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Monster High Magazine April - May 2016

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Calling all drop dead gorgeous Monster High fans! Monster High Magazine is the destination for fans of the clawsome fashion dolls, featuring freaky fabulous styling tips, guides for making Monster High inspired accessories, puzzles, quizzes, posters, fangtastic sweepstakes and more!

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United Kingdom
Titan Publishing Group
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Hey ghouls! The vamptastic summer is here! And what I love about the season is catching up with the news, checking out terrorific fashions and fang-ing out with my beast ghoulfriends! And you can join me right here! First, catch up with the latest ghostly goings on in our spooktacluar comic story, featuring your favorite ghouls! Then, haunt over to page 10 for the ghoulest fashions this side of Transylvania! Find out what the summer holds for you with the help of the horrorscopes on page 24. And sink your fangs into the red velvet creepcakes on page 28! With all this, plus puzzles, posters and loads more, unlife couldn’t get any better! Stay fangtastic,…

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ghost post

FEARLEADING FRENZY! The fearleading team has been working overtime recently, as the ghouls of Monster High™ go sport and activity mad! First, they were haunting the football field where no ghoul screamed louder than Draculaura, cheering for her manster, Clawd Wolf™, as he ran furriously down the field to score the winning touchdown! Clawesome! Next, the fearleaders went batty when Gillington “Gil” Webber™ won the Monster High swim meet! Fin-tastic! And there was even more to howl about as the girls were ghostly silent while Deuce Gorgon™ scored the winning points in the final seconds of the casketball game! Terrorific! And the squad may have been undeadly patient while “Slo Mo™” won the chess tournament, but they were on fire for the high stakes hexcitement of the video game championship, won…

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what does your killer style say about you?

KEY: The clawesome ORIGINAL ONE Fashion is really important to you. You choose your clothes to please yourself. You‘re always changing up your killer look and it‘s never boring. You‘re just as open and tolerant toward other monsters, too. Having such a good attitude makes you an excellent friend! The amazingly CONFIDENT ONE Your killer style is striking and self-assured. And that‘s the reason you‘re so often the centre of attention in your ghoul group. If your friends need any advice, they‘ll always turn to you first. And you really enjoy helping them out. Carry on being amazing! The really RELIABLE ONE Your killer style can mainly be described as casual and comfortable. The latest trends and brands mean nothing to you. What‘s important is feeling good! Your monster mates are so lucky to have you.…

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conditioning nail bath

You will need: 1 litre of milk, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey WHAT TO DO: Ask an adult to warm the milk then mix it with the olive oil and honey in a bowl. Bathe your hands in the mixture for about ten minutes. Afterwards, wash your hands with a mild soap. All done! GET CLAWDEEN’S STYLE! Clawdeen Wolf loves to look fashionably fierce! These are some of her style tips. 1. Clawdeen’s hair is as wild as she is! If, like Clawdeen, your hair has a wild side, you can let it loose. But if you have got tame locks, add some curls for a fierce look! 2. Clawdeen purrr-fers bold colors - pinks, purples and black - so why not try some purple eye-shadow for that clawesome ghouls’ night out? 3. Make…

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up close & scary with... draculaura™

FREAKY FLAW Being a vampire, I can’t see my reflection in the mirror so I never know what I look like when I leave the house! Of course, I’ve had 1600 years practice getting my look just right! FAVORITE ACTIVITY I love gossip! Whether fanging out with my ghoulfriends or reading The Gory Gazette, I love to know all the drama that’s haunting Monster High! KILLER STYLE I love to splash my gothic black outfits with some cheery pink and lace, and I often carry a frilly parisol umbrella for when I take walks in the sun with my beasties. BIGGEST PET PEEVE The lack of vegan options in the Monster High creepeteria is so sad. Find out what’s new with Draculaura’s friends on monsterhigh.com…

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you could win! 2 monster high™ great scarrier reef™ dolls!

Dive in for your chance to win 2 MONSTER HIGH DOLLS straight out of the new GREAT SCARRIER REEF™ movie! Send in your details and wish upon a starfish, and you could swim away with these fangtastic dolls! See page 33 for full terms, conditions and rules. GIVEAWAY! For your chance to win, mail this coupon to Monster High™ Magazine, Titan Magazines, 2819 Rosehall Lane, Aurora, IL 60503,or email MonsterHighMagazine@titanemail.com marking the subject line Monster Giveaways Issue 19. Closing date: JUNE 23, 2016…