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Modified is the ultimate sport compact auto magazine for enthusiasts of all interests. Each issue includes: • Tech and how-to performance tuning articles. • Project cars, engine builds, and suspension, tire, wheel, and other upgrades. • Extensive event coverage and 100's of photos.

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PETER TARACH, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Diversifcation I love cars. I really do. And even though I grew up tinkering and modifying mainly Japanese automobiles, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a fascination with other fine forms of engineered metal. I’ve been admiring what the classic muscle car world has been up to for many years now, taking an old chassis and modernizing it with powertrains, suspension, and interiors that rival some of the best late-model automobiles on the market today. There’s a term for this brilliant craftsmanship: restomod or pro touring (which focuses more on performance), and the time and efort—not to mention the money—that go into these cars are simply mind-boggling. It’s not until you see one of these cars up close and personal that you can truly appreciate them because the attention to detail…

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rubber band gearboxes be gone!

Why CVT transmissions have no place on performance cars…yet Back in October, Nissan’s Executive Vice President Andy Palmer publicly stated that the Toybaru rear-drive coupe that’s taken the enthusiast market by storm is “designed for a 50-year-old. It’s for a midlife crisis.” Strong words, and presumably ones that were about to be backed up by the announcement of an affordable rearwheel-drive fun machine of their own. Sure enough, a few weeks later at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan unveiled two IDx concept cars, one being especially enticing to the go-fast crowd with its race car–like livery and Nismo tuning touches. The Internet was abuzz with chatter about how the IDx harkens back to the Datsun 510, a design choice I found kinda cool given the 510’s history, but also a touch ironic…

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’15 subaru wrx

The WRX moniker is all grown up. Subarus have never been known for their stunning good looks, but to be fair, the new WRX isn’t an ugly car. The proportions are right with aggressive front and rear bumpers that give the car quite an athletic look. However, it’s not likely going to turn heads, not stock at least. Lowered with some proper offset wheels is another story, but let’s save that for a little later on. What the WRX does best is deliver in the performance department. Its new 2.0L turbocharged powerplant delivers 268 hp and 258 ft-lb of torque, which is a bump of 3 hp and 14 ft-lb of torque over the outgoing 2.5L engine. Despite the half-liter deficit, the new FA20 engine delivers crisper throttle response with less noticeable…

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does it have enough zoom-zoom?

This may be the first time we’ve reviewed a CUV, but if you combine all the talk of SkyActiv technology that brings new levels of efficiency and performance to Mazda’s stable with the CX-5’s sexy Kodo-design sheetmetal, we just had to take one for a spin. To be honest, our expectations weren’t all that high, since the higher center of gravity that comes with this type of vehicle generally leaves us feeling more like sailors than race car drivers—but the CX-5 delivers a surprisingly engaging driving experience. Before getting to its suspension tuning, it’s worth mentioning that the bigger 2.5L SkyActiv engine (part of Mazda’s impressive new family of gasoline direct-injection engines with 14:1 compression) suits the CX-5 far better than the 2.0L engine it was originally launched with. Not that…

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third time’s the charm

A SUPRA WITH ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE GETS A NEW LEASE ON LIFE. For most of us, it’s a phrase we heard countless times as a kid: “When you grow up, you can be anything you want to be.” All through grade school and even during college, we’re constantly reminded that we should be pursuing a career we don’t dread getting out of bed for in the morning. But how many of us actually see that dream become a reality? Philip Yeung of Spoolin’ Performance has succeeded in taking the leap and making a career out of what he enjoys doing most: making cars go fast. At a very early age, Philip got his start turning wrenches in the driveway with his brother. Acting as an unofficial apprentice of sorts, he…

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modern masterpiece

BBT’S RADICAL ’69 FIREBIRD IS THE PERFECT BLEND OF OLD-SCHOOL COOL AND MODERN MECHANICALS. We told you to expect greater diversity among our feature cars, but you may not have been expecting a pro touring/restomod muscle car. And that’s OK—we’re well aware that a ’69 Firebird probably isn’t even on many of our readers’ radar when it comes to their dream project car platform. But we’re also pretty sure that once you take a good, close look at this masterpiece of old-meets-new craftsmanship and obsessive-compulsive attention to detail, you’re going to want to incorporate some of the thinking and execution applied to this project to your own, whether it’s a turbocharged Miata or a 2JZ-swapped BMW (though only a mentalist would attempt a 2JZ swap into a E39 chassis). The ’69 Firebird…