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Monster High Magazine June - July 2016

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Calling all drop dead gorgeous Monster High fans! Monster High Magazine is the destination for fans of the clawsome fashion dolls, featuring freaky fabulous styling tips, guides for making Monster High inspired accessories, puzzles, quizzes, posters, fangtastic sweepstakes and more!

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United Kingdom
Titan Publishing Group
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Hey ghouls! After all that hard work pulling the school together, the howlidays are for having a fangtastic time with your ghoulfriends! And nobody does summer better than the ghouls of Monster High™! Inside this issue, you can catch up on the latest news on page 4. Then, check out our freaky fabulous fashions on page 10. They’re to die for! And oh my Ra! You can make the most gore-geous paper bows on page 35! Plus, unlock the secrets of our puzzles. gaze into the future with the horrorscopes, and enjoy all your ghoul favorites with the uhhh-mazing posters! Stay golden,…

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monster high™ news

FREAKY-FAB FIRST DAY! Once upon a tomb, monsters lived in hiding, afraid they would be in danger if humans knew they existed. But Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, and her ghoulfriends dreamt of a school where everyone was welcome, and a world where monsters and humans (aka normies) could co-exist. Determined to make their dream come true, Draculaura and her best ghoulfriends traveled the world on an epic adventure to recruit new students. What Draculaura did not know was her favorite normie popstar Tash was a ghost in disguise named Ari Hauntington! Now Ari is the newest ghoul in school and loving embracing her ghostly persona. Welcome to Monster High!…

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make a clutch bag

YOU WILL NEED • 1 sheet of black felt • Sheets of contrasting felt, eg. Pink and blue • Black cotton thread • Pink embroidery floss • Pop fasteners START HERE 1 Fold the piece of black felt as shown. One section should be shorter than the other two, this will be the bag's closing flap. 2 Using the embroidery thread sew together the sides to make the bag, then sew a around the edges. Cut out a shape in a contrasting color - we've used a blue bat - and sew onto the bag's closing flap using the black cotton thread. 3 Take two sets of pop fasteners and carefully measure so that the he bottom set matches the position of the top set. Sew on securely. WHAT NOT USE ANOTHER OF THE MONSTER HIGH STUDENTS AS YOUR INSPIRATION…

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what is your confidence style?

KEY: LEADER OF THE PACK Your confidence is bold and brave. Most of the time, you’re a lone wolf who can take care of themselves, but you leap into action to stand up for others. DRAMA QUEEN Some might call you self-centered, when really you just know what you want from unlife. But underneath all your protective layers, are you hiding a sensitive soul? SOCIAL BUTTERFLY You’re confident in social situations but you don’t like spending time alone. Sometimes making decisions can be hard without the support of your ghoulfriends. QUIRKY OPTIMIST Sometimes you can feel nervous or insecure, but you always put on a brave face! Your optimism boosts your confidence and helps you to believe in yourself. CALM IN THE STORM Your confidence is as calm and cool as a sea-cucumber! Your ghoulfrien often come to you when…

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how to survive your first day at school?

ASK FOR HELP Need help finding your first class? Then ask! Don't understand the question? Ask! No doubt there are others who don't know and you're helping them out too! BE PREPARED Don't get off to a bad start by forgetting to bring pens and paper. In fact, bring extras, and share them with your more forgetful new ghoulfriends! LOOK CONFIDENT We all get nervous on our first day, but try to act confident. It'll help you to make friends - and together you can share your fears and support each other! SHOW ENTHUSIASM Teachers especially want to see you get engaged with your education! Show dedication from day one and they will remember you for it. JOIN IN Sports and activity clubs will help you stay f it, healthy, and happy, so try out as many as you…

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up close & scary with...clawdeen wolf™

MONSTRE QUIRK My hair grows furrrociously fast so I can change up my look whenever the mood strikes... which is typically several times each lunar cycle. FAVORITE ACTIVITY I love designing fashion, hairstyles and makeup. For me, it’s an expression of how I feel on the inside. KILLER STYLE I’m a fierce fashionista and was born to design. I love to sink my claws into the latest trends and put my own spin on them… for my outfits as well as my ghoulfriends GHOULFRIENDS FOREVER! Find out more about Clawdeen’s ghoulfriends at monsterhigh.com…