditures by deer hunters, according to the “2011…

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no argument: hunters critical to american wildlife conservation

When Europeans landed in America during the 1500s, vast forests stretched from coast to coast and Native Americans who lived here thrived on big game, waterfowl, fish and small game. Whether it was the Creek, Crow, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Cherokee in Alabama with its vast river systems, the Eastern Woodland Indians in the Northeast, or the Great Plains tribes and others out West, they lived well off the land while hunting and catching what they needed to survive. They also knew overhunting those resources was imprudent. But once our founding fathers arrived and began developing the Eastern Coast, and then pushing westward, the pressure increased. Habitat began to be impacted, too. By the mid- 1800s, demand for wild game had grown in bigger cities and commercial hunting was in full swing,…

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inside the box

It’s not that I’m lazy — exactly — but sometimes it’s just downright inconvenient to have to run down to the local sporting goods store to research and/or purchase gotta-have-it hunting gear. I do have a day job, you know. And that’s why I sometimes let my iMac mouse do the legwork (not at work, of course) when I want to check out a new crossbow, rifle, bino, scouting cam or anything else I’m considering laying down some hard-earned Benjamins for. This way, I can quickly and easily take a virtual look inside the box — without having to run down to the real insidethe- box store. While there’s no substitute for physically opening a box and scrutinizing its contents — something a lot of store clerks frown upon, BTW —…

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matching rig to gig

It seems the tendency in modern bowhunting is toward specialization. Many bowhunters become whitetail fanatics, for instance. Others become “elkoholics,” the West’s wide-open spaces their nirvana. Myself, I specialize in variety. True, I plan my entire year around the whitetail rut and September’s bugling bulls, but have always found specialization a bit boring. That which I’ve not yet sampled is what you’ll find at the top of my wish list. This wanderlust once inspired adventures to far-away places such as Far North Canada, Alaska, Old Mexico and Africa. I cherish the memories of those exhilarating forays, but as I begin to mellow with age, I’ve grown to prefer the simplicity (if anything in modern hunting can be labeled simple) of avoiding airline travel — instead, loading the truck and hitting the…